How to Change WiFi Password DLink Router

This tutorial will guide you on how to change WiFi password DLink, what is DLink default IP address, what is Dlink default user ID, what is Dlink link default password, dlink complete setup.

Hello friends, If you are Dlink router users then this tutorial is for you. In this tutorial I will guide you all about DLink Router. By changing the WiFi router user name and password you can secure your network and reduce the privacy risk.

To change the Username and password on your router, you should logon to the router’s admin page by typing the router’s IP address in the browser’s address bar. There are different IP addresses for different router company. The default IP address or web address of Dlink router are…

  • http://dlinkrouter
  • http://dlinkrouter.local

D-Link Default Login Password

If you are new user, then your default Username and password can be. The default username and password of the Dlink router are…

Username – Admin

PasswordAdmin OR Password OR 12345

Most Popular DLink Router Device – Dlink Router DIR-600, Dlink Router DIR-803, Dlink Router DSL-2750U, Dlink Router DSL-2730U, Dlink Router DIR-816, Dlink Router DIR-841, Dlink Router DIR-615

How to change WiFi Password Dlink Router

As like other WiFI router, changing the username and password is also easy in the Dlink router. You just have to follow the given steps and you can also change the admin password of your Dlink router. So, let’s start the steps…

Step 1:- Open you browser and Log on to D-Link web address or IP address – http://dlinkrouter OR http://dlinkrouter.local OR OR

How to change dlink router WiFi Password

Step 2:- find D-Link login section and enter the D’link default User name and password i.e. admin and the password is Admin OR Password OR 12345.

How to change WiFi username Password Dlink Router

Step 3:- Click on the SETUP menu on top and click on WIRELESS SETTINGS on the left sidebar. Click on MANUAL WIRELESS NETWORK SETUP.

how to change dlink router default username password

Step 4:- after clicking on MANUAL WIRELESS NETWORK SETUP, scroll down the window to WIRELESS SECURITY MODE. (This is the section where you specify your wireless password. Put the new password and save the setting.

dlink router default username password

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What to do When Forgot my D-Link Router Password?

If you have forgotten your D-link router username password, then you will not be able to login on the router’s admin panel OR change any settings. You have to factory reset the router and set a new password. To do this, you need to find a thin button under or behind the router where the reset can also be written.

Press the button and hold down for a few second. The red/ blue lights on the router will blink to conform the D-link router factory reset process.

Now, you can use the default username and password to login into the wireless setting page. The D-link router Default Username and password is maintained on above paragraph.