6 Best Free Photo Recovery Tools to Recover lost photos

In this tutorial we will discuss about some of best and free photo Or Images recovery software or tools to recover lost photos from your SD card, Memory card, or and other flash memory device like Pan drive. Most of free photo recovery tools easily runs on various operating system like Windows XP, Windows 7, 8, vista, Mac OS X etc. so chose one of theme who is profitable for you to recover lost photos.

What will happen when, accidentally delete all your photos from your memory card Or may be your SD card or Pan Drive become corrupted and none of the photos can be view any more. Unfortunately, deleting or losing photo or images from SD card is a very common issue simply because sometime you or friends simply press the wrong button on the smartphone or camera.

But all you don’t need to be worried, because there are various photo recovery tolls or software available over internet which can very easily recover your lost images or photos. Below we are sharing some of them. In below list I am sharing some of the best photo recovery tools, best photo recovery apps for android, best photo recovery tools online. Read Also- How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp messages

Note- These below given Photo Recovery tools are not only recover lost Images or Photos but can also have some other features such as data recovery, file recovery, video recovery etc.

Best Free Photo Recovery Tools to Recover lost photos

RePicvid Free Recovery Toolbest Photo Recovery Tools

A heartily thanks to our reader Amy Miller who came up with such an excellent suggestion on the best Photo Recovery Tools. RePicvid performs a deep scan to the available storage looking for the file you need; it’s a free and easy-to-use program.

Apart from searching for your lost or deleted photo, this program also recovers music and video files from your selected drives/folders. It can be a handy tool to get your job done when you have less time to spend in front of your PC. It’s the faster and free tool to recover deleted, formatted, or lost pictures from different storage media like hard disk, USB drive, SD card, etc. You don’t have to be a techie to understand how it works. Its user-friendliness is another reason to compel me to add to the highly recommended software. Just select a disk to scan, preview the recoverable data, and recover the lost media. Thanks again, Amy.

Recuva [Photo Recovery Tools]

recuva photo recovery tool


Recuva is a photo recovery tool that can be used to recover photos from a verity of devices. This is a data recovery software for windows and developed by Piriform. The tool is developed for recover files that have been permanently deleted and marked by the operating system as free space( corrupted or on any other reason). Recuva photo recovery tool also able be use to recover files or photos deleted from USB drive, memory card or SD card, MP3 Players etc.

According to Recuva developers, this tool is able to recover deleted mail from your mail client. It support microsoft Outlook Express, Mozila Thunderbird or Windows live mail [Note- we have not tested these features though].

 Recuva Features

  • Its totally free Recovery tool with very fast recovery
  • Recuva can recover images or photos, Documents, music, videos, Emails and many other file types
  • It support most of rewritable media like memory card, external hard drive, Pan drive and more

PhotoRecbest Photo Recovery Tool

PhotoRec is another grate free photo recovery tool. It basically designed for recover lost files include Video, Images, Documents and archives from various of devices like Hard disk, CD-ROMs, Dizital camera, SD card, Pan Drive etc. I am saying PhotoRec is great photo recovery tool because it’s free and can recover severely damaged or reformatted device also. Its works with various operating system such as DOS, Windows al version, Linux, Mac OS X and Unix system also.

PhotoRec Features

  • PhotoRec is free to install and use
  • Runs on various operating system includes DOS, Windows (Xp, 2000, Vista, 2007, 2008 etc), Linux, Mac OS X and Unix system
  • Recover from various types of device like Hard disk, CD-ROMs, Digital camera, SD card, Pan Drive etc

Zero Assumption Recovery (ZAR)

Zero Assumption Recovery is a paid recovery program, but the free version for ZAR allows you to recover photos. Here we are talking about free photo recovery tools so, ZAR is in our list. It it also a best photo recovery program and it scane much deeper that most most data recovery program. Once you start scanning it can not even pause. This means, if your device can not recognized by computer or corrupted, this is one of the best option to recover lost photo.

Pandora Recovery

Pandora Recovery is one of the best and free photo recovery tool that can be used to recover deleted photos from verity of media devices. This tool is also support all types of deleted files include photos, musics, videos, movies, any types of documents and much more. Developers claims Pandora Recovery tool can restore lost data in almost every case, as its powerful scanning module finds all the existing and deleted file and directories from your verity of devices. Pandora Recovery can use external hear drive, removal network drive or flash drive etc.

Pandora Recovery Features

  • Recover archived, Hidden, Encrypted, Compressed files
  • Recover al types of image files, Documents, Videos or any type of files
  • external hard drive, removal network drive or flash drive
  • Compatible with windows vista, XP, Windows 2003, Windows 2000

Undelete 360data recovery app for android

Undelete 360 is also a great tool to recover lost or deleted photos from your computer, hard drive, USB drive, floppies, digital cameras, SD card, Pan drive etc. this tool allow you to recover deleted files from the recycle bin and lost file due to various infection such as software or hardware fail, device corruption, unexpected system shut-down etc. Undelete 360 also includes wipe files software that can completely delete file beyond recovery.

Note – If you are not skilled computer user Recuva is a best option to recover deleted or lost photos, because Recuva is very simple to use. If any one want to recover photos from OS X, Linux or DOC, PhotoRec is batter option for those users.