How to Recover Data from a Formatted Hard Drive

Is data really lost when the hard drive is formatted?

When a hard drive is formatted, the file system is rebuild and the index of the data is removed. The data is stored on hard drive’s space while its location is stored in a table and when the hard drive is formatted, then the address of the data is deleted and there is a possibility of formatted hard drive Recovery.

There are different scenarios under which you format your hard drive. They are as follows:

  1. You accidentally format the D or E drive
  2. You format the C drive
  3. Formatted the external hard drive

In the first case, when you have accidentally formatted the D or E drive of the computer, then you can recover files from the backup, provided you have had backed up all the data.

How to Recover Data from Formatted Hard Drive

The worst case scenario is to format the C drive i.e. the primary drive of your computer. Generally, the primary drive contains the operating system and if it is formatted, then data recovery is not possible as you have to install the Operating System again and this will overwrite the data, therefore, killing all the chances of recovering data from the formatted hard drive.

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Last but not the least, when you format an external hard drive. Prior to formatting an external hard drive, there are two formatting options i.e. Quick Format and Full Format.

When a Quick format is performed, then it erases all the pointers and indexes of the data from the partition table and not the actual data. The location of the data is removed; therefore, the Operating System is unable to trace the specific location of data and marks the space as available for writing new data. In the case of quick format, it is possible to recover data from the formatted hard drive using a best data recovery software.

Indicative Image. Figure 1.1 illustrates the Quick Format option

On the other hand, when a Full format is performed, it additionally checks the drive for bad sectors and writes zeroes to all the sectors. Full format erases the indexes as well as the actual data as it accesses each sector on the disk. Therefore, full format takes more time than quick format and erases the data stored on the hard drive. Moreover, if there is any bad sector on the drive, then it creates a new filesystem table.

What should be your action?

If you have a backup, then you can retrieve all your important files from it. It takes time and efforts to re-create your valuable data; therefore, you should protect it and take steps to prevent data loss.

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You can back up your data on external storage devices or can utilize cloud based services. Having several copies of your files is imperative to prevent losing it. However, there is another side to the story. Let’s suppose you store the backup files on the external hard drive and you accidentally formatted it, then how will you recover data from that formatted hard drive? To recover data from the formatted hard drive, you can opt for a data recovery software and if the matter is severe, then go for data recovery services!

Data Recovery software is another viable option to retrieve your data from a formatted hard drive. There are lots of data recovery software available in the market but not all of them are reliable. Moreover, if the hard drive is overwritten, then no software will be able to bring back your data. This is when a data recovery service provider comes into the picture.  Also, a data recovery services provider ensures privacy and confidentiality of your data during the data recovery process.

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Why Choose Stellar Data Recovery?

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To Conclude

Data recovery from the formatted hard drive is possible, provided that it is not severely corrupt or damaged. Stellar Data Recovery incorporates a systematic process to recover up to 100% of your valuable data from the formatted hard drive.

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