How to Turn Off Safe Mode on Android Phone

Here we are going to give you some useful tips on How to Turn Off Safe Mode On Android devices. Just like your computer, whether a PC or a Laptop, you can manage your android device. This is just a precautionary step that users take to keep their phone’s data safe and secure against any vulnerability. So let’s go through the topic and learn some new.

So what is the reason we need the safe mode for? Have you ever thought of it? Let us first make you aware why we need to do it. Just like an operating System in your computer, your smartphone is on a number of risks. The biggest and the most common is when your android device gets a load of applications and data stored in it. The overhead of handling this much can become cumbersome for your smartphones. The result is unexpected restarts or malfunctioning. And when you’re in the middle of something important, you wouldn’t want it to happen.

Here are our tips on How to Turn On OR Off Safe Mode On Android

So what causes this unexpected malfunction in your smartphone?

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It might be any third-party app that you have installed. Maybe, a media file that your phone doesn’t support and led your device OS to get corrupt. Or a malware that is quite a bigger issue to deal with. This is where Safe mode comes in action. It removes all the unwanted apps that are hindering your phone’s work. Don’t worry not all the apps just the ones that are real troublemakers. Whenever such problem is detected in your phone, your phone will be restarted and the time it re-launches the OS, you can see the “safe mode” notification on the lower left sections of your home screen.

To curb such issues your keeps managing the stuff through Safe Mode. Here is how you can turn off Safe Mode on Android.

So there are different ways to do it depending upon the device you have. The most commonly used and applied steps are listed in the following section.

First way to do so is the Warm Boot (Restart)

It is just as simple as you reboot your computer or phone. A simple restart can boost your phone and troubleshoot your previous issues.

Here is how you can do it with the help of these two methods.


  • Press and hold the Power/Lock button.
  • Select “Restart” from the list of options like Power off/ Shut Down Device, Restart Device, Screen Capture, and Airplane Mode etc.
  • In some devices, you may observe that the only option pops up is the “Power Off”. In such case, just follow Method 2 (Cold Boot)
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If you have successfully restarted your phone and it runs properly, it means you have done the job. Congratulations.

But if you still have the same problem, just push the restart button and check it out again for further improvement.

Second way is to get it done using Cold Boot ( Soft Reset)

  • You’ll see sometimes a reset/restart won’t seem to help you out of the trouble. So try the cold boot/ Soft Reset.
  • Hold your power till you get a list of options and choose the one displaying ‘Power off’.
  • Hold on for a few seconds more to get the phone back to its initial state by switching the power button once again.

But wait, there are more ways, the third method to solve your problem. This is the ultimate and your last resort. If your device isn’t in such a condition that it fails to respond to the power button press, try this one.

  • Remove the back case/ back cover of your phone and remove the Power Supply i.e. the battery (Not all the devices have a separate battery some have batteries built- in).
  • Take out the SIM card carefully and let the phone rest for 2-3 minutes.
  • Insert the SIM card back and Replace the battery.
  • Pack your phone back as it was.
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The Key Combination Method

  • Switch off your device.
  • Press and hold the Power and the Volume keys together. Try volume up and down keys. Some devices may do it with a different key combination.

Some Other Ways to get Help

  • Follow these tips and methods to get your phone in a good shape.
  • Try cleaning the App Cache going to the Application option in device Settings.
  • Clear the data related to a particular application that is a source of all troubles.
  • Uninstall the app from the given options in the same section.

Clear the cache of your device entirely. You’ll have to jump to the recovery option in the settings of your device.

The Factory Reset

  • The Factory Reset option, It is the best to take regular backups of your phone data. Because this is workable only if you have created a backup restore point.
  • Then move to ‘Factory Data Reset’ or ‘Delete All User data’
  • Reset and reboot your phone.

Final Option

If you have tried your best to medicate your phone, but nothing seems to work. Try replacing/removing the hardware part i.e. memory card or test the power and volume keys.

Do not get frustrated or hopeless when your device gets stuck in such situations. These were the best and commonly used techniques that need to apply. To get more help and tips on different related issues, keep in touch with us and do leave us your review on this one. We’ll be doing our best to help you out.

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