How to Promote your Blog Content via Emails

Creating excellent content for your blog post is not quite enough to make it viral, one need to own the skills to advertise correctly in the marketplace. One usually chooses several options to make their marketing campaigns more successful, but the most impactful one is the email drip campaign.

If you don’t know much about these campaigns, this tutorial will enable you to know in deep about it. From what precisely the drip campaigns are to how to promote your blog content via emails, we are going to discuss everything here.

Might you have seen several emails in your email box, right? Maximum of them is the one that you were expecting to have or the responses of what you have searched for. But there might be many emails that might seem to be useless at first glance, and for sure you were not expecting to have. These are the emails sent by online advertisers.

How to promote your blog content via emails

They surely need to look useless for a first glance, but they are surely for not. This e, emails are usually the promotions that seem to be quite exciting and helpful, especially when you look forward to the same kind of stuff.

What is an Email Drip Campaign?

Drip marketing is a kind of marketing strategy where one usually drips the pre-written set of messages to the list of various customers over time. The words being commonly used here are taken from email marketing, and hence also named as email drip campaign as well.

How to Promote your Blog Content via Emails?

Here comes up with the most awaited section that undoubtedly you are eagerly waiting for. If you are going to use an email drip campaign for your blog content promotion, keep in touch with the following things.

  • Understand your goals: Understanding the goals and needs is one of the first and foremost things that hold the capacity of making any drip campaigns successful. So set up your goals and get ideas about how to retain the older visitors, and how to get the newer ones. Once you have set up your goals, understand what exactly you need to meet your goals.
  • Selection of email types: Drip campaign is not based on a single kind of emails only. It is a complex process where one can choose any of those or almost all depending upon their goals. A perfect blend of promotional, relational, and transactional emails would surely be a better option to go along with.
  • Know your audience: No email drip campaign can become successful, if you don’t know about your audience, i.e., who they are and what they exactly need. Try to collect data using Google Analytics tool and social media profiles and creates the blog content accordingly.
  • Make use of technology: Various tools are available there in the market place. Just go through your needs and then select the one that can make your email campaign more successful.
  • Make it interactive: The email drip campaign you are going to create for promoting your blog content should be interactive so that it can quickly grab the attention of visitors towards it. You can add Welcome gates. Lightbox popups, and exit-intent popups to make it even more enjoyable.
  • Create an effective strategy: Strategy of any email drip campaign and its follow-ups decides its fate. Create a plan as per the email frequency, types of email, and content.
  • Take attention on the subject line: A good starting leads a business towards successful completion. People love to get that they mostly love for the first time. So creating an interactive headline can add up some more into the marketing of your blog.