DesignCap – A Cool Tool for Creating Infographics In 2020

In this guide, we list the best solutions and tips that you can use to create stunning infographics. Your life will never be the same! Computer graphics have become a very popular “art form.” Businesses of all kinds use infographics to communicate ideas, data, or information about their performance in a more engaging format than the expensive old Excel chart.

On the other hand, when explaining something or introducing yourself, it is always best to show information in an engaging way. Create original and amazing infographics to win people over. There are many tools online for creating infographics that allow you to work on your own in a few minutes.

These tools help you create graphical content so that your post is more appealing. Many programs are efficient and powerful tools that are easy to use and can change your posts’ style. Here I’ll introduce you to the one I use often.

Why use Infographics?

  • It’s better to capture the viewer’s attention than using text alone.
  • Help users create visually compelling stories.
  • Drive traffic to your site.
  • Help users understand things more easily. The goal is to simplify complex information. In other words, present something simply.
  • Most people prefer to see an image or a graphic rather than reading a report or an article. However, you can include the same information as an article in an infographic.

One of the first drawbacks of this approach is that a specialized team was needed to create this type of content—fortunately, the infographic tools available on the market in 2020m have been a game-changer. You can create your own infographics without asking another colleague or friends to help you.

Over the past few years, infographics have become widely used visualization tools. Indeed, infographics are one of the most popular strategies in digital marketing. Obviously, there are a lot of infographic tools out there. Understanding what each tool does and what is best for your needs is no easy task.

To help you solve this dilemma, we’ll show you one robust and easy application that I often use in my article post graphics. It’s DesignCap Infographic Maker. Start creating some genuinely stunning infographics now.

What is DesignCap?


DesignCap is one of the most popular and well-known charting tools on the market alongside Canva. It provides both a free version and a paid version.

With this tool, you can access various custom designs created by professional graphic designers. Anyone who uses it seems comfortable because it is a straightforward graphics application. Any user can use this tool to give their content a different touch.

Notable features include:

  • It offers may handy tools with all the typical functions.
  • DesignCap has a large archive of photos, more than a million.
  • It offers thousands of graphic templates for social media and infographics in high quality.
  • It allows you to save and organize graphics to the cloud.
  • It also allows you to import custom sources.
  • It allows you to present the relationships between two or more elements easily. If you want to compare different data, DesignCap is a great solution.
  • It allows users to create a custom theme with colors, logos, and fonts.
  • It has an easy to use editor and interface.
  • All the templates can be easily customized with statistics and graphics.

How to create infographics?

To access more features in DesignCap, you’d better have a username and password. With an account, you can enjoy the could feature in DesignCap. It’s simple to get an account with your email address or login directly with your Facebook or Google account.

Step 1. Choose a template

how to create infographic

When it comes to infographics, mainly on social media or website content, defining the appearance is very important.That is the face of the publications from now on. Choosing a different template for each post will leave the feed messy and visually loaded.

For our example, we will start from a template to disclose a UI / UX design process. As we can see, the template has nothing to do with UI / UX, and that is where the power to transform designs comes in in DesignCap.

Step 2. Change the image and text

It is great to choose a good image so that the post has good engagement.

Using DesignCap’s free stock photo library, we searched for a design photo that would grab people’s attention. If you already have your own photo, it will be even better!

Select the photo and drag it onto the template, exactly where the image will be. To make the photo look alive, put a photo effect to enhance the picture.

Now that we have the perfect image, it is necessary to change the default text and choose a font that matches. We know choosing fonts that match can be a time-consuming and challenging process. To help you, DesignCap itself provides a list of preset font styles to show you the matching fonts.You can use the one already in the template or choose one in the Text tab. Or you can upload your own font as well.

To make it more convenient for non-designers, DesignCap provides a module section to organize all the images and text in the design quickly. There are many preset modules for different topics.

Step 3. Display data in chart

It is not a must, but it’s very practical if you have many data want to be shown in the design simple. DesignCap gives us more options to easily add charts in an infographic design by importing all the data from a file of XLS, XLSX, or CSV. And you can adjust eh chart title, font, color, value, etc. at will.

DesignCap offers several commonly used chart types such as line, pie, column, area, etc. Choose one to display your data cleverly. For example, you can use a dynamic map to show the population of a particular country.

Step 4. Share and download the infographic

DesignCap allows you to click on the Share button to share the infographic on social media or via email. Or you can share it anywhere with a produced URL.

When it’s ready, you can download it as JPG, PNG, or PDF at will. You can also save it to the could in case you want to re-edit it later.


Infographic tools are a handy way to communicate different styles of content. Thanks to the infographics and the “story” they tell, they allow you to engage the audiences on rather tricky topics.

In this guide, we talk about one of the best infographic software and platforms you can use in 2020. If you’ve tried DesignCap, tell us more about your experience so we can make this article even better. If not, try it now DesignCap