How to backup iPhone to Mac | 4 Easy Ways

If you have an iPhone, then it’s obvious to have a love towards pictures and taking images of your favorite places, people or even your stuff. All the best ones in your best buddy; but if you find it full of memory, you’ll need extra space for your images. In this topic, “How to backup iPhone to Mac” I’ll be your assistant to help you store your data in a suitable and secure place.

Many of the users prefer to own MacBook concerning the compatibility factor. I must say, it is a preferable option for you all. In the following segments, I‘ll put down some important and easy ones for you guys.  

Transferring iPhone data to Mac with AirDrop

It’s an official support given to the end-users. To drop the images, go for it, it was developed keeping in mind the need of iOS and Mac OS X users. What another perk it has for you is you can share your stuff between iOS and Mac without having a wired connection. Be prompt that you can make the best use of it for the particular numbered images. If you have a stack of data to transfer, I suggest you go for the first two methods. Here is how you can do it.

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AirDrop is available on the sidebar once you Open Finder. Things you need to take care of are, to ensure that AirDrop is enabled for either “Contacts only” or “Everyone.”

Backup iPhone to Mac Using USB Connection

This one is on how you can share your data from iPhone or iPad to Mac PC using a Data app. For the older versions of Mac OS, go for the older Data App version and follow the same steps that are common to the newer version.

There are primarily two ways to transfer pictures from your iPhone to Mac. In the first one, you need to tether your device to Mac PC, while the other one is based on the iCloud.

Transferring images using a tethered USB connection:

  • Find your USB cable and get connected to your device and MacBook.
  • As soon you get attached the Data app would get started.
  • Now choose the images that you wish to import to your MacBook.
  • Select the pictures you want to import the click on “Import Selected,” or select “Import All.”
  • This should be as easy as I mentioned here, no extra efforts required.

Backup iPhone to Mac by Sync your iPhone to iCloud service

The best way is to synchronize your iPhone to iCloud service. Irrespective of your location or time zone, just get it done as you connect with it at any point in time. Take these steps and store your media on iCloud using your iOS device.

  • Jump to the iOS device settings navigating like this; Settings App> iCloud> Data.
  • Switch on “My Data Stream on your iOS device.
  • Go to Mac back again, open the data App and move in the order Preferences> iCloud. Check whether “My data Stream” is selected or not. If no, then select it.
  • Your images must be synched by now, that can be viewed from the sidebar.
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Transfer data from iPhone using Image Capture

Try this option for a smooth and more continuous transfer. Using Image Capture, you can do it a lot better. Save your stuff t your preferred location to your Mac PC.

  • Tether your iPhone to Mac OS X and run Image Capture.
  • It will display a list of devices viz. iPhone, iPad, or iPod from which you have to choose based on your device type.
  • Switch to the drop down menu and select “Import To” choosing the folder location and name. Folder not visible?; Then go for “Other” option listed in the main menu.
  • The rest is the same as for the above-mentioned in Data App. Just mark your images and select “Import All” in the end.

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Newest technology has always been and will be your passion. For those, who already have had done it a lot many times, would be familiar this scenario. And for those, trying to figure out a way out of this time-taking job, I have reeled down some tips to move and copy the names of people in your devices.

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These were my little helpful advice on “How to backup iPhone to Mac.” Hope you got what you came here looking. If this topic, in some ways was useful to you, let me know. If not, do let me know. Keep your visit constant here. I’ll be searching more to get it right to you. You can drop me your say through the comments section below.

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