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India is a large, dynamic, busy country. It has got rich historical and cultural heritage. It is a beautiful country with stunning nature, which is worth seeing. Although citizens suffer from poverty, economy is growing, it has got huge potential and there are a lot of opportunities for employment.

Main facts about India

If you are a foreigner and want to work in India you must know some facts about this country.

  1. Religion has a great impact on social life and politics. Fights sometimes happen between Hindus and Muslims.
  2. Caste system is still really influential, despite the Constitution, which provides democracy and equality to all citizens. This system dictates person’s behavior, status in society, education, job position, spouses, etc.
  3. There are over 300 languages spoken in India. Official one is Hindi. English is the language of business, political and international communication. It is considered a secondary language.
  4. A lot of social, political and religious conflicts happen in India. Women, even tourists, may also be attacked. It’s better for female not to go alone, respect local traditions and get dressed properly.
  5. You must obtain visa to enter the country. If the aim of your entering is work, you need an employment visa. It is given for one year but can be extended within the country.
  6. During14 days of your arrival you must receive Registration Certificate at the Foreigners’ Regional Registration Office.

Where to Search a job

If you are planning to move to India but you still don’t have an idea where to work and where to look for a job, here are some prompts for you.

You can choose several companies and follow them in social networks, checking their openings. However, it might take a lot of time just waiting for the right position. And even if there is an opening, what are the chances that you’ll get this particular job?

You can ask for help in recruit agencies. But there are some drawbacks too. You have to pay for their service. Furthermore, they have plenty of candidates to work with, you are not the number one. So, it’ll take your time either and won’t save your money.

The easiest, the quickest and the cheapest way to find a job in India is visiting a job site This site gathered all vacancies posted on job boards in India. Just imagine, you visit one site and have the fullest information on openings in the whole country. If you need to find a job in particular region or city, you also can do it. There is a filter panel, so it is easy to sort out jobs you aren’t interested in. Also you’ll find a list of popular jobs in India. It may be very useful if you haven’t made up your mind which job you want to pick up.

Jobsora is the best site for seeking a job in India because it is constantly updating for your needs, providing you with full information on chosen working places. The interface is clear, you won’t see any unnecessary information there. So it is really easy to use this site. There is an Advanced Search tool, use it and you won’t make a lot of efforts to find your dream job in India.

As they say, it is better to see once than to hear one hundred times. You definitely should visit Jobsora and make your conclusion yourself!

We hope you’ll find a proper job as soon as possible!