iMessage for Windows – How to Download and Install

Who says you can only use iMessage on iDevices? You can enjoy it on Windows PC too. You do need some steps to run iMessage for Windows despite lacking a standalone application to do so. This guide sheds some light on How to Download and Install iMessage on Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 PC. So, let’s dive into today’s discussion and grab this step-by-step guide to use this instant messaging service.   

What is iMessage for Windows exactly?

iMessage is an instant messaging service built by Apple Inc. that lets you send text, image, audio, video, and share your location with anyone who is communicating with you on the other end. What makes is unique is you can also use it on PC, whether MAC or iPhone, iPad, including every apple device. You must be wondering what’s so special about it when messenger apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, and Hangouts are also available for free.

The market is raked up with the competition, but millions of users prefer using iMessage over other chatting apps. And Windows users make up almost half of this user base. Plus, it’s more secure since Apple Inc protects it. There are probably two reasons why Apple has given its access to Windows OS, to maximize user-base and keep this service atop of the others.

imessage for Windows

What makes iMessage Different?

iMessage is an extension of the iPhone that when compared to Android’s standard SMS app stands out in terms of features and support. It supports emojis, multimedia, and other additional features that you won’t find on Android OS. You can even create your own stickers, avatar, and custom messages if you have the latest iPhone 10.

iMessage uses the internet to connect you with other users that definitely doesn’t affect your career bill. Plus side is, if you get it installed this service on Windows, you won’t require any handheld devices to communicate. Now you can give your iPhone some rest while you talk and share stuff with your friends and family via PC.

Good reasons to compare iMessage with its counterparts

  • Faster SMS and MMS service
  • Read Reports
  • WiFi and Data support
  • Live Photos, Apple emojis, custom stickers.
  • Unlimited character limit.
  • Highly secure and private
  • iPhone to iMac /Macbook support (you can send message from iDevice to MAC PC).

Download and Install iMessage on Windows 10– Faced Problem

Lack of support to non-Apple OS and devices is the only problem with downloading or installing iMessage on Windows 10. It supports syncing with MAC computers only since there is official support for the same on Windows PC.

Out of the Box– Some workarounds can help you run iMessage on Windows, and this is what will be discussed here. Let’s get started now.

How to Download and Install iMessage on Windows?

Sadly, Apple offers products and services available to its exclusive customers only. This is why you’ll need to have these some tricks at hand. That said, you’ll need to rely on un-official methods to get iMessage for Windows. In one approach, you’ll have to use jailbreaking while the other one doesn’t need a jailbreak.

Download iMessage for Windows Without Jailbreak

In this approach, you will require to install iPadian Emulator and register for iMessage to be able to use it. Since there is no simple approach to use iMessage on PC directly, you’ll have to get it done via MAC or by making some payment.

download imessage for windows

Reasons to use iPadian Emulator for iMessage

This emulator resembles an iPad that emulates iOS interface on PC. Though, you can’t run all the apps from App Store on iPadian, but there are lots of other Apps you can choose from its native App Store. iPadian requires Adobe Air as the minimum platform requirement on your PC.

Getting started with iMessage on iPadian?

  • Download and Install iPadian on Windows PC
  • Launch the emulator.
  • Browse for the iMessage App
  • Now, register your number in the iMessage app and that should be it.
  • Now you are ready to use iMessage on your Windows PC.

Reminder: This approach, as I said, would cost you around $25. But it’s worth investing as you can easily use iMessage services on Windows-based PC afterwards.

Download and Install iMessage for Windows with Chrome Remote Desktop (Without Jailbreak)

  • You’ll need a combination of both Mac with iMessage and a Windows-based PC.
  • Now download Chrome Remote Desktop Extension on both the OS.
  • Add a CRD Extension to Chrome to both of them.
  • Click CRD Icon to Open Remote Access Website on both PCs.
  • Download Remote Access file for Windows and Mac separately.
  • Install Chrome Remote Desktop Host.pkg file on your Mac PC
  • After a successful Installation on Mac PC, do the same for Windows PC.
  • Turn ON Remote Access in Mac PC, Add a PIN to complete the Set-Up.
  • Click Remote Support and Generate the Access Code.
  • Now go to Windows PC and open the Remote Support Tab and enter the Access Code you generated on Mac PC.
  • That’s it! You can now run iMessage and other Mac Applications Remotely from your Windows-based PC or Windows 10.

How to Download iMessage for Windows 10 (With Jailbreak)

This approach will surely need a jailbroken iPhone, which means bypassing all the chipset-level limitations imposed by Apple. Jailbreaking an iPhone is akin to rooting your Android phone and getting superuser access so you can install or add custom services provided by third-party vendors. You can also use certain hidden features on your iPhone once it’s jailbroken. If you are sure to have a jailbroken iPhone, here is how to Download and Install iMessage for Windows 10 using remote messages method.

Install a third-party Jailbreak service to use iMessage on your Windows computer.

  • Download Remote Messages tweak for your iPhone.
  • Jump to iPhone settings>Remote messages.
  • Toggle on the Remote Messages service.
  • Now, setup IP Address and Port Number for the service.
  • Choose any Port Number between 0 and 65535.
  • Enable Authentication and create a username & password for login.
  • Now in your Windows PC, open Chrome Browser or any browser tha you use.
  • Type the IP address followed by port number you entered above. For example,
  • Now you can login with your credentials.

And that’s how you say Bingo!

Final Comments

There are a couple of things you need to keep in mind. Apple doesn’t support iMessage service for non-Apple devices or platforms. Perhaps a little complicated, but these methods are the only ways to get you to use iMessage for Windows 10 or other Windows-based PCs. Meanwhile, you can enjoy this messaging service putting these approaches to work. With this, we come to wind up this another how-to guide. Enjoy messaging.

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