How to Move WhatsApp Chat History to Telegram

Telegram is welcoming every new user (mostly WhatsApp) with new chat import tools. How to Move WhatsApp Chat History to Telegram seems not as difficult as it was before. 100 million+ users and counting, Telegram family has grown vastly, and on the plus side, WhatsApp’s recent update in privacy policy has done the rest.

For users who have been sticking around with WhatsApp for a while, migrating to another app may seem difficult. Most of the important data reside in WhatsApp Chat. So, let’s find out what you need to do to migrate your WhatsApp Chat History to Telegram.

Telegram rolled out new message history import tool on its iOS app on 28th January 2021. With releasing new updates, Telegram saved the day for millions of WhatsApp users. Now you can bring your chat history, including media files and documents. Check AlsoHow to Recover Deleted Telegram Chats

Move WhatsApp Chat to Telegram

How to Move WhatsApp Chat History to Telegram 

Make sure your phone has the latest versions of both the apps to get it done. Follow the steps mentioned below and import the WhatsApp Chat history to Telegram.

  • Step-1: Launch WhatsApp and tap to select the chat you intend to export.
  • Step-2: Move to the contact info menu and select “Export chat
  • Step-3: Up next, you’ll see options whether to “Attach Media” or “Without Media
  • Step 4: Select an option and choose Telegram from the sharing menu.
  • Step 5: Choose the contact to which you intend to save the imported chat.
  • Step-6: Finally, tap on “Import” to import chat history.

What’s best about Telegram?

The imported media and messages included in your chat don’t add up to extra space. Telegram’s lightweight features let you access all your messages, photos and videos at any time you need. Check Also20+ Telegram Messaging Tricks and Tips

Whatsapp Vs Telegram (Features Compression)

Features Whatsapp Telegram
Bots No Yes
Cloud Sync Yes Yes
Edit Send Message No Yes – Up to 48 hours
End –to-end Encryption Yes Yes (Via Secret Chats)
File Sending Up to 100 MB Up to 1.5 GB
GIFs Yes yes
Image Editor Yes Yes
In App Browser No Yes
Internal media player Yes Yes
Live location sharing Yes Yes
Passcode lock No Yes
Public Channel No Yes
Groups Up to 256 friends Up to 75,000 friends
Send message delete Yea (Up to 7 minutes) Yes (Up to 48 hours)
Simultaneous Multi device access No Yes
Stickers No Yes
User name No Yes
Video Calls Yes No
Video message Yes Yes
Web version Yes Yes
In built proxy support No yes