Top 11 Best Fast WiFi File Transfer Apps for Android In 2021

Android file transfer apps – This tutorial will show you top best free Wi-Fi File transfer apps for android to transfer files from android Smartphone to another android OR even iOS and PC

Hello Friend, this is a time when the time is of crucial significance for everybody. About a decade ago when nobody knew about the android technology, it was a cumbersome task to transfer files over the android. The only thing we knew was either the words “Bluetooth” or “Infrared” when we had a thought to transfer files between mobile devices. But with time taking changing, changed our mobile world. And Ta-da! Here we are from old heavy keypad mobiles to wide and live Smartphone’s.

No more struggles now when we talk about the term “file transfer” and believe me, I am not talking about some KBs or MBs. It is about GBs of data. By now you all must have become familiar with this, haven’t you? So let’s talk about it more down here.

Best Fast File Transfer Apps for Android

Time is really an asset to save for us if we are really smart users. Back when we used Bluetooth as a medium for copying files between phone to phone, it really felt like taking ages. But now it is not so as through the wifi (also known as WLAN) technology it is made easier. Stay carefree if you want to share your memorable images, videos to your beloved ones or sharing your video presentations to your colleagues. It won’t take hours it’s just a matter of moments. So here is the Top 10 Fast File Transfer Apps for Android to help you do so.

Send Anywhere [2021 Update]

file Transfer apps for Android

Apart from the top-rated and best fast WiFi file Transfer apps for Android, here comes comes Send Anywhere. It is a cross-platform and safe Android-to-Android file sharing app that lets you swiftly transfer files of any size. All you need is a successful connection establishment. This file transfer app works on WiFi direct and uses a cloud storage service (premium version only) to store your large files on the cloud. You can later share or move these files to any device later.

Send Anywhere provides you a secure gateway to share the file where you can scan a QR code to connect or enter a 6-digit key to pair with the sender to receive any file. The files transferred are not stored on any servers without your permission. You can send or receive unlimited files from or to any android device. It’s also a great app to transfer files between Mac and Android devices, in case you are wondering.


This is the one of the best file transfer apps for android and most commonly used and well-appreciated app among the android users. I show most of my friends using this android file transfer app, This just needs a smartphone, a Windows/MAC PC, or an iOS. Yes, this so true this app is interoperable, that means you can connect any type of device through this app. The next thing you have to do is start sharing your stuff. This app also supports group sharing where you can connect up to 4 members simultaneously. Transfer speed is up to 5-6 Mbps. Some of the main features of Xender file transfer app are

Able to transfer all types of files – Images, videos, Music, files, Apps etc

No USB usage, no internet, no data

Xender supports group sharing up to 4 devices at a time

Supports cross platform transfer between Android, iOS, windows, PC/ Mac


shereit file transfer

Here is another best in class and best in Wi-Fi file transfer app for your android, windows and iOS phone. Shareit also comes with some kick-ass features such as a user-friendly interface and easy to handle tasks, Sharing becomes a walk in the park with this app. When both the users come online through wifi, they can share Media files as well as apks easily without a wink. This app is also supported between Android-android, android-PC, android-iOS and vice-versa. It comes in a variety of languages and is being used by millions of satisfied users worldwide. Some of the main features of ShareIt are…

It supports Android, iOS (iphone/iPad), Windows phone, windows and Mac

Share all kinds of files like Imags, videos, music, apps and other

40 time faster than Bluetooth, speed up to 20 MB/second



Superbeam, I should is a superb app that works smoothly between the android devices when it comes to sharing files of larger sizes. You want to share a movie let’s say, be it in Gigabyte of size. What you do next is just scan the QR code available on the sender’s/receiver’s end and start the transfer. This is what makes it the most loved app. Gigabytes of transfer just within a few minutes. All you have to do is place your phones camera on the screen of the other device. The transfer takes place on the go. This app supports all sorts of files easily from both the locations either SD Card or Device memory. Some impressive features of Superbeam are…

Fastest speed using Wi-Fil direct

Pair device using NFC or QR code scanning

Shere any types of files (images, videos, music, APK’s, zip files)

Zapya- File Sharing App


This app overcomes the limitations that were hard to bypass using shareit. This also is a great app that comes in multi-language support and also with a user-friendly interface. Young fellows are going to love it after they try it once. This app is also supported among cross platform devices and allows sharing through QR codes. Next time if you wish to send your favorite videos to your friends or a group of friends, just share the QR code and let the app do the talking. A maximum of 4 users can connect in a group at once through this app. Some features are

Transfer files of any format and size across different platform (android, iOS, Windows, XP/7/8/10, Mac, OSx, Windows phones)

Supports Group sharing between 4 device

Wifi File Transfer 

wifi file transfer app

This is the quiet and secret winner in the race of the Best Android App to transfer Files through wifi. With most number of downloads on play store, this app is the dark horse among all the well-known apps. Features that it supports are editing, renaming, copying or even deleting files from your device. Users can up/download files using this app and you can also upload your entire directory to Google drive if you want.

Wifi Shoot

wifi shoot

This is also a powerful tool for you if you like to experiment with the Best File Transfer Apps for Android Devices. This app is something that’s worth a compare for you. Available on Google pay Store for free, shoot supports all sorts of formats such as Audio, video, or .apk files pretty easier, and yeah, also the ones with larger size too. This is a multi-language application and comes supporting the android versions 4.0 or above. It is an easily affordable app when it comes talking about size. So, do try it.

WifiDroid – WI-Fi File transfer

Lets’ talk about this cooler app when it comes to features like small size and quick accessibility. The best one from this app is you can stream your media whenever you wish that you have saved on your device through your browser. Just like the size, it also gives you results light and fast. This app enables users to watch the live preview of an image or video without even tapping on the icon. What else is required for a 981 Kb app?


Like I said, the list is nearing an end but apps are getting cooler. Here is CShare is 10 times faster than 3G and 30 times as faster as Bluetooth technology.  This app has already made a mark on Google Play Store and is now widely used over by millions of users worldwide. Just click once to identify devices and that’s all you need to get started. Share your favorite games, music, videos, and images anything you wish and that also free of cost.


As we go down the list, there are many of surprising apps that are unbundling for you. HitcherNet is just another surprise for you that is available for you for free. Just pair the android devices to get started and for the next file transfer, you don’t even need to do that. The app can get you a transfer rate up to 50 MB per second. Surprises you get through this app are Multi-file transfer and integrated file management system.


There is something about this app that makes it most loved among the global users. Yeah, there is a reason that makes it easier and quick to share your large or small sized files all in a matter of minutes and seconds. It’s peer-to-peer (P2P) feature enables users to make it possible. Start sending and receiving files between cross platform devices using this app. This app bypasses the cloud that helps you connect your devices directly.

So users, this was my article on Top Best Fast File Transfer Apps for Android. Hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing about these apps. Please share which File Transfer Apps you are using in your phone also share your suggestion OR query, I shall try to get back to query as soon as possible.