11 Trusted Online Data Entry Jobs from Home without Investment

Dear readers and online job seekers, we hope you are doing well. We also know you wouldn’t be reading this article if you weren’t looking for a good Data Entry Job, isn’t it right? So let’s start talking some points that will help you find best and trusted online Data Entry Jobs without investment to Earn Money online. I show – online data entry jobs without investment, online data entry job from home is one of the most searched topics on Google. It doesn’t matter if you have looked over every job portal and posted your resumes on all the job providing sites. The question of the hour is, have you found the right one?

Don’t worry we’ll be getting it to you as you go through this article. But, you must be wondering by now, “why should I read this article? I have already tried for some online Data Entry jobs, and the recruiters either turned out to be scammers or had asked me to pay for an online Data Entry Job”. We do understand these concerns of yours. This is the reason why we have brought you some information that you exactly need at this moment.

Online Data Entry Jobs from Home Without Investment to Earn Money online

This list will show you different online data entry jobs. So, read about every data entry jobs and choose which data entry job is suitable for you.

Content Writing for Blogs and Websites

content writer

Well, fellow explorers, this is the term that is being so getting used these days. With the advancement and widespread of the internet and websites, there is a huge requirement for Content writers these days. The kind of Profession which can easily help you get what you want. And yes there are plenty of options like what topic to choose to write, or which site should you choose to work with and yes there are many falsifying informers too. So find your area of interest, contact the legitimate one and send them your resumes.

There are number of websites, facebook group are available, where you can find content writing jobs for blog and websites. Recommended sites :- Upwork, Freelance.comFiverr, Guru (for Indian users)

Offline/Online Data Entry Projects

There are certain organizations that regularly require data entry operators based on the assigned project and deadline. You need to stay in touch with them constantly, cause who knows when you might need them. Some companies run data entry projects through their customized and official Software. While some organizations prefer the data entry job to be done through their official website. Be careful before you apply, if you are asked to pay any initiation charges while applying, make your thorough inquiries and inspection. Remember, a legitimate firm never asks a candidate to pay first.

Copy and Pasting Jobs

If you have excelled in copy pasting sort of thing then go for it. There are surely many jobs that require your attention in the online job market. But having proficient skills in word processing tools like MS Office is the must. Also, you must be having excellent command over your English comprehension skills. Because sometimes, you know there is a lot required while copying and pasting, ordering and rearranging data from one document format to another.

Captcha Entry Job

captchs entry jobs

Captcha entry is one of the easiest and recommended online data entry job for everyone. We accept the income is little less than other data entry jobs but it is very simple jobs. Every person who know to operate computer and have little knowledge of internet, can do this data entry job.

By doing some easy steps you can make $50-$100 every month. So, find highest paid Captcha entry sites and create account on more than one Captcha entry sites. Once you join a Captcha entry site, start solve given Captcha entry work and get paid. Recommended :- 10 Best Online CAPTCHA Entry Work Sites to Earn Money Online

Start Taking Online Surveys

Another good option of online Data Entry Jobs for you is making observations and conducting surveys based on a company’s need. There are many organizations that take user or consumers based surveys either for a consumer goods or software services they provide to end users. If you are more comfortable in observing the data patterns and interacting with end users online, then you might take this one a better opportunity to kick off with. The data you get and provide at the end of the day is either submitted through the official forms available on the site or it may be sent through the mail in an attachment. Check also5 Best Online Survey Sites


Apart from the Trusted Data Entry Jobs from Home, you can head to Rev, a platform for work-from-home jobs and trusted employer for many. Rev generally has transcription jobs readily available. So if you think you can pull out the opportunity in your favor, there are many options up for grabs.

All you have to do is register at the site and participate in the assessment. If you qualify, there are paid assignments waiting for you. Your job is to transcribe different audios, and you’ll get anywhere between $0.35 to 0.75$ per audio minute. Once you have successfully transcribed 60 minutes of tasks, you are promoted to the next level. If you are familiar with different international languages, chances are, you’ll earn enough that you won’t need to step out of your home. This site pays weekly via PayPal.

Click and Get Paid

Unlike data entry job, you might prefer to work for the companies that display their ads on other websites. This type of job is most suitable one for folks who are skilled in typing but are finding it hard to reach the required efficiency level. So, all you have to do is to get registered with such organization and achieve the targets you assigned. Click the ads that are displayed within the defined deadline and get the perks and incentives accordingly. The payment you get is the online gateway either via linking your account directly or through some third party app.

Be a Transcriber

So here is another great field you can choose to get started with. But, before we’d like to let you know what transcription is? It is when you listen to some conversation or speech and convert it into your words. The only difference is to keep your ears focused and writing everything down as you listen to it. Job not very rare to find, but yeah, if you are curious about it, such job will land in your yard. Keep looking as you are.

Become a Proofreader and Copywriter

This is also a great option for you where you don’t have to be concerned about your typing speed. No matter if you’re not able to catch the word stroke per minutes. If you are tremendous at finding grammatical and typo errors, this is all you need to get some income. Find a suitable recruiter that offers a role of proofreader and Copywriter and get along with utilizing your skills.

Payroll Management Through Data Entry

There are many big names on the market that handle a huge workforce. To get the human resources Department out of the hectic payroll controlling processes, these organizations just hire skilled data entry operators to do some calculating tasks. The employees’ data is handed over to the one taking this job and it’s his/her job to convert the employee’s record like Name, address, salary deduced etc. in tabular format in an excel sheet. This job may a contract based.

If you have Mastered MS Office, Then Try This

If you know every this and that of MS office, then this might be your chance to earn some easy money. There are jobs out there awaiting you. What you need is to do the formatting thing as per the requirement. It is not as easy to think but, if you know you can find it really amazing and easiest to get you money. The document you get should be finished according to the format you are instructed with. Just follow the specified guidelines and deadline to meet.

Catalog Entry or Medicinal Coding

Try utilizing your skills through MS Excel if you can’t get used to MS word. There are widespread of work in which candidates are required to maintain logs and records through Excel. The job is just like maintaining a database as you keep entering records of either products or medicines (product code, Name, Product Id, etc.). Do not get confused with Catalogs and Medicine coding. The work you do is the same and as easy as you can differentiate between simple consumer end products and medicines.

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Final Words

So dears, these were some important to know jobs that you were looking for. We do hope we brought the relevant topics reading which, was quite useful for you. Stay in touch with us for more tips and info. How did you like our article, you must write your opinions and suggestion in comment box. also write If you have any query, I shall try to get back to query as soon as possible.