Top 7 Trusted & Best Online Survey Sites That Actually Pay

Best Online Survey Sites to Make Money – hello everyone, are you looking for Best online survey sites that actually pay money for every online surveys you take ? Then you are at right pace, Here we are sharing a list of best online survey sites that actually pay cash, real money.

The online survey is one through which you can make money working online. The products and services of the different companies have to survey, for which the survey company offers you some money.

Make Money online is quite risky. These days there are so many websites available over web to make money online that is difficult to decide which site is right and which fraud. So, starting with the online earning before taking his well check that the website you want to monetize it right or not. Here are some tips that will help you to secure earning Online Survey Sites.

Before Joining any Online Survey Sites Keep These Things In Mind

  • Before joining any Online Survey Sites to check thoroughly.
  • Look for Online Survey Sites Privacy policy and declaimers and read them carefully
  • Don’t Pay to join on Online Survey Sites.
  • Search for reviews about the Online Survey Sites or company
  • Don’t Store cash in Online Survey Sites Account.
  • Don’t forget to check Online Survey Sites linked email account regularly.
  • Don’t bet a Online Survey Sites that promises to be much more money. ( you can make handsome money of 1$-10$ in an hour time not 100$-200$ in an hour time)

So, to make your work easier in locating trusted Online Survey Sites Here we are sharing a list of Top Trusted and Best Online Survey Sites That Actually Pay cash.

Top 7 Trusted and Best Online Survey Sites


Swagbucks remains among the trusted and best online survey sites to make online money. Accessible from the UK, USA, Canada, and many other countries, you can sign up here almost anywhere. Swagbucks not only deals in inline surveys; you can count on many different ways to earn Swagbucks (watching viral videos, ads, or playing games), which you can redeem via PayPal or Amazon gift cards.

Recently, Swagbucks has partnered with many world-known brands that are beneficial for you and other companies to promote their stuff. While the short surveys can take around 10 minutes, the longer ones may take up about 30 minutes of your time. The lengthier ones redirect you to a sponsor’s website, where your eligibility is checked. So, answering surveys at times can be frustrating when you find yourself ineligible. The minimum payout is $25, which you can earn upon collecting 2500 SB; I suggest you take out the cash if you run into any trust issues.

My survey

Best Online Survey Sites


Mysurvey is one of the best and trusted online survey sites that make you money relay since year 2001. On this survey site you will get daily survey and the payment structure is based on points system (110 point is equal to 1$). you might face lots of screens but you will not go without paid. for taking any survey you get 10 points, but if you qualify the survey then you might get points anywhere between 200 to 2500.

My survey Quick view

  • Typical time to complete Survey – 20-30 minutes
  • Minimum Payout – $10 (1100 points)
  • One survey payout – $ 0.5 – $ 1.25 (Average)
  • Payment method – Cash via PayPal and via High Street Vouchers (Amazon, Argos)

Survey savvy

Best Online Survey Sites

survey savvy is another oldest and best online survey sites to make money online. this is my favorites online survey sites because it sends a lot of surveys invites via emails.the payment structure is always via check and sent within 3-4 weeks once the survey is done. survey savvy send you survey is depending upon your demographic location.

survey savvy Quick view

  • Typical time to complete Survey – 20-30 minutes
  • Minimum Payout – $ 100
  • One survey payout – up to $10
  • Payment method – payment made through Check

Opinion Outpost

Best Online Survey Sites

Opinion outpost is a free online portal where members are rewarded for sharing there opinion in various type of paid survey. the payment structure is via points (10 points = $ 1 US dollar). fil your profile properly to get more survey. the average frequency of surveys is about 3-4 a week. Opinion outpost survey also pay you to refers money, each refers is worth 10 points that is $1.

Opinion outpost Quick view

  • One survey payout – up to $ 5
  • Minimum Payout – $ 10 (100 points), Amazon Gift card – only $5 (50 points), iTune Gift card – only $5 (50 points)
  • Payment method – payment made through PayPal, Amazon Gift card, iTune Gift card

Cash crate

Best Online Survey Sites

Cash crate is another best site to make money by online survey. here you can earn money various type of online works like online survey, offers tab, referrals, videos, cash tasks. the survey site have satisfied over 5 million members. you can earn $1 start up bonus when register and conform your email ID. the cash out method is PayPal, Dwolla, check, bank deposit and minimum requirement of withdraw payment is $20.

Click to Join Cash Crate

Cash crate Quick view

  • Payment option – PayPa, Dwolla, check, bank deposit
  • Minimum cash out – $ 20

Super pay

Best Online Survey Sites

Super pay is survey websites works on GTP program that is offering you an opportunity to earn money from home. you can make money by online survey, simple tasks, trials, to click ads, participate and win contests.

Super pay Quick view

  • Payment option – PayPal, Payza, Amazon gift card
  • Minimum cash out – $ 1

Brand institute

Brandinstitute is another leading online market research firm particular active in the heath care field. mostly these products are about medications and households goods. If you are doctor, nurse or pharmacist then you have a lots of earning opportunities by taking paid survey with Brand institute. once you complete your survey you would get your money by PayPal or by Check within 6 week. each survey takes time between 20-30 minute and pay around $ 5 – $ 20.

Brand institute Quick view

  • Typical time to complete Survey – 20-30 minutes
  • Minimum Age Requirement – 18 years
  • Minimum Payout – $ 100
  • One survey payout – up to $20
  • Payment method – payment made through Check or PayPal


This was our article Top Trusted & Best Online Survey Sites That Actually Pay. How did you like our article, you must write your opinions and suggestion in comment box. also write If you have any query, I shall try to get back to query as soon as possible.

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