8 Great Ways to Make Money Online Without a Degree

What if you don’t have a college degree or failed in the final semester of your college and dropped out? Will it mark the end of your career? The answer to both the question is ‘NO’.

Let me tell you why. There are thousands of people around the world who have not finished their studies but are earning well at least to keep their both ends meet. In fact, some of them have become super rich even without a proper college degree. Fascinating, isn’t it?

Since the entire world is experiencing a crunch situation at this moment, getting jobs relevant to your field of studies is a tough call. There are hundreds of online sites which will educate you on 1000+ ways of earning money without a degree. But not all the methods are legit ones. Some of them are credible enough to generate a handsome pay for you at the end of the month while others will fail to serve your purpose of earning a healthy income on a monthly basis.

Hundreds of opportunities are out there in the market,but you have to be sensible, hard-working and determined to achieve financial flexibility in your career without having a college degree.

Here, we have tried to depict the legitimate career choices that offer you a chance to make money without having a graduate degree. Since these career paths have ideally worked for others, it does not mean that they will work for you. Your friend earning 10000$ a month from a beauty store does not guarantee the same earnings if you start a similar beauty business.

Your income varies depending upon the kind of work you are doing, your location, the amount of time you are spending at your workplace and a bunch of surplus factors.

Let’s take a look at some of the decent money earning opportunities for those who are not having a college degree.

Be a Freelancer

With the emergence of networking platforms like Upwork, Elance, Fiverr, PeoplePerHour, online freelancing has become a favourite way of earning money.

You need to upload your profile on any of these websites, list your services and get selected by your potential clients. Some companies list their projects on these platforms,and you get the opportunity to bid for those projects. After choosing your bid for the project, they will hire you.

Some of the freelancing services that you can offer through these platforms are writing, web designing, data entry, digital marketing, SEO, video maker, graphic designing.

Create your Blog

If you are well-versed in English and have a passion for writing on diverse topics, blogging can be a steady way of earning money online. It is imperative to say that without even having a degree in English or related vernaculars, you can start writing for your blog.

If you are not a usual writer, you need to brush up your writing skills. Blogging can give you enough freedom,and you can spawn a prudent income from blogging.

You need to have strong SEO skills to make your site indexed in famous search engines and enhance the navigability of your website. Once, inbound traffic started on your website; you can start monetising your blog with Google AdSense program or affiliates.

Make money with YouTube

If you are passionate about video logging, then you can begin your channel on YouTube.

If you have a flair for extracurricular activities like singing, dancing, painting, you can showcase the art forms in your video.

Suppose, you are a travel enthusiast,and you love to visit various tourist spots in India, you can create a YouTube channel describing your audiences about your experiences in those places.

If you are a gadget freak, you can start your channel of unboxing on mobile phones and tablets.

All you need to do is to sign up, choose a channel name, design channel icons and thumbnails, develop a content strategy and create a YouTube video using the necessary tools. Create compelling content for your video and start sharing the same on other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and WhatsApp.

Once you start getting views on your video, you can make money from your YouTube videos. One of the best way is becoming a YouTube partner.

Sell Products Through E-commerce Channels

Register as a seller on platforms like Amazon and eBay. If you have your own set of merchandises, you can directly list them on these platforms. Else, you can order products from wholesalers or manufacturers and sell them through these channels.

You need to have legal documents such as licenses, tax registrations for selling online. Once you finished with all the legal formalities, you can start listing your products. Soon, you will begin receiving orders from customers across different regions.

You need to parcel the products and ship the parcels through the courier services of Amazon and eBay. Once a sale occurs, the e-retailer will disburse the product amount to your account after the deducting a percentage of sales(commission).

Online or Offline Tutoring

Students need constant guidance from their teachers at every stage of their career. If you have an expertise in a specific subject or a stream, you can teach students online or offline.

You may start a coaching center from the facility of your home. With the emergence of some online tutorial platforms, it has become more comfortable for the teachers to deliver distance education righteously.


If you have a knack for clicking photos wherever you go,and you have almost mastered this art, then start your own photography business. Buy a DSLR or an advanced camera for shooting images and videos. Start networking with others to get assignments of food, wedding and model photography.Remember, you need to be extremely competent as a photographer and should be acquainted with all the tricks of capturing high-quality pictures with the help of your lens.

Food Delivery

According to the job website Simply Hired, Food deliverers are earning in thousands of dollars in all the major countries like USA, UK, and others. A report published in CNN Monkey states that if a person delivers five food parcels worth $20 in an hour, he makes 10% of the order value as a tip which is an additional income.

You need to navigate through the area and become more familiar using a GPS. Additionally, you must try to develop better customer service skills to build a long-lasting relationship with them. A two-wheeler with a driving license is a must for kick-starting your career as a delivery boy.

Cab Driver

If you are passionate about driving, you can start your career as a cab driver for Uber and other cab vendors in your country. According to internet sources, the median income of a cab driver in the USA is $24,300. As the travel sector is witnessing rapid growth, the future earnings of the cab drivers will increase. The income figures of cab drivers vary a lot since their wages highly depend on the number of working hours and the booking charges per ride.

There are online business jobs such as data entry Job, surveys and form filling, a virtual assistant that will enable you to earn money more quickly and efficiently.Experts always suggest starting early. Getting demoralized due to lack of qualification is not an option.

You might have jeopardized your career due to family issues, scarcity of funds, unprecedented circumstances but that does not stop you from reaching your goals. Perhaps, the best thing to do now is to forget what happened in the past and focus on creating a brighter tomorrow. Remember, a healthy paycheck at the end of the month does not demand your education but instead, it demands your smartness and agility.


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