10 Easy Ways to Make Money Online In India

Many of my readers wanted me to write a post on some Easy Ways to Make Money Online in India. So, I hope that these eventful ways would lead you to earn money online. But to earn online it’s important to stop wasting your time on unnecessary stuff like Facebook, gaming, social media etc. It does not bring anything to you instead it takes your precious time.

As Indians are rich in multitasking and are almost perfectionists in their related domains looking at different ways in which they can make money online, there are hundreds of websites where you can earn money without any investments. Any website that asks you to invest money before you can make money online is definitely a fraud and you must proceed with caution or else you might end up losing your hard earned money.

10 Easy Ways To Make Money Online In India

I hope these ways will bring dazzling experience to you and you’re earning. Let us see the easy ways given below that will tell you how to earn money online. Let us now jump into the pool of options that I think are the suitable ones to go for.

Create a Blog and Start Blogging

Well, the easiest way to earn money is to entertain other by creating a blog. You can start your blog on any specific niche which you like mainly i.e. Make money online, Blogger, WordPress, Designing and etc. But once you start blogging you must need to wait for 2 to 3 months to get the attention of an audience. This is the only reason why new bloggers get dishearten due to no audience and hence stop blogging. So whenever you start a blog no matter if you get any audience in first few months do not stop blogging. Post at least one post per day, publishing multiple posts per day will multiply the chances of getting audience attention. To learn more about blogging see these links.

Youtube Videos

You can earn money just by making a video; the logic is that whenever you play a Youtube video, the advertisement appears. Then after clicking ‘skip ads’, you can continue to see the actual video. This is how original video poster earns money! When audience views an ad, video maker gets some commission from Google. This program is popularly known as ‘AdSense Youtube monetization’. Its common habit of techie guys to watch reviews/unboxing videos of latest mobiles, cameras & other gadgets on Youtube. If you’ve recently bought any new smartphone or any electronic stuff, then it might generate thousands of bucks for you.

Just make a small video and describe the product in the best way you can! That’s all, now upload that video on Youtube and leave the affiliate link of that product in the description.


It’s the best way of making huge money just by sitting at home. The only requirement is that – you should be fairly good in English & must have some special skills. There are many sites, out of which fiverr & freelancer are most popular. People across the world request other users [you] to complete their tasks. For every completed task, you can earn minimum 5$-1000$ according to the type of work.

Affiliate Marketing

You might have seen your friends on WhatsApp & Facebook requesting you to download some apps using their promo code. In such cases, the company gets unique customers and in turn, your friend gets reward with some amount. Affiliate marketing is the underdog in this list. While networks like CJ Affiliate by Conversant (formerly Commission Junction) still exist, affiliate marketing for the modern web works best when you connect directly with affiliates you feel are relevant to your website. Have a blog about iOS apps or books?

Try a Referral Program that can sometimes earn a lot of credits. Connect with affiliates that mean something to you. By working directly with affiliates you’ll find that the revenue share is a lot more competitive as well. That’s how affiliate program actually works.

Sell logo or Taglines

This might sound crazy but if done seriously, you can make few thousand dollars online without any investment. It needs just 15 minutes to create &sell your design. Still many of my friends are wasting their time on social media. If we calculate how much time we spend on the internet per day then, the majority would say 2 to 3 hours which makes it about 1000 to 1200 hours in a year. After spending all these hours what we got? We remained empty handed before and after. There are many websites online that buy your designs that can be used for the custom logo or viral publicity.

Cost-Per-Click Ads

Cost-Per-Click advertising (CPC for short) is still very relevant in 2016. CPC works by displaying ads on your website, and when a visitor clicks on one of those ads, your website generates revenue.

Google AdSense, Media.net, Amazon, and Third Party Adds is still a viable choice, but Infolinks might be a better alternative (you can use AdSense and Info links side-by-side to see what works best for you).First of all, Infolinks works by finding relevant keywords in your content and displaying ads when you hover over those keywords, which is far less intrusive than AdSense. Other than inline ads, Infolinks offers several other options and a useful self-serve ad buying platform for those who’d like to boost their own traffic.

Infolinks ads are also loaded after the content so that the ads don’t affect your website loading speeds. Despite still being the third largest ad marketplace, Infolinks actively try to help their publishers increase revenue, whereas AdSense tends to save these efforts for their more premium users.

Sell Websites

By far, this is another great way to earn heavy cash within the short period. Build a website from scratch, add some quality content & drive some organic traffic. Just make sure that websites get at least 400-600 users daily from Google search. Often enough, while a website might accumulate a ton of visitors, somebody else might be able to monetize it better, and that’s why we have marketplaces (like Flippa, for example) where you can sell websites for a profit.

This should happen within 3-4 months or in lesser time. If it is done with proper research, it won’t be difficult to achieve this much traffic within 2 months. If your traffic is sky high, why sell it? If it’s too low, is it even worth it? Actually, it’s more common than you might think for high-traffic websites to have difficulty with monetization.

Sell Products on Ebay and AMAZON

EBay and Amazon are the leading websites where people put advertisement to sell their products. And if anyone likes your product then the buyer will contact you to purchase the item. If you are good in buying products then you can perchance a product in cheap rates and sell the same product in high price and can enjoy the profit!

Once you are done with website part, it’s time to make cold cash! Head over to trading sites like Flippa & list your site with traffic statistics. You can expect anywhere between 700- 1000 Dollars per site as per the quality.

Selling Educational Lectures

If you are expert in your education field and can elaborate your concepts in an easy manner, then this is the best option of earning passive income. I will suggest you go with Udemy which is trusted and pays you higher commissions than any other website.

Update while searching on the internet, I came across an awesome app called NiceTalk tutor. Just teach Basic English stuff to Chinese kids online and get paid at the rate of $10/hour!! I have written detailed article on NiceTalk tutor in this thread.

Making Money from Android Apps

This one is my favorite category for earning money in the form of mobile recharges and cash too. There are plenty of apps which provides you free recharges for referring and completing short tasks. But if you want to earn more, then referring is the best option. I have already written an article on “10 best android apps to make money online & Reward” where you can read all information. I earn the minimum of 100-200 Rs daily from such kind of apps! If you want to earn real cash, then you can try CashPirate, Whaff Rewards, Slidejoy, Fronto, TapCash etc. Money can be withdrawn to the bank account using verified PayPal account.

CAPTCHA Entry Work

CAPTCHA Entry Work is another best, easy and sure online job where you can make money online in India very easily. In this work you don’t need to any extra qualification, you only need to have knowledge of internet and good typing speed. You have to join CAPTCHA Entry Work sites and start your earning. Some of CAPTCHA Entry Work sites are kolotibablo.com, megatypers.com, captchaTypers.com etc.

In conclusion

So, today we will show how we Kids, Students, Teens and Housewife’s or whatever role we take, can make money online straight from our living room.

This is the reason why I recommend my friends to think on large-scale don’t get dishearten think larger, think bigger. Facebook, social media and gaming is not the only thing in the entire world. Like I said earlier, 10 Easy Ways To Make Money Online In India seem easiest when you put your interest in a particular field. The process is very simple you do not need any technical knowledge just follow given steps. If you know any better ways to earn money online then please share with other readers and online solution seekers. Drop me your comments and say on that. See you all very soon.


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