Earn Real Money Easily By Using Android App [WHAFF Rewards]

Hi guys, do you want to earn Real money for downloading apps, inviting friends and some other tasks. Here we will talk about Amazing Android Apps WHAFF Rewards that can reward you with real money, Amazon Gift Card, Google Play Gift Card, Facebook Gift cards, Play Station Gift Cards etc. for downloading apps, inviting friends, liking status and many other tasks. So, friends get started with WHAFF Rewards app and starts earn real money By Using Android App from today.

In previous post we already talk about Best Android apps to make money and earn rewards, And now we are starting the tips on how to Earn Real Money Easily just by downloading Android App and perform some easy tasks with WHAFF Rewards

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WHAFF Rewards [Earn money for downloading apps]

WHAFF Rewards is an android application that gives you chance to earn some real money by downloading apps, inviting friends, liking status and many other tasks, developed by Techdrug. The developer them claims WHAFF Rewards is best app for earn money on android device, it’s also gives many way to redeems your earned money.

How does it Works?

WHAFF Rewards is very simple android earning app where you can Log in with your facebook account and browse though a number of useful apps suggested by WHAFF Rewards app. below we are sharing guide how to download and start WHAFF Rewards app in your android device.

  • Download WHAFF Rewards app from Google Play Store
  • After download and install the app, Log-in there using the ID and Password of your facebook account (if you already log-in facebook in your device it will log-in automatically)
  • After complete WHAFF log-in process, you will be prompted to enter the INVITE CODE, you can use this code AX82997. By using this code you will receive WHAFF welcome bonus of $ 0.30 automatically.
  • If you do not enter or use the INVITE CODE, you will not receive WHAFF welcome bonus of $ 0.30, so your balance remains $ 0.00 (zero)
  • So we advise you to insert code AX82997 to get welcome bonus of $ 0.30
  • After gating welcome bonus of $ 0.30, its time to earn more money by downloading the application.


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How to earn Money by Using WHAFF Rewards

In my view WHAFF Rewards is one of the best and easiest ways to earn real money. It provides many ways to make money like download apps, invite friends, watching advertisement etc.

Premium Picks

In WHAFF Premium picks option you can find some applications that you need to download and play every day 2-5 minutes through WHAFF. You will also get some additional rewards if you not uninstall downloaded app during the offer. In premium picks menu you can get 2-3 times rewards like you get some rewards at download and install, some rewards on play every day during the offers, get rewards for maintain downloaded app on your device.

Invite Friends

You can also get some money to share and invite your friends, but there are limited invitations each day for 100 invite only. So invite your friends every day to earn money. Invite more friends to get more money.

Other pick

In this menu you can do some easy tasks to get money or points that will be accumulated in the form of money into your WHAFF account. That tasks are like watching advertisement, download and run apps, register or purchase goods.

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I am sure, if you do these tasks every day, you can earn the money for $ 2-3 every day. If you earn $ 2 every day, it means you can earn $2 * 30 = $60 in one month. So download WHAFF Rewards and start earning money from today. Use invite code AX82997 for $0.30 welcome bonus.

How to claim your Money?                                                                              

Now friends this times to redeem your earned money. So, after having earned $10 you can claim it. Before claim your earned money makes sure you have PayPal account. If you don’t have PayPal accounts first register PayPal account. The transfer of amount will be completed within a maximum 3 working days. You can also exchange your earned money with Amazon Gift Card, Google Play Gift Card, Facebook Gift cards, Play Station Gift Cards etc

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