10 Best PPD Sites to Earn Money Online By Uploading Files

Best PPD Sites:- In this Tutorial under category make money online Or Earn Money Online we will discuss about some trusted and best PPD (Pay Per Download) websites where you can earn money by uploading files.

Make money online sounds very nice, but equally risky But you not need be worried as well because we are referring only trusted and working making money tips in your articles, like 15 working ways to make money online, best video sharing sites to make money, URL shortener sites to earn money, Trusted survey sites to make money online etc. In furtherance of this order, In this article we are sharing some best and trusted Sites To Earn Money Online By Uploading Files.

To earn money online by uploading files is not new and complicated, but it is well known and easy process to making money and already helps to many net users in making money. The process to earn money by Uploading Files is simple – you only need to collect some interesting and useful files and upload these files to these sites and get paid each time when someone download your files. Now the question is arising in your mind, what kinds of files we need to upload form earning money? – So, friends the answer is, collect some informative files like tutorials, projects files, assignments, study notes etc.

Best PPD websites to Make Money Online by Uploading Files

best ppd sites to earn money

As the name suggests PPD (Pay Per Download), there are the sites which gives you opportunity to earn money by uploading files on the sites. You have to register and upload your content on these PPD sites and you will be paid when any one download your uploaded content. As we surveyed, there are lots of Pay Per Download sites over the net but most of them are fraud and they cannot pay decent money. But also there are some of the best PPD sites who pay you for every download.

Here we are sharing Top 10 best PPD websites that pay you for uploading files, freeware and documents. So, upload your files and you will make money every time when someone downloads them.

Upload Ocean

If you are residing in the US, Upload Ocean should be your best take if you want a higher payout. This PPD network pays you up to 21$ for every 1000 successful downloads. You get paid for every click on the download of your uploaded content. If your website has considerable traffic, then it’s a great chance to earn more. You can make easy money using the UploadOcean PPD network and monetizing your site with its links.

You can even add more cash to your wallet by participating in its affiliate programs. UO consists of four tiers, and the payment rate differs from country to country. Upload ocean allows a minimum payout of $10, which you can cash through PayPal, Payza, Neteller, WebMoney, or Amazon Gift Cards.



Up-load.io works under a model called PPD (Pay-per-Download) that allows you to receive a payment depending on the downloaded files you have on this site. This is a safe way to not only to store your information, but it also allows you to earn a little extra just for doing it!
There are many perks about uploading your files with up-load.io. Not only you will earn money with this platform, but you can also benefit from:
– Ad-free site that guarantees the users to download your files without annoying pop ups or false links.
– Use Your Referral Link: You can refer people and earn 10% from their profits.
– Write an article about us (you can even use your referral link in it!) and earn $2.
– Create a Youtube video telling about us and earn $5.
And Send us a link of your article / video via tickets , The money will be added to your account on up-load.io .


Uplod.org is another one of the trusted and highest paying PPD site. This site pay you highest rate of download and they do have a clean download page that will definitely lead you to more download. As we show most of PPD sites are filled with too many ads, where uplod.org have a clean download platform that will make feath on users and leads higher download that will also increase your income. The PPD site offers many payment methods like PayPal, WebMoney, Payoneer, Paytm (India), Jazzcash (Pakistan). The minimum payout is $10. The site also offer refer and earn, you can earn 10% commission from your referral profiles.


FileIce.net is one of the best PPD site in our list to earn money online by uploading files. The site allows there members to upload various types of files and share those files to online. Each time any one downloads your files you get paid $1 for every successful download. Not only that, there US traffic has an unbeatable average of $0.25, with conversion rates exceeding 25%. On this site you can monetize number of file like software, eBooks, PDF files, tutorials etc.

How to Make Money with Filelce.net

log on to Filelce.net and click on Register. after filling all required details, you are ready to upload your document to starting make money. upload and share on social media platform. when someone download your uploaded content you will get paid.


sharecash pay per download

Sharecash.org is another trusted and best PPD site where you can get around 1$ to 20$. Means you need to join this site and upload your files, when visitors complete a quick survey to download your files you can earn average $1 for every completed survey.


depositfiles file uploading sites

Depositfiles.com is another one of the best and famous pay per download site where you can upload any type of files such as .exe, AVI, MP3, ZIP, games, documents, applications etc. the maximum uploading size of any file is up to 2 GB and you can earn $0.03 on per successful download



Ziddu.com is also a best file sharing site where you can earn money online by uploading files. This Pay per download site allows you to upload various file formats like others such as video, pictures, music files, documents and many more. The maximum uploading size of any file is 200 MB and you will earn $ 0.001 for every successful download.


Shareapic.net is little different from other file uploading websites means the site is allowing you to upload different formats of images and earning depends on the number of view of your uploaded images. You will be earn $0.22 for every 1000 pictures view. This is simplest way to earn money, just collect some interesting photos and upload on Shareapic.net after uploading share on best images sharing sites like facebook, Instagram etc to make easy money online.


dollarUploads.com is also one of the best and most trusted pay per download & pay per install site that pay high amount on every successful PPI and PPD which is $1-$20 per download. Like others site also support various types of files like video, pictures, music files, documents and more.

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