Top 11 Best Highest Paying In-Text Advertising Networks for Bloggers

Hello Ad Publishers, Today I am sharing a list of top and best Highest paying In-Text Ad Networks in our tutorial.

The advertisement network is growing day by day in today’s market. People are busy flourishing their business and making it popularize with the help of advertisements. There are many networks providing the facility of advertisements. Some of the powerful ones are Google adsense, Yahoo, Infolink and many more like them. All of these publishers provide you with two main options of advertisement. These are text based ads and other one is image based ads. Both of ad units act as a powerful medium of popularizing the websites.

In-Text ad Program

The text ads have always proved to perform their best and ear more income for the websites. Text ad networks have a major benefit that in just one add unit more and more adds can be displayed. If we compare this to image based ads then, only one add can be displayed by an image.

In the working process of in-text ad networks, the use of contextual advertising is taken into being. Some main and specific keywords are chosen from the text mentioned on the web page and they are then compared with the other ad units. The basic work of in-text ad network is that the main hyperlinks are placed within the text of the web page directly.

These ad networks basically use the concept of cost per click which is very popularly called as CPC. This model works on the fact that as many times a visitor will visit the web site through an in-text add, the advertising company will pay to the owner of the website for the same clicks. If there are multimedia related content ads then there are many other models like cost per impression model which is very popularly called as CPM [ Best CPM Ad Networks ], pay per play model called as PPP and Cost per play model which is very popularly called as CPP.

Highest Paying In-Text Ad Networks

Now, Here is the list of Top 11 Best Highest Paying In-Text Ad Networks for bloggers  which can prove to be highly beneficial.


infolinks in text ad network

Infolinks is still a favorite among SEO professionals because of plenty of good reasons. As a blogger or publisher, you can optimize earnings from your website better. You can earn $7 to $17 using Infolinks in-text CPM based Ads. Usually, it’s a better monetizing option for alternative lengthy blog writers as infolinks turns your keywords into ad link. A lengthy article or blog typically consists of several short and long-tail keywords that can be converted into ads via infolinks.

Even though infolinks works with giants like Facebook, Microsoft, eBay, and Amazon, it’s a great tool to monetize your blog as it doesn’t demand put minimum traffic conditions to publishers. Other than in-text, infolinks has many other options to boost your earnings. You can place ads using inTag, inFold, inFrame, and inArticle. inText advertising by Infolinks overcome the shortcomings of banner ads as banner ads are often overlooked by users. As compared to banner ads, inText advertising network by Infolinks is much more convenient and ensures better SEO. The best part is, infolinks is open for all and requires no setup fees at all.


viglink ad network

It is a very famous in-text ad network which is highly profitable for the website’s growth. It is a special type of ad network which works on a totally different working strategy with a different model as well. It translates the normal links into affiliate links. It does not work on pay per click model. With the affiliate links, there is more earning and high commission. Viglink is famous for its partner shipping with many famous affiliate networks. Also, it does not create any major difference with search engine optimization.


in text ad network

Another best in-text ad network is the Amobee. It is a very famous network in the world of search engine optimization. It is same like Infolinks. It has the strategy of working on the pay per click model. It provides high profit to both the publishers of the web sites as well as the advertisers. The set up of this network is very easy and simple. To make the installation simpler, Amobee provides its plugins for joomla, wordpress and many more templates. The sharing percentage with the publisher is 70% in Amobee and the payments are done through PayPal, Payza and also through direct deposits. The ads are depicted in a beautiful and attractive manner so that the traffic can be increased.

Affinity Ads

In text ad network

This is another in-text ad network which is very popularly used for advertising. It is highly profitable and returns with this network are around 90 to 95%. It uses a special technology of highlighting commercial keywords smartly and thus the earnings are also high. The payments are done either through PayPal or through direct deposits. Affinity ads have proven to be a best alternative for ad networks like AdSense. AdSense has always been in limelight due to its very high Ecpm. But the affinity is having stats that are unbeatable by anybody. Many a times, its revenues are higher.


In text ad network

This is another best in-text ad network providing best services to its customers i.e. the publishers as well as advertisers. It has proved to be one of the growing and popularizing ad networks. The major feature of Infinity Ads is that it has a total of 30000 advertisers present in the whole globe making it a highly popularized network all over the world. It has proven to be a network which has best global coverage strength. The CPC is high with Infinity Ads. The payment is done twice in a month and the payment is made through PayPal, skrill and direct transfer through banks.


In text ad network

Linkworth is also one of the popular best in-text ad network providing best services to its customers. The main feature of this network is that the ads are customizable over this ad network and you can resize them accordingly.  The major task of Linkworth is that it allows taking some specific and useful keywords for rent. With the help of the rented specific keywords and their links, you will be having a fix monthly income. Also, it has the provision of giving more keywords on rent. This way your income can become unlimited from limited and you can earn up to your own limits. Also, there is no need to place any links anywhere at the side bar or anywhere else. The links will be present within your own content.


In text ad network

This is another option you can choose over, if you are banned from AdSense. Also, there is the facility of customizing the ad according to your requirements and suitability over the web page and the full site. You can control the look of the ad so that it can easily get fit on the palette of your web site. Numerous sizes are available and you can change the size of add accordingly to fit over the web page. Also, many unique designs for ad are available.

Installation process of the Clicksor is easy. You just need to add a plugin with wordpress or blogger. It takes very less time for approval. The main benefit of this network is that on the same page ads from other networks can be used for the time being there are 3 ads from Clicksor.

Vibrant Media

In text ad network

One of the best paid per click network is the vibrant media. Most of the sites with high traffic have vibrant media as the ad network used. The PPC rates provided by this network are one of the highest among the industry. But no web site is allowed to join just in vain or for some fun. If your site is a premium site, then only you are allowed to join. Another condition that you need to fulfill is that there must be at least half million views of your pages in a month. Some of the other conditions that are also need to be followed in this network are like adult sites are not allowed and illegal sites are not allowed. The hate speeches are prohibited. The visibility is also good over mobile sites.

The effectiveness of the ads is very high. The rate generated by the clicks is 5 times higher than that of AdSense. So, this network is highly beneficial for you if you are easily managing to bring more and more visitors to your site.

Builtin Text

It is also one of the popular in-text advertising methodologies. In this ad network, you have the full right to control and manage the offerings through ads and also the prices of the ads. So the whole sole responsibly of income generation is yours. The payments are done in Builtin text in the starting of each month. The payments are done through PayPal, checks and through direct bank transfer. The PPC rates provided by this network are one of the highest among the industry. The effectiveness of the ads is very high and thus the popularity is also good.


This is among some of the good in-text advertising networks. It focuses to gather high quality and premium ad buyers for the big publishers. The major task of TNX is to provide web sites with keyword links. They sell links over the web sites. Links are sold at per page basis and due to this, the earning is very high. So, if you have multiple visitors’ daily tour web site and the rank is well maintained then a high income can be earned regularly.

The network is fully customizable and the owner of the website has full control over the ad being displayed. The ad size can be changed and the color can be varied according to the requirements. The price control is also automated and blocking can be done over any type of ad or advertiser. The payments are done through PayPal, payza and even through web money. Also, direct deposit can be done.

In Conclusion

These are some of the best and highest paying in-text ad networks which can reap you high benefits and leverage you with bigger profits. So, go for any of them and feel the benefits yourself.

If you have any Suggestion or query than fill free to ask, simply leave comment in comment box. I shall try to get back as soon as possible & share this article with your social networking site’s friend also.


Which AD Network Pays the Best?

No doubt, Adsense is one on the best and highest paying ad network. But here we are discussing about in text AD networks. In my experience ‘Infolink’ is the best and highest paying In Text Ad Network.

Can I use these In-Text AD network with Adsense?

Yes of course, you can use easily these ad networks with Adsense. A few years ago I used Infolink with Adsense.

Which ad Network is best Alternative of Infolink?

These all are best to use for In Text advertisement on your blog or website such as Viglink, Affinity Ads, Clicksor etc