11 Best Cost Per Impression (CPM) Advertising Networks For Bloggers

Best CPM Advertising Networks:- CPM ads is the acronym for Cost Per Impression Advertisements, which nowadays serve as excellent way to earn money with the help of websites or bloggers. Based on this, today, majority of webmasters and bloggers depend on these few excellent sources to generate revenue, along with application of Google AdSense.

What Is Cost Per Impression Ad Network?

CPM (Cost per Impression) is one of the best sources to earn money from your blog that pays you according to the total amount of AD Impressions received on an advertisement. The Ad impression rate can be fixed or can be different depends on advertiser, country and publishers website niche etc. CPM ad network calculate earning Total Impression/ 1000 x Cost. Example – if your blog get 10000 visitors every days and get 20000 page views and you are gating CPM rate of $2 than your earning will be 20000/1000 = 20, 20 CPM x $2 = 40$ every day.

However, it is essential for bloggers or other individuals associated with online marketing or promotion to choose for reliable networks to go with CPM ads. Hence, by the help of this article, we have discussed about 11 best CPM advertisement networks available for Ad Publishers.

Best CPM Advertising Networks for Bloggers to Make Money



Here comes the boom! Adsterra has caught up faster than any other CPM ad-network that hands you more than one alternatives to earn as a publisher. This CPM ad network works not only on desktops, but also on mobiles. They have different ad formats to cater to your requirements such as display banner, pop-under, native ads, slider ads, mobile display banner, and many more you can explore. If you are looking for a targeted-audience or ROI-based campaigns, Adsterra has got you covered.

This network is around 7 years old and lets you grow your business with its different advertising and campaigning tools for monetizing. Adsterra guarantees exclusive high revenue for long-term partners and publishers. The minimum payout adsterra offers is $5 (if accepted via webmoney or paxum), $100 (via PayPal or Bitcoin), and $1000 (Wire).

Benefits of Adsterra

  • It’s got the anti-adblock system that lets you bypass ad blockers and generate revenues.
  • Adsterra lets you earn unlimited as your partners joining via a referral link will add 5% income at your end.
  • You are secured by adsterra with protection from inappropriate ads.
  • The top-notch traffic analysis tools lets you speculate real–time and promising information about your blog.

Quality is a top priority. Adsterra strives to provide relevant traffic to relevant offers regardless of the website traffic volume. Since you have high-quality traffic, you can monetize it!

Amazon CPM Ads

Amazon CPM Ad network

Amazon CPM Ads refer to a display advertisement type of program that allows an individual to display advertisements from Amazon online and other related advertisers operating at premium level on one’s website. Here, blogger or webmaster receives payment based on cost paid for one thousand impressions for each of the advertisement impression served.

Benefits to use Amazon CPM Ads Network

  • Until now, Amazon CPM Ads have given following important benefits, which include
  • Cost paid for one thousand-impression type of monetization gives a good opportunity to online marketers to earn huge revenue from every single impression.
  • Lets you to set a particular target CPM and earn guaranteed CPM on monthly basis provided you reach the target or go above your set target for advertisement impressions.
  • Helps in displaying ads from large numbers of premium advertisers including Amazon
  • It requires integration with advertisement code for only one time, while the CPM website automatically updates new ads to stay relevant in front of your users.

Propeller CPM Ads

propeller cpm ad network

Propeller Network performs its functions based on several other advertisement models available online, like PPC, CPM, CPL and CPA.


Offers about 100 dollars with the help of Payza, Payoneer and Wire Transfer


It allows for different formats, which include Mobile Ads and OnClick Ads on CPM, CPL, CPC, CPA and Video Ads.

Benefits to use Propeller CPM Ad Network

  • Allows monetization of global mobile and web traffic efficiently across every platform and device with highest possible eCPM rates
  • Offers an ultimate combination of comprehensive list that includes direct advertisers with advanced yet innovative optimization technology
  • Provides a suitable publisher dashboard that helps in monetization of traffic within a period of hardly 5 minutes, keeps proper track of your revenue with necessary in-depth reports and offers benefits from management tools available from various advertisement channels

Join Propeller CPM Ad Network

RevenueHits CPM Ads

revenuehits cpm ad network

Revenue Hits offers self-services for various publishers where every webmaster may visit and start making money via simple placement of tags in their websites. It also gives self-service for online advertisers, where any one may visit to receive top quality of online traffic.

Payout– It offers 50 dollar via different payment modes, like Wire Transfer, PayPal and Payoneer.

Format– It displays ads by using any of the three formats i.e. Text Ads, Display Ads and Pop-up or Pop under.

Benefits to use Revenue Hits CPM Ad Network

  • Allows approval of an application in no time
  • Acts in better way for downloadable blogs and websites
  • Helps in monetization of websites, blogs, apps and toolbars, along with widgets and IM applications
  • Includes Geo-targeted advertisements to assure displaying of only relevant advertisements to users

Infolinks CPM Ads

infolinks cpm ad network


Infolinks acts as an in-text link based networks for CPM Ads. This type of ad network is suitable for all, who have text based rich blog or site and want to generate revenue.

Payout– It gives a minimum payout of 50 dollars with the help of Wire Transfer or PayPal.

Format– Rather than simple banner ads, the network uses Search ads, in-text ads or Tag cloud type of CPM advertisement.

Benefits to use Infolinks CPM Ad Network

  • Eliminates the requirement of banners and allows to use as search advertisements
  • Displays targeted ads for almost every relevant keyword present in your content
  • Lets users to use relevant keyword Tag cloud on the site
  • Does not include spaces, because of which one can use other ads banner by using Adsence or any other alternate to receive higher revenue for blog and site contents

Exponential CPM Ads

exponential cpm ad network

Exponential is a top-class platform for large numbers of CPM publishers and advertisers.

Payout– It offers about 50 to 60 dollars with the help of PayPal and Check.

Condition– Publisher blog or website should possess at least 5, 00,000 of unique user on monthly basis, while the site should undergo update with latest yet relevant contents.

Benefits to use Exponential ad Network

  • Represents only top quality of websites to secure for high CPM rates for valuable ad inventories
  • Sells the inventory of your website at very high value of CPM based on target levels, like channel specific targets, run of network targets and targets specific to any website.
  • It aggregates similar type of contents from multiple blogs and websites into a single yet a high-targeted channel. In this way, Tribal Fusion offers advertisers compelling ad opportunities with online traffic substantially.

CPX Interactive Ad Network

CPX Interactive is also a powerful ad network that also serves as the best place for various CPM ads. It is based on CPM but also offers ads under CPA and CPC categories.

Payout– It offers about 100 dollars as payout in the form of Check.

Condition– Publisher website or blog should possess at least 30,000 visitors in one month to get CPX Interactive network benefits.

Benefits to Use CPX Interactive Ad Network

  • This network provides both brand and direct marketers with the opportunity to secure affordable online media within a global marketplace.
  • Acts as the best platform to deliver about 2.8 millions of campaign conversions on monthly basis for niche direct as well as major branded marketers
  • CPX Interactive ad network has its impressions across 3,400 different websites available over the internet.
  • With the prime objective to fulfil multiple levels requirements of publishers and advertisers, CPX Interactive has introduced large numbers of product offers, including vertical contents, scalable reach and premium networks.

Advertising.com Ad Network

advertising cpm ad network

Advertising.com is also an innovative platform categorized under best possible CPM ad networks. It also belongs to the division of big AOL network.

Condition– Webmasters or bloggers willing to join Advertising.com Ad Network should essentially possess high visitors or online traffic base.

Payout– The network offers minimum payout value equal to 25 dollars with the help of Check.

Benefits to Use Advertising.com CPM Ad Network

  • Prime reason to choose Advertising.com platform is that it shows relevant advertisements, which match perfectly to any blog or website
  • It is the most preferable platform among online readers
  • com offers the best possible CPM rates

PulsePoint Ad Network

pushpoint cpm ad network for publishers

PulsePoint acts as the latest platform designed by the combination of Datran Media and contextweb.

Payment– The advertisement platform offers at least 50 dollars with the help of PayPal or check.

Benefits to Use PulsePoint CPM Ad Network

  • Pluspoint offers the function of AskPrice that indicates freedom for its publishers to fix CPM rates with the help of respective program.
  • It comes with far better RTC i.e. Read Time Classifier to achieve best possible performance
  • It offers a bonus of 10 percent according to their referral program and it is available for both new referred publisher and referee for the first month.

RhythmOne Ad Network

rhythome cpm ad network

Rhythmone Ad Network also acts as the powerful platform for promotion of websites and individual blogs.

Payment- It gives a minimum payout equal to 50 dollars by the help of electronic fund transfer, PayPal and Check.

Conditions– Webmasters or bloggers should possess at least 5,000 unique visitors or 25,000 minimum pages in one month. However, it also depends on various other factors to approve any blog or website.

Rhythmone to Use Brust Media CPM Ad Network

Rhythmone offers highest possible CPM rates with top quality of campaigns and complete control on advertisements of your website.

Conversantmedia Media Ad Network

Conversant Media CPM Ad Network

Conversantmedia acts as the best possible place for both CPM and CPC. These provide highest possible rates based on obtained eCPM. This network has relatively different type of eligibility criteria for blog publishers than any other network. In addition, the platform does not accept sites hosted on free web services and approves only quality websites and blogging mediums.

Payout– It demands for minimum payout equal to 25 dollars with the help of either PayPal or cheque.

Condition– Website or blog should incorporate minimum 3,000 page views in one month.

Benefits to Use Conversant Media CPM Ad Network

  • Conversant Media provides highest possible CPM rates for various advertisement networks dedicated solely to provide protection to top quality brands offered by our advertisers and publishers.
  • Offers control systems of rigorous quality to make sure about standard in CPM advertisement networks and maintain commitments to partners.
  • Restricts and prevents other advertisers from displaying of their advertisements costs with malware, audio, redirects, popup and pop-under and explicit valuable contents.

In conclusion

This was the 10 best CPM Advertising Networks For Bloggers or Ad publishers In 2018. How you liked our article, you must write your opinions and suggestion in comment box. Also write if you have any query, I shall try to get back to query as soon as possible.