10 Highest Paying Best Google Adsense Alternatives – 2020

If you are a blogger and want to make money from your blog, Google Adsense is the best way to monetize your blog and is the highest paying CPM network in the world. But there were some reasons you are getting rejected by Adsense Or You tried several times to get approval by Gooogle Adsense but rejected or banned from Google Adsense. You get disappointed after every Google Adsnese approval reject and You might want to use the ad networks other than Google I mean best alternatives of Adsense. If you failed to get Google Adsense Approval then choose one of the best Ad network from this list to show ads on your blog and to earn money.

There are some ad networks those also offers to put their ads on our site to earn money but pays quite lesser than Google Adsense but approving for these is not tough as for Google Adsense. Hence newbie bloggers like these ad networks to earn money and there are lots of ad networks available and here we are sharing some 10 higest paying Google Adsense Alternatives.

The following networks which are listed below are best and popular CPM networks and here is the list 10 higest paying Adsense Alternatives.

10 Higest Paying Google Adsense Alternatives 2020

 Infolinks – Best Google Adsense Alternative

infolinks higest paying adesnse alternative

I think Infolinks is one of the best alternative of Google Adsense and I show most of bloggers using this Ad networks along with Adsense and also use as adsense alternative. There are most of the bloggers like this because of the high paying and this is highest paying ad network after Adsense. The other thing to use Infolinks, It is totally different from other advertising networks and it provides four different type ads to display. You can also use it with Google Adsense as it supports to place the infolinks ads. It shows both pop up and text ads. I said there are 4 types of ads in this network like InFold, InText, InTag, and InFrame.

Minimum Payments Threshold for this ad network is $50 for those who are using Paypal for payment and $100 for those who are using Bank wire. Best alternative for adsense.


best adesnse alternative media.net

Media.net is the most popular alternatives for AdSense. As Adsense is powered by major search engine Google and Media.net is powered by Yahoo and Bing. You can customize the ad units as you want like in Adsense. It is a contextual ad network and it also supports ads for mobiles. After the making of an invitation and accept you can use this.


revenuehits top adesnse alternative

Revenuehits is famous for its minimum Payments Threshold and the best one to monetize your blog with this network. It also offers Banner ads, Sliders, Pop-unders, button etc to suit site. It generates more revenue as you use them for long time and minimum payment threshold is $20.


adversal adesnse alternative

Adversal is famous for click through rate and it has a great CTR and supports several languages. It is also an affiliate program but there are lots of limitations in this ad network. You can’t use it unless you don’t have monthly page views of 50,000. It supports lot of payment options like PayPal, ACH, Check, or Wire. Minimum threshold payment is $20 for all payment modes.


top PPC adesnse alternative chitika

 Chitika is the simple ad network which is purely for new bloggers. Chitika offers you to show their ads on your site even if you have low traffic. You need to sign up for it and there is no need to get approval from it and you can sign up from simple methods. You just have to create an account and then get the ads and show them on your site. It also offers 3 types of ads means it shows Search targeted Ads those shows the keyword targeted ads, Local ads and Mobile ads. But the PPC rate for this ad network is quite low.


bidvertiser trusted adesnse alternative

Bidvertiser is highest paying Adsense alternative which is a pay per click advertising site and I think this is the best network to use if you get banned from Adsense. It is totally different from all other ad networks means it place the ads on your site as per the bidding system means who bids highest for your blog then he will advertise on your blog. It is quite tough to earn money as the bidding completes. It also offers Text ads, Banner ads, Mobile Ads, Slider ads for your site to look comfortable. You cannot receive money directly to bank through this service as you must have the accounts either PayPal or Payza. While minimum threshold payment for Paypal is $10 and for Payza is $50.


It is a like an affiliate program but it is almost ad network. It displays ads in your site then it convert into affiliate links then if users make it buy then you will get commission through it. While it can directly shows affiliate links but sometimes it converts link into affiliate link. Earning money through this is quite tough as it pays only user buys it. If he buys you will receive lot of commission like if users bought Laptop then think about the commission.


google adesnse alternatives

Ayboll is best ad network and it’s easy to get started with it. You have to place the ads of this ad network around content to get high PPC. They pay best and minimum payout threshold is $100 and you can make the payment via bank or Skrill.

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Adengagae is advertising network but you have to sell ads on your website. It making good sound on advertising market and bloggers are making money form it but it’s quite tough for newbie bloggers to make money from it. You can get paid via Paypal and minimum payment threshold is $50.


Qadabra is known as Adsgadget. It offers ads like banner ads slider ads. You need high performance to get approved by Qadabra and you also need great content to get approved.

Final Words

There are many ad networks available but here we are shared are the best and use one of them. This is all about 10 highest paying Google Adsense Alternatives. Any suggestion or queries regarding this article are openly posted through comments using below form.