Top 11 Best Ad Networks To Use Along With Google Adsense

Google Adsense is chosen as one of the most excellent options to monetize your blog, your website, your channel and many other things that you do online. It is also one of the most trusted and high in technology system that enables you to earn money online by enabling the ads on your product. By this, Google gives a share of their earnings which they earned by placing ads on your page. Millions of people are now using Google Adsense to earn a lot of money. But what if you want more ads to be placed on your channel or page? What if you want to earn even more by placing ads? What if your account has been banned by Google as it is seen quite often that the accounts stop working because it does not match the terms and conditions of Google Adsense.

And in this case, you can move on to other Ad Networks, which do the same work, but still you can earn a lot of money using these ad networks. They monetize your page and enable you to put ads on them by which you can earn money. There are a lot of Ad Networks now and they are working equally good as Google Adsense and therefore you can also shift to any of them and can start earning.

Best Ad Networks To Use Along With Google Adsense

Best Ad Networks To Use Along With Google Adsense

I will here give you the list of 11 Best Ad Networks that you should use along with Google Adsense

Yahoo ! / Bing Contextual Ad Network

Two of the Google’s biggest competitors Yahoo and Bing run this ad network by a combination of them. The good object about this Ad network is that it functions almost in the same manner Google Adsense does. It offers many of the similar function as Adsense and hence it can be called equally good. The ads provided by them are of standard sizes, for eg: 300*250, 728*90 etc. Now the question arises that how to apply this with the Adsense? So for this you can choose as no doubt it is a great choice for you when you have a website which can have much more normal ad units than Adsense will ever permit you.


Infolinks is no doubt one of the biggest networks used monetization in the world at the present. This company is presently helping further than 2, 00,000 online promoters in 128 different countries to earn a lot of money as of their vacant ad space. With all other ad solutions, their free to make use of resident ads work nicely and the best thing with this is that it just do not interfere through the user’s knowledge. From engaging display banners to the effective video and contextual ads – the extremely customizable products by Infolinks will make sure that you create the mainly out of the traffic that you are getting in.

Infolinks is open to all the publishers and is very simple to use. Read also – 10 Higest Paying Adsense Alternatives

Amazon Associates

Everyone knows about Amazon, it is one of the biggest online purchasing stores in the world. And when there is such a big company it must have some of the benefits for the people advertising their products too. Yes, they have. If you are having a website which will talk about the products of Amazon then you can surely earn money with that. Unlike other Ad networks, it does not pay you according to Pay Per Click or CPM program, other than they have their own interesting rules. They will pay you a small commission on every sale that they made by the click on their ad from your website. The higher the amount of the product purchased will be, the higher will be your commission for that product and vice versa.


Toboola is a contextual Ad network which you can use with your adsense on same blog. There are some other contextual Ad network available like Ourbrain, nRelated etc but Toboola is popular and higest paying da network. But this ad network works batter for those publisgers who have a decent traffic on there blog.

Propeller ads Media

It is no doubt single of the best pop under systems available in the market right now is this Propeller Ads. This is not too old ads network as this started in the year 2011 only, but it has earned a very good name for itself in the recent times and has very quickly become one of the major networks and this happened because it provides its users with an excellent CPMs. They specialize in monetizing websites like entertainment, dating, gambling, finances, video games, movies, software and the list go on and on. The unbelievable fact about this Propeller Ads Media is that you can make extra money with it than the Google Adsense. This ad network works perfectly with the mobile apps too.


Another an awesome option for you to earn money by placing ads is this Popcash. It is also a very good ad network and it helps its users to earn a handsome amount for themselves by placing ads on their pages. This Popcash has ads like PopUnder ads which are having a very good inventory along with the CPM for all the countries together for the desktop traffic and as well as the mobile traffic. They can pay you via multiple options like Payza, PayPal and also with Paxum. You can make a request for your payments inside the dashboard only. And the good thing is that the money transfer never takes a long time as it is done between 23 to 48 hours.

Revenue Hits

It is an extremely powerful ad network and has now completed a lot of years in the business. The people working with this ad network have seen great results using this. You can get even better results if you provide them at least 3 to 4 days to maintain their ads running on your website as they have an advanced platform using which they learn from your ads and they try to give you the better results out of these. Apart from this, an awesome thing about them is that different channels for monetization are now available with them. You can make sliders, banner ads, pop under, and buttons. You can get started with Revenue Hits by simply making an account for you with them.


A lot has been heard about this YLLIX Media in the past few years as in the past few years, this is the one ad network which is providing its users with a decent CPM and also they have a lot of monetization options which makes this ad network a good one. It is very easy to get started with this YLLIX Media as their dashboard is great and easy to understand. They can help you in making a good money as they have Sliders, Layer Ads, pop-under ads and also the pull page ads. Using these you can make a really good CTR for yourself resulting in more money.


This is the ad network which is specialized in Pop Unders. This ad networks has good rates and the best thing is that they can monetize in all the countries. If you earn more than $ 5 a day then this company can even pay on the daily basis which is commendable for any of the ad networks. The quality given by this Popads is pretty good and they too have the options such as tab ups / tab under and pop-ups too. Apart from all these, it has a lot of other monetization options too.


It is very close to Adsense or I would say very similar to Adsense. The feature it has is that it can help in customizing your ads and it can serve only contextual ads. The best thing about this is that you can use this along with your Google Adsense account and there would be no problems at all. This can pay you via PayPal and hence make the money transferring process easy for you. It can be used as a very good alternative to Adsense as it works perfectly and can prove out to be beneficial for you.


One of the best alternatives of Google Adsense is this ADVERSAL. It has really good banners and the CTR is also pretty good. Also, they have really good image ads too. For the people who keep on looking for the replacement of Adsense, this is the best option. The good thing about this ADVERSAL is that it works perfectly in other languages too making this ad network a great one to choose.

Note – We not test all ad networks with Google Adsense but we show most of world’s popular sites using given Ad networks along with Gogle Adsense Ads.

In Conclusion

Hope this information would help you in making more money online. Cheers!