4 Reasons Shared Hosting Simply Makes Sense for New Business Websites

There is definitely a lot of hype online about what hosting is best. There are entire blog posts dedicated to comparing the best hosting services, plans, and types of hosting servers for small businesses and startups. We all know the value in having a website, as well as the value for having an optimized site too.

However, when you are just launching your business or startup, it is essential to make budget decisions to ensure you have the long-term in mind. After all, the number two reason why startups fail is lack of funds, according to CB Insights. It is only second to no market for a product or service.

When it comes to new websites for small businesses and startups, shared hosting is probably the best choice, unless you have a massive social media following or millions in seed funding. If you are ready to bring your business idea to the masses, here’s why shared hosting is essential.

1. Shared Hosting is the Easiest to Get

Let’s say you want to bring your business to life online this weekend. To do this, you need to purchase a domain name, WordPress website theme, and hosting plan. If you want a hosting server that is dedicated, for example, can be more challenging.

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The reason why shared hosting simply makes sense for new business websites is that they are very accessible. You can pretty much sign up your domain with a professional WordPress shared hosting provider and have your website up in one day, depending on the complexity of your site.

This alone makes shared hosting valuable when it comes to bringing your brand, products, and/or services to market as fast as possible. For many platforms that offer hosting, you can pretty much get an end-to-end solution, from domain name to WordPress optimization tools.

2. Shared Hosting is Cost-Effective for New Businesses

Another important reason why shared hosting simply makes sense for new businesses is that shared hosting is cheap. The costs associated with starting a new business can add up very fast, especially in the development stage. Why pay for an expensive hosting service if you don’t need it.

Shared hosting is essentially what the name entails, “shared.” Your website will be parked on a server that has multiple websites on it. There are a lot of negatives people often point out about this, like if you are sharing a server your site performance can be poor. However, this is not the case.

It really depends on two things, the professionalism and expertise of your hosting provider, and the traffic and depth of your website. A new business will have a small amount of traffic until those marketing efforts, like social media marketing, starts bringing in more potential customers.

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3. You Can Easily Scale Your Hosting

In the beginning, your website may not get a truckload of traffic. This is normal, but there will be a time when you will begin seeing a lot more traffic — a great problem to have. When this happens you may need to scale your shared hosting.

This is easy and a great way to cut costs on hosting and website maintenance when starting your business. Shared hosting can be easily scaled. When you begin seeing slight dips in page load time, or if you know you are pushing your disk space limits, give your hosting provider a call.

Move up to the next tier of hosting, like VPN, cloud hosting, or even a dedicated hosting plan. This will allow you to keep spend low until you absolutely need more server space. But be sure to know what is needed. For instance, you may need to manage your website a bit more.

4. No WordPress Website Designer Needed

Lastly, going the shared hosting route for your new business means you don’t need a professional WordPress designer to develop your site. Most shared hosting plans offer a number of easy design website builder tools you can use to create and launch your new site with ease.

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This is not a very affordable benefit, but it also gives you a lot more time. Let’s face it, hiring a web designer can be annoying. You need to explain your vision, go back and forth online with the designer, and hope he or she gets your site right. That’s stressful. Instead, you can do it yourself the right way.

In Conclusion . . .

The above four reasons shared hosting simply makes sense for new business websites are the highlights. There are a number of other benefits. The main goal for any new business owner or startup founder is to keep costs low and bring ideas to market fast. Having an easy hosting service can do just that.

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