200+ High DA-PA Social Bookmarking Sites List 2020

In this Tutorial I am sharing 200+ best free High PR Dofollow Social bookmarking sites list that will help you to get High Ranking on Google Search, Sites Page Rank, Domain Authority, Traffic Etc..

What is Social Bookmarking ?

Social bookmarking is the practice of saving bookmarks to a public Web site and “tagging” them with keywords. Bookmarking, on the other hand, is the practice of saving the address of a Web site you wish to visit in the future on your computer. To create a collection of social bookmarks, you register with a social bookmarking site, letting you store bookmarks, add tags of your choice, and designate individual bookmarks as public or private.

Some sites periodically verify that bookmarks still work, notifying users when an URL no longer functions. Visitors to social bookmarking sites can search for resources by keyword, person, or popularity and see the public bookmarks, tags, and classification schemes that registered users have created and saved.

Benefits or Advantages from Social Bookmarking?

Social bookmarking and social news allow you to specifically target what you want to see. Instead of going into a search engine, typing something into the search field and then searching for that needle in a haystack, you can quickly narrow down the items to what you are looking for.

Because many social bookmarking sites display recently added lists and popular links, you can both keep up with what’s current and see relevant information. For example, let’s say you are interested in learning more about social shopping. You might search for social shopping on one of these sites and come up with two articles: one with a hundred votes and one with two votes.

It’s pretty easy to tell that the article with a hundred votes might be your best choice. And this is a lot easier than typing “social shopping” into a search engine and seeing page after page after page of links that may or may not be useful based on what you’re looking for.

So, what started out as a way to send bookmarks to friends has really grown into social search engines? You no longer need to page through thousands of results to find something that real humans would recommend enough to save for themselves and share with others. Now, you can simply go to a social bookmarking site, choose the category or tag that matches your interest, and find the most popular websites.

How to use Social Bookmarking Sites to Build Backlinks?

Social bookmarking gives users the opportunity to express differing perspectives on information and resources through informal organizational structures. Whenever a user will Share or Comment using your link or Article. It will result in a Backlink.

This process allows like-minded individuals to find one another and create new communities of users that continue to influence the ongoing evolution of folksonomies and common tags for resources.

Social bookmarking opens the door to new ways of organizing information and categorizing resources. Because social bookmarking services indicate who created each bookmark and provide access to that person’s other bookmarked resources, users can easily make social connections with other individuals interested in just about any topic. Users can also see how many people have used a tag and search for all resources that have been assigned that tag. In this way, the community of users over time will develop a unique structure of keywords to define resources.

Social Bookmarking Sites List

  • Diigo.com – Highlight portions of a page, write on it like you would a piece of paper, share with your group, and search all publicly saved pages.
  • StumbleUpon.com – Lets you “channel surf” the Internet and review sites; it learns what you like and recommends more of the same.
  • Pinterest – one of the popular graphic content distribution social media site and good source of traffic for those who have rich graphics content.
  • del.icio.us – You add your bookmarks and access them from anywhere. Check out what others are saving and see where it takes you.
  • Digg.com – Synonymous with social bookmarking: you Digg a story, others Digg it, the more popular it gets the better chance it has of hitting the first page.
  • Reddit.com – You vote up or down on a story making it move around on the home page.
  • Scoop.it – top place of content curation and content marketing, manage multiple topics, build community, share, like, comment others article.
  • BibSonomy.com – Public & private bookmarks, tag cloud, related tags, duplicate detection with the chance to merge their info.
  • BlogMarks.net – Save your bookmarks, tag them with keywords for easy searching among your list, share with others.
  • Chipmark.com – Browse random “chipmarks”, share them, sort, filter, and get personal recommendations.
  • GetBoo.com – Export your folders to HTML, import and remove duplicates, delete all bookmarks.
  • IKeepBookmarks.com – Folders, search folder names and more.
  • Linkroll.com – Links open in new window, subscribe to tags, browse by archives.
  • Netvouz.com – Save your bookmarks in folders, tag them with keywords, share them with others or password protect them.
  • Unalog.com – A basic social bookmarking site, but with the ability to look back at specific days and see what was going on.
  • WireFan.com – You can vote on links as well as add thumbnails for sites.
  • Yahoo! My Web – One button click adds your bookmarks to the search engine giants system, features duplicate detection to help you keep your bookmarks tidy.
  • Netscape.com – A former contender in the browser wars, and the “mother” of Mozilla, it’s now a social news aggregator with the voting of stories similar to Digg.

social bookmarking sites

Dofollow Free Social Bookmarking Sites List

  • Tumblir.com
  • Slashdot.org
  • Friendfeed.com
  • Citeulike.org
  • Mixx.com
  • Technorati.com

Dofollow Free Social Bookmarking Sites List

  • Newsvine.com
  • Squidoo.com
  • Bibsonomy.org
  • Scoop.it
  • Designfloat.com
  • Bibsonomy.org
  • Frak.com
  • Plurk.com
  • frak.com

Dofollow Free Social Bookmarking Sites List

  • Folkd.com
  • Pearltrees.com
  • Dropjack.com
  • Blinklist.com
  • Current.com
  • Dzone.com
  • Blogpluse.com
  • Wikio.com

Dofollow Free Social Bookmarking Sites List

  • Soup.io
  • Killerstartups.com
  • Kirtsy.com
  • Dotnetkicks.com
  • 43things.com
  • Faves.com
  • Blogmarks.net
  • Blinklist.com
  • Givealink.org
  • Dropjack.com
  • Earcon.org
  • Ihaan.org
  • Bizsugar.com

Dofollow Free Social Bookmarking Sites List

  • Youmob.com
  • Easybm.com
  • Qqpipi.com
  • Jofrati.net
  • London8.net
  • Relevara.net
  • Dictaf.net
  • Vtv10.com
  • Gen-eff.net
  • Gardicanin.net
  • Cosap.org
  • Pixador.net
  • Aixindashi.org
  • Jodohkita.info
  • Gwrbook.com
  • Usefulenglish.net
  • iesa.co
  • airpim.biz

Dofollow Free Social Bookmarking Sites List

  • bookmark4you.com
  • prbookmarks.com
  • a2zbookmarks.com
  • articlewritingservices.biz
  • stylehive.com
  • newsmeback.com
  • blokube.com
  • prmsp.net
  • zabox.net
  • yemle.com
  • url.org

Dofollow Free Social Bookmarking Sites List

  • openfaves.com
  • newsgarbage.com
  • postolia.com
  • arrisweb.com
  • xyupload.com
  • indofeed.com
  • sociopost.com
  • blogdashing.com
  • ttlink.com
  • akonter.com
  • bamawater.com
  • biggestmovers.com
  • bookmarkindonesia.com

Dofollow Free Social Bookmarking Sites List

  • youmarking.com
  • bookmarkin.com
  • teamleaks.com
  • developlinks.com
  • topseobacklinks.com
  • linksprocket.com
  • websitebookmarking.net
  • bruher.com
  • bookmarkbay.com
  • klicknews.com
  • easymash.com
  • voteurl.com
  • freesbmblog.info
  • 6buk.com
  • daytipper.net
  • pligg.in
  • bookmarkinghost.info
  • bookmarkmaps.com
  • livewebmarks.com
  • activebookmarks.com
  • followmenow.info
  • veenaandneena.com
  • socialbookmarknow.info
  • votetags.com
  • votetags.info
  • a1bookmarks.com
  • socbookmarking.info
  • bookmarkgroups.com
  • newsciti.com
  • socialbookmarkzone.info
  • a2zbookmarking.com
  • bookmarkwiki.com
  • bookmarks2u.com
  • greateststory.info
  • onlinewebmarks.com
  • socialbookmarksite.info
  • bookmarkfeeds.com
  • seo4bookmarks.com
  • ewebmarks.com
  • topsocialbookmarkseo.com
  • openwebmarks.com
  • mister-wongbookmarks.in
  • buy-backlinks.co
  • mobilespecsfeature.com
  • socialbookmarkden.com
  • buyhighpageranklinks.com
  • socialbookmarkingservices.biz
  • highprdirectorysubmission.com
  • mixxbookmarks.in
  • mylinkvault.co.in
  • redditbookmarks.in
  • slashdotbookmarks.in
  • startaid.co.in
  • jaydedirectory.in
  • snapperzfunlafayette.com
  • eyeofberlin.com
  • pflueger28ezloan.com
  • a1webdirectory.in
  • profitinnovators.com
  • statflyer.com
  • thepitapit.com
  • buy-back-links.com
  • seoforgoogle.biz
  • beniebag.com
  • searchenginesubmissionservices.info
  • buy-back-links.com
  • acmeimplants.com
  • growgw.com
  • georgehurrell.net
  • ncrheadlines.com
  • ummahbuzz.com
  • eggig.com
  • blogstal.com
  • bookmarkdulu.com
  • tejero.net
  • coolpot.com
  • social-bookmarking-site.com
  • 4bukmark.com
  • goldenmidas.net
  • scrapees.com
  • heritageweb.net

Final Say

For me, it is impossible to figure out what you may like or dislike. But if you have found some useful stuff in respond to your query, just find out the best one to your liking out of these three categories I mentioned. Do let me know which in is on your mind and how you find it useful.Let’s do it by commenting, so you don’t have to be confused about What is Social BookmarkingWhy not start from here.