7 Best Free CDN Services for WordPress Blog 2021

In this tutorial we will discuss about best free CDN(Content Delivery Network) service for wordpress blog.

If you are looking out to make some serious money online, then blogging is the best option for you. Blogging has seen the immense revolution in small span of time and for many of them out there in the internet world has become the primary source to make huge money online through blogging. So, if you want to be a serious blogger then you must have a blog on WordPress. And, then you should make sure that everything is optimized and clean on your website.

Now, the content is the king for any blog owner, as the quality of the content on your website will drive more visitors to your website. But, this is not just the factor to get the visitors on your website. Your website load time should be less so that the visitors can navigate through your website faster and find it an enriching experience to visit your website. Also, the faster loading time gives your website the good ranking on the Google search as the faster loading time is one of the factor to rank your website. The visitors are impatient as they don’t want to wait much for any website to get loaded. Than you need to speed up your wordpress blog.

So, in order to help your website to load faster you must install the CDN (Content Delivery Network) plugins so that the website loading time gets reduced. It have another benefit that it consumes less bandwidth of your hosting and keep your website optimized and up to the mark.

What is the Content Delivery Network (CDN) ?

Best Free CDN Services for WordPress

CDN is the network of the multiple servers which are located across the world at different places. It converts the dynamic pages of your website to the static pages, like CSS files, JavaScript files, images, and others, and stores it on their servers. So, whenever any visitor hit the link of your website it delivers the static content which is located to the closest server of the visitor.

If the server is located far away from the visitor, so it takes more time to load the data. But, if the server is located close to the visitor then the loading time of the data is reduced and it loads faster. Now, you are pretty clear about the advantages of the CDN services, and then you must be excited to know the CDN plugins so that you can use it for your WordPress blog. So, let’s have the look on the 5 best CDN services for the WordPress blog.

Best Free Content Delivery Network (CDN)

CloudFlare – Best Free CDN service To Speed up Wordpress Blog

speedup your wordpress by cloudflayer

CloudFlare is no doubt the best CDN WordPress plugin, they have the common tagline “Give us five minutes and we’ll supercharge your website”. They deliver this super-fast blazing speed service because they have their servers located across the world. It optimizes your web pages with the ad servers and all the third party widgets are loaded faster in both mobile and desktop version of the website. It also protects your websites from online threats using WAF (Website Application Firewall) and also protects you from DoS attacks using advanced protection.

On our blog Alltipsfinder, we are also using CloudFlare CDN service to speed-up our wordpress based Blog. I think this is one of the must user and Best Free Content Delivery Network (CDN) Service.

To use this service you need to log on to CloudFlare CDN official page and SignUp for a new account and fill all required details and than add your website by entering your blog URL. After that it will provide you with custome nameserver. You just update the provided nameserver for the domain you have added and than chose free plan, done.

AWS Cloudfront

Free CDN services for Wordpress

Amazon Web services is one of the outstanding 6 Best Free CDN services for Wordpress website you can try worry-free. It’s a service that brings high-performance cloud computing to your end at a lower price. You can also opt for its trial pack for sure as its free usage tier comes for one full year along with a 50GB of outbound transfer quota.

If you are looking for a budget Content Delivery Network, AWS Cloudfront should be your first choice. This service is also used by the biggest giants like Spotify and Slack. You can use it via the WP Offload S3 Lite plugin, which will let you integrate your Amazon S3 (storage) and Amazon CloudFront (CDN) services with your WordPress Blog. If you are happy with what AWs offers, you can opt for its subscription later.

MaxCDN (Paid)

maxcdn free cdn service

MaxCDN is the popular CDN provider which is very easy to use. You can install this plugin faster if you have W3 Total Cache plugin installed on your website. You just have to enter ID and API details after moving onto the CDN tab and you can get started. But, this plugin is not free to use but it offers the free trial version. It only offers free trial version if your website consumes more than 15TB of data. It has multiple packages option like Entrepreneur, professional and custom.

In the entrepreneur version you will have packages up to 1TB, in professional version you will have packages up to 25TB, and in the custom version you can create your own package depending upon the gigabytes usage.

Photon By Jetpack

Photon By Jetpack free cdn

Photon is the best CDN service provider for the WordPress plugin developed by the Jetpack. Jetpack plugin is the must have plugin for the WordPress user as it make your blog user friendly. So, after installing the Jetpack plugin you can install the Photon easily. Photon is basically for the blogs which contains lots of images. As, it just filters the info from the database and provide it to the visitors.So, it loads the images from the WordPress.com servers and delivers it to your visitors.


free cdn service for wordpress keycdn

KeyCDN is the emerging CDN provider for the WordPress blog as it was just launched recently. Like, other CDN provider it is also the best CDN provider and it charges you as per the GB consume. Though, they provide you calculator, where you can use it to estimate how much you are going to pay them after registering for their services. They also provide lots of features like Fast TCP stack, Secure Token, Real time stats, Origin Shield, and many more to keep your website safe and secure.

SwarmCDN (Swarmify)

SwarmCDN for wordpress

SwarmCDN is a very new peer-to-peer based CDN (Content Delivery Network) that offers 250 GB of free transfer. Its features includes hive caching, lazy loading, predictive and more. You nee to try out SwarmCDN service because its free and developers claim user can save bandwidth up to 44% and is available in around 196 countries worldwide.


Incapsula for wordpress blog

Incapsula is one of the best CDN providers available on the internet. You can experience the website loading time got reduced after installing the plugin. Also, it has got several advanced features like safety from the DDoS attacks, bot protection, and the WAF protection from the online threats, access control, Login Protect, and many more. It provides the dedicated community where you can ask several questions to the community members and ask questions.


These are the free CDN providers, though some of them just offer the free trial version. But, if your website is doing well, then also you can CDN to your website as it will just improve the performance of your website and it doesn’t downside your website. So, if you are making good money from your blog and it is getting good amount of traffic then spend some money for the CDN services. As, if your website is not performing well suddenly, then you will lose the loyal visitors and lot of money. So, using the CDN plugins for your WordPress website is the better option to enhance the performance of your website.

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