How to Make Money Online by Freelance Writing [Complete Guide]

Make Money Online by Freelance Writing

One of the simplest and fastest ways of making money over the internet is to write online content as a freelance writer. The internet builds itself through the proliferation of web pages, which primarily contain text. Building WebPages requires an enormous amount of text containing readable and useful information. Hence, most website owners require access to a writer who is able to provide said information. In this tutorial we will discuss about few things that you need to have and do if you want to be the person write this kind of text and some great place where you can start your freelance writing job and start earn money online.

How to Become a Good Freelance Writer

  1. Determine Your Niche

You may want to be a technical writer or a creative writer, depending on what you are comfortable with. Technical writing comprises of complex documents such as information manuals, leaflets, posters, research papers to relative simpler genres such as search engine optimisation. On the other hand, creative writing can have any scale of application depending on who you work for. The key is to determine what you can do most comfortably and what pays you the most money.

  1. Develop Excellent Research and Writing Skills

At the end of the day, quality and efficiency are what ultimately translate to money. Therefore, you need to develop a knack for getting the gist of an unfamiliar piece of information in an unfamiliar line of study by a quick screen-through if you want to be successful as an online writer. Not only that, you need to acquire the skill of putting complex thoughts and ideas into words in a fashion that is simple and easily understood by amateur readers. It also pays to develop decent typing skills, as they determine the promptness at which you can deliver your work to your employers.


  1. Finding suitable Clients

It is possible to find clients either through an online medium such as a website bringing writers in contact with website owners, or you can find writing jobs on online freelancing platforms such as oDesk and PayPerPost. While direct clients are likely to pay more money for your work, they usually do not have a lot of work available. On the other hand, a platform or a dedicated website would provide you a larger amount of work but will pay lower rates. Most writers work with both sources in order to maintain a steady income source.


  1. Developing a Portfolio

Once you’ve been writing on the internet for a considerable amount of time and have a decent list of written work to show for your experience in the field, you can arrange your best work in the form of a portfolio for future employers to see. With a good portfolio, you can quite easily develop a reputation of being a decent online writer over the internet, and with a few tactful steps, you can quite easily become an established writer with your work available on several common websites over the internet.

By following above given tips you can become a good freelance writer. The job is simple and can be done from home, and pays as much as little as you are able to produce. Now we discuss about some platforms where you can find Freelance Writing jobs.

Websites to Start Freelance Writing

Freelancer is a freelance online job portal that offers more than 100 different types of jobs for freelancers. Content writing, IT, designing, programming and much more, if you have skill for it, can help you to find right online job for making money online. It is great place for writers to make money online by Freelance Writing.


Upwork is another best platform where freelancers can find wide verity of jobs that can easily be accomplished online.

Final Words

In this tutorial, you have been presented some of great tips to become a good freelancer and platforms where you can earn money online by freelancer writing. Friends if you have any kind of query or any suggestion then write in comment box. I shall try to get back to query as soon as possible.