Fans2Cash Review| How to Earn 300$ Every Month with Fans2Cash

Fans2Cash is money making social sharing Ad network site. Where you can get paid to share news, information and entertainment related contents on your social pages or groups. When anyone click on your posted content you will get paid. It means all social users who use click on your promotional ad contents, such activity will increase as your income. So, if you want to make money online without any specific knowledge then read our full article, because below we are sharing a secret step by step guide to make money online by social sharing Ad network site called Fans2Cash.

Fans2Cash Outerview

Name of Site – Fans2Cash

Joining Fee – Free

Rating – 55/ 100

Alexa Rank – 159000 (world Rank)

Why You Need To Earn Money Online With Fans2Cash

We know there are various ways to earn money online but not all are trusted and some of ways to make money online like Make money from blogging OR make money from Youtube Channels is for only those people who know about these secrets, means if you want to make your carrier in blogging you must have the knowledge of article writing, SEO, PHP etc. But if anyone don’t know about these things and want to make money online, than you need to follow our tutorial, this tutorial will show you how to make money online without any extra knowledge.

Doing this work you just knowledge of surfing internet and operating facebook, Twitter etc. it’s very simples work and I am sure by doing this work you can very easily earn minimum $300-$400 every month guaranteed. So, friends we are starting our tutorial how to make money online with Fans2cash.

If you are serious about making money you can contact me for secrets to earn money from Fans2Cash.  I will teach you all secret to earn $300-$400 in a month (Guaranteed). Contact with me before joining Fans2Cash

How to Join Fans2Cash

Before joining need to know some important facts

  • Fans2Cash account will Sign up with your facebook Account, than make sure your facebook account have joined with Gmail account, because without attached Gmail account Fans2cash account will not create.

Now starting Fans2Cash Signup Process

Step 1- Go to and click on Signup. When you click on Signup, this will ask you to login your facebook account. After login Fans2cash ask for permission to join with facebook than click on OK button.

Step 2- after clicking ok button you will go directly on Fans2Cash main page. Then check your email account that is attached with your facebook account. 3 new mails you received from Fans2cash.

Step 3- open first mail and login Fans2cash with given used ID and Password.

Step 4- After login click on “Edit Profile” and put your account and personal information.

 After that click on Verification button (located on same page). This will ask you to upload your Identity document and photograph. Simply scan your document (passport, Drivers License, Age Proof card, Voter ID or any proof who contents ID and Address both details) and photo and upload.

Step5– After the conformation now you need to choose payment method. Before choosing payment method you need to create Payoneer account to receive your payment direct into your bank account. Click here to Create Payoneer Account.

After the creating Payoneer account, Click on Fans2cash Payment Method and choose your payment method as Payoneer account and Click on “Click here to Enter your Payoneer Details” this will automatically bring you to Payoneer page, then click on “Already Have Payoneer Account? Sign in” and sign in with your created Payoneer ID and Password. That’s it your payment funding sources will added with Payoneer account. That’s your Fans2Cash account created.

How to start making Money from Fans2Cash

After the creating Fans2Cash account, the next step is how to make money from fans2cash. As I say in above paragraph this is a social sharing Ad network site means you need a lots of fan followings on your social sites. If you have the list of fans and followers than you can start making money otherwise you need to make some crowds on your social sites.

As company says – Generally a social page with about 200,000 fans or followers makes between $15-$40 per post every day.

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Step to Post Ads and Make Money

Step – Go to Fans2cash and click on “Links” menu after open new page choose ads in the list of ads and click on “Generate Link”. After the clicking a popup box will appear, click on “copy Text+ link” and pest it on your social page. That’s it. When someone clicks on your posted ads you will get paid. By this way you can make money with Fans2cash.

How to Get Your Earned Payment

Fans2Cash pay every Thursday (every week) and the minimum payout of wire transfer is $300. That means, you must earn more than $300 before the cut off prior on 12:Am Wednesday New York time morning for you to be paid.

Payment Proof

How to Make More Than $ 500 every month with Fans2Cash

Making $300 and continue increase this income is not very taught task. After working regularly 2-3 months you can easily make more than $500 every month. Just contact with me I will guide you each and every step to make money from fans2cash and also share my secrets to make and increase your income.

The Final and Most Important Question – Is Fans2Cash safe and trusted site to earn money online

I don’t know, Fans2cash safe and trusted site or not but I am making money from this site from more than 1 year (joined on May 2015) and not facing any payment issue.

So, If you want to join this money making site, you can contact with me. I will teach you the secrets.

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