How to Download Unblocked Minecraft Game for Free In 2022

Hello Friends, This tutorial will guide you step by step guide on how to Download the Unblocked Minecraft Game for Free at school and office.

Minecraft has taken the gaming world by storm, and every kid has loved it. Minecraft has over 200 million copies sold with over 130 million monthly active users worldwide. Not only kids but teens also find it amazing to compete with computer-controlled mobs, exploring raw materials and craft tools to build earthly structures. Minecraft is the game type of this century that has received global attention and is expected to go further. Minecraft gaming has reshaped and enlivened desktop gaming and is the only game now known as the most influential game of all time. But Minecraft PC Games does cost you around $44 straight, including some other in-game purchases. If you want to try the other way, here is How to Download Unblocked Minecraft Game. 

Playing unblocked games has quite a past in the gaming industry, and more users are aware that Minecraft is the best-unblocked game around these days. If you are also looking for an Unblocked Minecraft PC game, you’ll need some research to access it from the right websites. This how-to guide will lead you further. Here are some ways you can download the unblocked Minecraft PC Game.

Things to note: The websites mentioned herein are non-official pages and do not guarantee which of the sites are safe to visit. Many kids play Minecraft PC game at school, so make sure your school hasn’t put any restrictive measures against these sites.

How to Download Unblocked Minecraft Game

In this section, I am sharing two different ways you can download the Unblocked Minecraft game for PC.

  • Using Weebly Sites.
  • Google Referrals

How to Download Unblocked Minecraft Game via Weebly Sites

Team Extreme Downloads

Team extreme hosts free unblocked Minecraft game for PC that you can access from your school or workplace. Weebly sites feature an unblocked version of many games, and Minecraft for PC is one of them. You can click here to download Unblocked Minecraft Version.

Minecraft Unblocked for School

minecraft unblocked game at school

Minecraft Unblocked for School is a genuine website for downloading unblocked Minecraft games, including free Minecraft moves, maps, texture packs, and much more. The website claims that all modes have been tested and worked with MinecraftSP. Log on to the website and enjoy Unblocked Minecraft games at school OR office.

Note – this site seeks donations for some downloads. We would advise you to take care of these things. After all, we are talking about downloading an unblocked Minecraft game for free.

Download Unblocked Minecraft via Google Sites

Google sites or referrals are trusted sources to download unblocked Minecraft Game for PC. You can find several sources linked to Google with a collection of multitudes of free games.

1-5-2 Download

unblocked minecraft download

1-5-2 Download is a perfect option to Download Unblocked Minecraft if you want to change texture and themes. You’ll get five different texture packs for the Minecraft version, which certainly means a better gaming experience.


download unblocked minecraft game

This site is the second-most preferred portal for downloading Minecraft games, with thousands of other games arranged alphabetically. Unlocked games 66ez is one of the most trusted websites to download a free version of Minecraft games. You can spot different types in Minecraft games, such as Minecraft Defense and Classic Modes.

Legacy Middle School Unblocked Games

This website is another popular and searched portal for downloading unblocked Minecraft games with hundreds of other interesting games. You can also request the owner to give a direct link to other popular games which you want to download and play.

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How to Download Minecraft Unblocked Game

download minecraft unblocked game This website provides a link to download Minecraft version 1.14 games for free. This website also offers many other games to download plus programs such as cheat engine. Soft112 is the best alternative to downloading blocked games.

How to Unblock Minecraft Game at School

If you are not using the above tricks to download unblocked Minecraft games at your school OR the above method is not working at your school, I have to point out some extra methods to download unblocked Minecraft games. Let’s start:

  • Change HTTP to HTTPS:- if the ISP (Internet Service Provider) at your school is blocked the standard HTTP version of Minecraft’s official website, then try to accessing it by putting  “S” at the end of “HTTP”

Ex – Change TO

  • Use Minecraft Launchers: – there are many Minecraft clones, such as Skaia launchers, which lets you play Minecraft game for free.

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How to Play Unblocked Minecraft Game?

Minecraft Games are based on java. Make sure the downloaded application is a jar application.

  • Once you download this .jar file from the sites mentioned above, you need to open it.
  • Do note that some websites may ask to Provide a username and password.
  • Choose to Enter Game.

Closing Comments:

Only a true lover of Minecraft games knows the value of creative and educational games. If you don’t have enough space on your computer, then a browser-based alternative is there to let you enjoy Minecraft games within your system browser. If you have recently downloaded games from the above-stated websites, don’t forget to leave your comments here.