Top 18 Best Free Multiplayer Android Games to Play With Friends

In this article, we will talk about the Top 18 Best Free Multiplayer Android Games to Play With Friends

Free Multiplayer Android Games :- Who? Who is here don’t want to play games and that too multiplayer games in android mobile with friends. Here we came with some cool stuff which all you like. The Top 18 Best Free Android Multiplayer Games to Play with Friends. Playing multiplayer games with friends is the most joy full moment that I have ever and here are the best multiplayer android games that we are providing. You can also play with any other uses same game in android mobile. The following games are included all categories of games with their popularity.

Why Multiplayer Games?

Here, I am not doing nothing wrong but android multiplayer games is much better than single player games. That’s because most people likes to play games with their friends. It is fun to hang out with their friends. Here is competitiveness is a major factor too. So, here I am sharing some selected top notch android multiplayer games which you can play with your friends online.

Best Free Multiplayer Games for Android

PUBG Mobile


best multiplayer Android gamesAwarded by Google Play for Best game, fan-favorite games, and most competitive games in 2018, PUBG mobile is a familiar name for everyone. With a recent update in May 2020, the number of PUBG downloads has spiked above 100m+. Staying atop the best multiplayer Android games list so far, it is the only battle royale game that can make you look effortlessly enjoying; this is worth playing, with great graphics, controls, and everything that is incomparable to any other game available on mobile.

PUBG game is like Stone cold starred movie the condemned where players drop down on an island to gather weapons and fight to be the last man (or squad) standing. PUBG has different modes, namely, a solo mode, a dual-mode, and a squad mode. So, this time you can team up with your gaming partners on a single table and show how good you are as a team leader. It’s time to grab it for free on the play store and kill the boredom.

Clash Royale


best multiplayer Android gamesIt’s a battle game made on the classical genre by the Finnish Developer company Supercell. To date, Clash Royale has over 100 million downloads engaging gamers with powerful gaming techniques and strategy. You are excellent at predicting enemies’ moves; you better try this to test your standings. Clash Royale is pretty much competitive and upgraded continuously by the creators of the clash of clans; you can expect some similarity for sure.

It’s usual to see some familiar faces in this android multiplayer game with your favorite Clash characters. It’s free at the play store, and if you are much more into the royale world of Princes, Knights, dragons, and castles, go for it.

Knock the enemy King and Princesses from their towers to defeat your opponents and win Trophies, Crowns, and glory in the Arena. Form a Clan to share cards and build your very own battle community.

Among Us

Best Multiplayer Games for Android

Participate with your teammates in this mind-bending game by innersloth and find out the imposter among you on your spaceship. One of the most-loved games out of the Best Multiplayer Games for Android, Among Us, has over 100 million downloads so far. This game works perfectly fine on WiFi, and up to 10 players can join in simultaneously.

While prepping to depart in your spaceship, your primary motive shifts to spotting the imposter who has breached the security trying to kill your crewmates; spotting the culprit isn’t as easy as imagined; use your imagination and tactical skills with your fellow crewmembers. There are other challenges besides finding the imposter and fuelling your ship; avoiding any damages are a few of the tasks you’ll deal with in time.

AdventureQuest 3D MMO RPG

Best Multiplayer Games for Android

Meet the multiplayer game with perfect graphics based on a role-playing genre.   Artix Entertainment LLC has kept every aspect of gaming to the top-level by building new places, monsters, and items under your feet as you play it. This game is specifically crafted for the fans of fantasy MMORPGs, swords & sorcery, and open-world gaming.

It’s a fusion of humor, suspense, dangers, and puns (do watch out for Werepyres), and as The Sorcerer’s General warns you, the game gets you to taste the difficulty levels brutally. There is one out of a hundred chance that you’d survive the first level of this MMORPG Game. In addition to all the features, you can also customize your characters, participate in a team battle, and of course, battling monsters in real-time combats is undoubtedly going to get tougher.

Clash of Clans

Best Multiplayer Games for Android

Finally, CoC by Supercell joins the list of Best Multiplayer Games for Android with the highest ratings and number of downloads (500 million+). It’s popular majorly because of world-class graphics and strategies. You can connect with your friends via Facebook to participate in the challenges. Keep a close eye on the Barbarians as you build your village and protect it from them.

Being the Chief of your team, your role is not just limited to the building; there are lots of dangers while you enter the enemies’ territory. It’s an online multiplayer game for android that you can play in a connected environment competing with millions of players worldwide. On the plus side, this free game supports up to 4 players.



best multiplayer Android gamesFortnite is an epic ballbuster multiplayer game that you can enjoy with a local WiFi game on Android devices. You can team up to compete to be the last one standing in this Battle Royale. Stretch your imagination and build your own dream Fortnite with your creativity. With regular updates and database, this game has over 5 million downloads to the date.

With Fortnite, it’s time to enter into the universe of endless creative possibilities. This is sort of a multiplayer game for android that you can play with your friends in a single room. Many believe this game to be a different version of PUBG. How true their opinions sounds, you better try to check it out by you.

Last Day on Earth


This survival game is also one of the most loved survival games for android users and gamers. This Best Free Local WiFi Multiplayer Game tests your wit and intelligence to make use of the things and kill humans-turned zombies. This where your crafting and protective skills come in handy for you need to protect not only yourself but also your territory to stay alive against thousands of zombies on a killing spree.

Last Day on Earth gifts you with perks in a different way every time you achieve a target and kill the mutating zombies. This game is enough to check how cunning and sharp you are when you have to loot the abandoned territories and equip yourself from lurking dangers like mutants and wild animals. To date, Last Day on Earth has over 50 million downloads. If you are enjoying it for quite a long time, don’t be surprised by the newly added features, it keeps on updating.

Chess by AI Factory Limited

best multiplayer Android games


Chess is an evergreen game that only intellects can handle. Chess Free by AI Factory is probably one of its kind on the Play Store that doesn’t charge any fee or any locked options. The rest will be clarified by the number of downloads which has gone past 50 million.

Chest free is one the Best LAN Wifi multiplayer games for android users who are more into giving a stretch to their brain as well as the CPU. The AI Team has also tweaked this game with minor fixes for multiplayer gaming by adding a match-list limit of 30 matches to help maintain multiplayer performance.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

Best Android Multiplayer games

Asphalt when the word comes into the mind you will feel amazing that the product series never failed to entertain anyone. Asphalt 8 is also a car racing multiplayer game with great graphics. The car racing games are the one is the best to play enjoying with friends as they are multiplayer. Asphalt 8 also comes under the category of car racing and the different in this thing is you can select amazing car, tracks and you can perform stunts while playing.

You can play with 8 friends by LAN means through multiplayer facility there will be 8 opponents.

GT Racing 2

Best Android Multiplayer games

GT Racing 2 is the second best after Asphalt and the game is developed by Gameloft and this is the game which is also playable more than two or more than that and this is a car racing game. Gt Racing 2 has more features than Asphalt 8 where in Asphalt the things can be seen as duplicate but here in this game the game is developed by 3D dynamics and you can feel as real things.

The multiplayer future in the game and you can challenge anyone in the internet or with your friend to play the game.

Real Racing 3

Best Android Multiplayer games

Real Racing 3 is also a free game and you can install it freely through Google play store. The most installed game in Google play store and more popular game than anyone racing game and also a multiplayer. I placed it on number 3 because of only one drawback, because it requires more space in your mobile. The game occupies 1.5 GB space in your android mobile and you have to play it.

You can challenge more than 50 opponents with multiplayer feature and the game has super tracks and cars like Lamborghini, Audi and BMW. This is the best free multiplayer games for android all among these.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout

Best Android Multiplayer games

Modern Combat 5: Blackout is also a free game and if you played call of duty in your pc then this is the game feel same as that and the graphics of the game is just look as realistic and ever smarter game. The game is little bit differ than other as in other you have to play opponent to your friend in multiplayer but in this you all have to team up to kill your enemies and this is the safe game and not to fight with friends. Ha,ha.

You will have all the explosives and weapons to destroy enemies and the special feature in this game is you can chat with your friend to discuss what to do.

Mortal Kombat X

Best Android Multiplayer games

This is the game where you will scratch your android phone screens. The most loved multiplayer game can played between two. The most popular action fighting multiplayer game and you can choose any player in the list of franchise and beat the opponent. You can also create 3 group of players and play with other.

N.O.V.A 3 Freedom Edition

Best Android Multiplayer games

The 3d halo popular game in mobile was Counter Terrorism but now N.O.V.A 3 Freedom Edition beaten that game with multiplayer feature and ultimate gaming options. The special feature in the game is it’s not a solo game you have to play with 12 players and you can use vehicle for team and much more special. This is also one of the best free multiplayer android game to play with friends

Real Steel

Best Android Multiplayer games

Real Steel an ultimate movie is like a game and if it made as a game then how super it be, Real Steel game is also a multiplayer game which can be played through Wi-Fi. The game goes on as same as film story. The curious thing in the game you have to select the Robot and have to train than how to fight? You can even train the robots while playing means in the starring mode. The game has most different fighting modes and this has made game even more interesting.

8 Ball Pool

Best Android Multiplayer games

If you don’t like these all kind of games and we have something special for you that is 8 Ball Pool. 8 Ball Pool is a billiard game as you know the billiard game and there is nothing to tell you. If you like the billiard game and you can play this game with internet friends and in social networks like facebook.

The King of Fighters ‘97

Best Android Multiplayer games

The king of fighters is the legendary game of all fighting game and the game was popular from 90s. The game redeveloped for android as per the popularity and who want King of Fighters in android version is developed with well graphics and this game will be played through Bluetooth. You can unlock the players by winning matches and you can make 3 group members and may become champions.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies

Best Android Multiplayer games

The game has got popularity when that first developed for Pc but now it also gaining popularity in android version also and Call of Duty is a best multiplayer game played through group of friends. The game will be played through this manner you have to team up with 4 players and have to send zombies to their home back means have to send where they came from.

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They all are free multiplayer android games to play with friends to enjoy and we presented all the categories and choose the best on to play. You can also suggest the any best android game to play with friends or other multiplayer game user.