Top 11 Best Adventure Games for Android in 2021

Adventure Games are the highly rated and most well-known video games for Android, IOS, OSX, PlayStation, and Windows. Making games for touch apparatus was somewhat of a journey for the Adventure game market. Adventure games are unique in their own way as they don’t fit into any single category or genre, and often they’ll fit into types at once that are different and aloof. Here is the list of best Adventure Games for Android.

Many android adventure games can be found in the Google play store. We have built a list for Top Android Adventure games. It will create the new world of magic, and nobody cannot access a world. That is why here I will tell you the best adventure games to get Android.

Best Android Adventure Games

 If you’re prepared for a list of games that will do just that, here are our picks for the Best Free Adventure Games for Android.

Guardian Tales – Best Adventure Games for Android

Best Adventure Games Android

With top-class play mechanics and easy controls, Guardian Tales comes with a story in Kanterbury, a world in turmoil from the Invaders’ attack. This is where the role as a protector comes in. This game is packed with all sorts of gameplay, from puzzles to action.

Lift heavy boulders, throw explosive bombs and sling yourself across obstacles to find hidden and unique treasures. Fight against mobs and nasty evil pig monsters to explore the dangerous dungeons. Collect your team of \over 50 Heroes and 100 different weapons with each with their unique abilities, and make your way to the victory. Build your city and chat with your friends all for free in Guardian Tales.

Ghost Town Adventures: Mystery Riddles Game

best android adventure games

Unravel the secrets of the Ghost City and shield it in the mysterious dramatist who is currently taking over the city. You need to assist Anna to interact with ghosts and numerous ghosts of the town to unveil the wicked plans.

It has several puzzles to solve, riddles and task to accomplish in the levels. You will find evils spirits and zombies that you have to combat. You may make magical potions and items that can be used in the sport. There are hidden treasure and passages that you can see in the game.

Game of Thrones – Best Adventure Games Android

best android adventure games

For people that are in love with this series, this is a game that is perfect. Among the displays of HBO can be performed as a match. The story is about the House of Forrester who is from the north of Westerns and speaks of their loyalty to the Starks from winter fell.

The game is set in six episodes, and everyone gets more intriguing than the past. You’re able to choose the function of characters, and your choices will determine the destiny of this war.

The Walking Dead

best android adventure games

If you like zombies, this is the one that you want to play. Combine with Lee Everett allow him to endure the zombie apocalypse. You will find challenges, outposts and much more. Each person has his/her style of specialty and combating with a weapon that is important for the outcome of the war.

Each choice of yours can impact the game pick with most excellent instincts. Additionally, you can resolve puzzles and elevate your team and keep them secure.

There are places that you fulfil and can research lands in the sport. You achieve a safe location before the deceased has got you and can use their aid. This game features some graphics and visual outcomes.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

best android adventure games

From Niantic Labs here comes a group of Potter games that will take the fans by storm. Like the Pokémon Go, the upcoming wizard game will have AR functionality.

Users will have the ability to cast magic spells and unlock new characters, places and optimise the participant’s avatar too. Players may pick their mates to be helped by quests and discover the mystery. Players will find the opportunity to cast spells and throw the fight against beasts. They can also team up to fight common enemies during tasks in the game.

Lara Croft Deus Ex GO

best android adventure games

The game is based on the Tomb Raider franchise. As Lara Croft, you need to navigate through the different levels solving puzzles so you can move ahead to the next level of the story. There isn’t any particular story or anything, however, like the movie you can expect a lot of adventure. What’s more, there are turrets, puzzles, drones, enemies, and guards who you need to take down. There are more than 50 puzzles in the story line of this game.

Criminal Case: Mysteries of the Past

best android adventure games

Research using Criminal Case through crime scenes along with your detective’s eyes. Within this sport, you intend to discover the items in phases to fix murder mysteries that are many different. Since it is termed Mysteries of the Past, the case of this match will probably be based on the 19th century.

You could locate hints and examine them to search for signs about the offences. It guesses to dig in the instances and allows interrogating the victim. This game may also be linked online, and you can also store your progress.

Rusty Lake Series: Cube Escape

best android adventure games

Rusty Lake Series: Cube Escape is a series of games in which you have to solve puzzles to learn what’s happening. The mechanisms are straightforward, and every game offers you solving many different puzzles to advance from the narrative. It is technically they escape games that mean nearly all the time. There are over 50 puzzles from the game’s story. It is a fantastic game with literally no- app purchases that add to the excitement of this game.

Pokemon Go

best android adventure games

The experience element is slightly bit more literal in this match than many others. It will need you to play the sport in these places and to go places. Some can call that helpless. However, the game is fun if you group up and find. It is free to download online, and a patient player can reach the glory.

We have Also List of Best Android Games


best android adventure games

Swordigo is something and a sport. You leap through amounts, solve puzzles, and overcome evil men. The game features fantastic customizable controls that have places to research. It’s a bit short for example games. However, it is also cheap. It must take two at the most or a lot of people a week to complete this. It’s a superb experience.

Tiny Thief

Tiny Thief is one of the favourite adventure movie game. Tiny Thief has been onto and a stage a click movie game. Our version has been designed by it. Also, it is based on the feeling of humor, and this game is super easy to download via play store.

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We all like to play games on our smartphones. These games have excellent platforms and graphics desktop design that is overall a unique experience altogether. The only thing that you need to do is merely download from Google play store.

Each has a different type of preferences in games. And them among all, there is no doubt adventure games are everyone’s option, as you can play them anyplace and anytime. Yeah, try some of these out and let me hear from you soonwhich one became your favorite out of these Best Adventure Games for Android.