Top 15 Best Free Android Puzzle Games in 2021

Best brain and Puzzle Games for Android Free Download:- The Candy Crush, Temple Run, Subway Surfer have all taken the world by Storm. Since the introduction of Android phones, there has been a revolution in the Online Mobile Gaming and it is getting big day by day. But what if some gone rather than being entertaining is also mentally stimulating and quicken your mental ability to think and respond. Well, today in this post we are here to present you some of Top and Best brain and Puzzle Games for Android Free Download that will be a great booster to improve your analytical ability. We all love puzzles and life is indeed one of them.

The puzzles listed below are addictive and smart in the interface and you will not mind losing an hour or two on them. The puzzles in the games are never ending and all of them are rated high by some of the fans. So, now let us present to you the best Android puzzle games.

Best Android Puzzle Games in 2021

Cube Escape: Case 23 (Rusty Lake Series)

best Free Android Puzzle Game

Cube Escape comes with yet another series, Case 23, to amaze gamers who love to go beyond their imagination. Rusty Lake’s masterpiece finds its rightful place in the best Free Android Puzzle Games here. If you haven’t checked out its previous series, go for it and try it on yourself. Case 23 (5th episode of Cube Escape) is based on a Detective named Dale Vandermeer who investigates the death case of a woman.

You have to collect all the evidence at the crime scene, analyze your findings conducting an in-depth and close search, and travel to a mysterious place to find the culprits. Your sole motive is to assist Detective Dale in unlocking the gateway to Rusty Lake. The game developers have kept the Rusty Lake series full of suspense and curiosity as every single player delves deeper into the mysterious series. All the Rusty Lake series games are free to play except Cube Escape (available at a reasonable price). All in all, you need to invest your time and a few bucks in this legit, mind-boggling, and fun-filled game.

Mekorama – Best Android Puzzle Game

Best Android Puzzle Games

Mekorama is available on Google play store and you will be amazed to see the puzzles in this game. Enriched with 3-D graphics, there is a Tiny Robot like Mario whom you have to get home by solving puzzles. There is a reason why this makes to the Top of our charts. The operation and response time is great and you should try it right now. Additionally, the puzzle needs to be balanced with time and the mind-blowing animation and sound effects are a treat to watch. The game looks and feels fantastic it’s an exception and a jackpot in no price itself.

  • Relaxing gameplay
  • Collectible level cards
  • Charming robots
  • Diorama maker

2048 – Best Android Puzzle Games

Best Android Puzzle Game

Are you a fan of Classic movies and songs? Well then in 2018 it’s time to play 2048. It is addictive and based on Sudoku kind of theme but a little different. We can tell you here, but we do not believe in Spoilers, you have to check for yourself. Just moves the tiles in different directions and the tiles with the same number displayed on them are merged into one another and in the end, you need to create 2048 such tiles and it is a long process that is why there is an Autosave feature embedded in the game.

  • Leaderboards and 2048 Puzzle modes statistic
  • Night and day mode theme for your eyes
  • Game is automatically autosaved and you can continue playing after
  • Optimized for performance and battery saving

Jigsaw Puzzles

Best Android Puzzle Game

The Jigsaw Puzzles is suitable for all ages and gender and there is no downside to it which makes this game favorite of mine. The suitable image will be incomplete and you just have to put the pieces of the puzzle in place to make the picture perfect. Looks and sounds easy but the level of difficulty raises more and more with the success. The Custom color theme, various game mode, and various levels make it more interesting. So, start playing these puzzles and be a part of something mind-blowing.

  • 10000+ beautiful, HD photographs, in a more than 250 different packs
  • Get new updates free puzzle daily
  • 11 different settings – up to 625 pieces
  • Create custom puzzles from own photo collection

Cut the Rope Series

best android puzzle game

When we talk about excellence how we can ever Miss Cut the Rope Series which has more than 960 million downloads and a user rating of about 4.6. The little monster continually upgrades the game and makes the level interesting to provide the best experience to the user. Recently it has launched a new Series called the “Magic” which is getting the huge response from the public and is one of the best games of 2017.The android puzzle game lovers can dive into the new colorful and exciting world of Nom whenever they want. Some of the new forms that Nom can have is of a baby, bird, fish, mouse, spirit, and dragon.

  • 17 boxes with 425 levels
  • Innovative physics gameplay
  • Outstanding graphics with adorable character

Build a Bridge! – Best Android Puzzle Game

android puzzle game

Let us bring some Science into building bridges and test the Engineering and analytical skills in 60 levels of the game. You need not worry about the look of the Bridge but have to try something that just solves all the problems. The 3-D model and the puzzle game in 13 languages with beautiful, Realistic, varied and detailed Environment makes it to one of the best on our list. Just like an Engineer you can use Cables, Wood, Glass, Metal, and various things that can work out the Bridge Construction for you with ease.

  • Different materials to build bridge – wood, metal, cables
  • 86+ levels of increasingly difficult puzzles
  • Multiple cars to test out your bridge constructions

The Prison Boys [Mystery novel and Escape Game]

best android puzzle game

It is one of the best puzzle and mind games for android devices, if you are a fan of Mystery Novels. The main character is Tetsu Akatsuki who is stuck in a prison and you have to solve a bunch of cases with him in order to reveal the deep dark secret. The quizzes and riddles in this Escape game are outstanding and a Story plays an important role in the solving of puzzles. Just be like Sherlock Holmes in your own mind and start playing this mind game now for fun.

Flow Free – Android Puzzle Game

Android Puzzle Games

Flow Free is one of the best puzzle games suited for all the ages and looks so simple yet it is so addictive. Imagine if you want to work fine your water supply then you need to connect all the pipes in a way that should not interrupt the flow. You have to cover the entire gap and you can also move the pipes. You can pair all colors and they can break free if you do not do it right.

  • More than 2500 free puzzles for play
  • Free puzzle play and time trial modes
  • Clean, colorful graphics, fun sound effect

Cube Escape: The Cave

Android Puzzle Games

A massive crazy fan following and review of 4.8 on Google Play Store out of 5 needs nothing to say about the brilliance of the game. The game with sound effects, twist, storyline, plot, makes one of the best on the list. It is so addictive that you should have paid for this; however, it is available at free of cost on play store. The game is about the old man who is about to enter into a cave which is full of mystery and a guest needs to help him through all the problem and puzzles to land safely on another side of the line.

Infinity Loop – Best Android Puzzle Games

best Android Puzzle Games


This was the most trending game in 2017 and has an infinite level of puzzles that are so relaxing and simple. It is based on various looping patterns and you have to join them to create a loop. There is a YouTube video of their tutorial which is a rare feature in a game. The ultimate aim is to break all connections just like Tetris game. The game can be played in two modes with original music that is a huge plus for the game. You can try playing the game in both “Normal Mode and Dark Mode” and try it once if you are a fan of Puzzle gaming.

Where’s My Water?

best android puzzle games

It is an award-winning puzzle game and you have to cut fresh water, dirty water, toxic water, steam in various levels and different modes. This game is completely free and has over 500 different levels that can entertain you in many ways. It has Original Stories & Characters and you can play through 4 unique stories featuring Swampy, Allie, Cranky and Mystery Duck. You have Collectibles, Challenges, and Bonus Levels that make it an interesting package altogether

  • 100+ challenges and levels with a brand new look
  • Challenge modes to replay the levels in explosive new ways
  • Experience fun mechanics that are uniquely designed for each game character
  • Get hint to help you to solve the puzzles

Brain It On!

Brain It On

It is a game for the Science freaks and the deceptive puzzles will try to make you stuck in one way or the other. It has many brain puzzling levels and multiple ways to solve each puzzle. You just need to find the best way and a unique solution. Each day a new level is added and you will never find bored while playing this puzzle. You can get up hints and can also join their Facebook page in order to see where you stand. Just unlock, play, use hints and enjoy the best android puzzle game here on our list.

  • As the name dozens of brain busting physics puzzles
  • Multiple ways to solve each puzzle
  • You can share your unique solutions and compare with your friends

Block Hexa puzzle – Best Android Puzzle Games

free puzzle game for android

Suitable for all the ages it is a game that has been downloaded over 10 Million all over the World. You just need to fill up the blocks by dragging them over in the frame. It has a smooth effect on the screen and the interface is user-friendly. The blocks cannot be rotated and there are more than 300+ levels that are filled with challenges and unique levels. You can play the game in offline mode with no time limit whatsoever.

  • Simple puzzle game to play and can master in few moments
  • 1000+ unique levels to get your brain going all day long
  • Stunning, colorful interface and theme for pure entertainment

Roll the Ball – Best Puzzle Games for Android

free android puzzle games

From the Creative and Effective team of Block Hexa puzzle, here is another puzzle game ‘roll the ball’ that was also a huge hit in the gaming world. It is a sliding puzzle just like a maze which is a brain teaser as it tricks you in concepts of Math’s and Physics. It is a family puzzle game suited for all the ages and finally something that you can enjoy with your family. You just need to move the blocks with your finger and make a way for the incoming moving Ball against the Block; the trick here is that the blocks cannot be moved.

  • 3000+ challenging levels to solve
  • Perfect brain tester to improve your ability and hand-eye coordination
  • Free simple yet extremely addicting puzzle game

Triple Town

Best Android Puzzle Game

It is the best and most rated game for two years in a row and crazy fans find it to be the most addictive game. Just like Clash of Clans you have to build your own City. It has the concept of bush, tree, and city and finally the houses, castles etc. This game is totally free and you want to refresh the game after some time if you ever get out of chances or view an advertisement. This game needs a stronger RAM which will not be a problem for a high-end device.

Wrap Up

These were the best-selected games based on User review and perception and they do not irritate you with silly background Downloads or Pop-up ads. Hope that you like reading “Top 15 Best Puzzle Games for Android Free Download” and please leave us a query in the comment box below.