Top 7 Amazing Racing Battle Games for Android

Racing battle games have always been the first preference of gamers who love power and speed. These mighty games bring gamers to all different world where they need to drive and fight for life. While there is a number of these games available on Google Play Store, we have tried to shortlist top 10 amazing racing battle games for you.

Clash for Speed

Clash for Speed is meticulously designed 3D combat car racing game that offers futuristic gaming experience to gamers. This powerful game allows gamers to design their own 3D racing track where they can run their cars. This is one of its unique features that makes it most admired amongst gamers. Here, more complex you design the tracks more will be chances to earn trophies which you can use to unlock other features in the game. It offers upgradable car option where you get better cars with each level. You can even access more powerful weapons to fight and shoot down enemies. In addition to allowing you to draw your own track, it also offers you 15 pre-defined tracks. In other features, it offers original car stickers, upgradable tires, unique game environments, on-road and off-road obstacles and more. You can try this one of the best combat car racing games to enjoy most thrilling gaming experience.

Buggy Car Race

This road racing 3rd action game put you in a situation where you need to race for your life and fight for freedom. Here, only one rule applies, to kill or get killed. During the game, you need to race against some most fierce opponents and destroy them with missile launcher, Gatling guns and other ammunition. While driving the armored cars, you will get a chance to experience bounty missions in furious road race missions. It requires extremely skillful driving & shooting skills to destroy hardcore opponents. Further, you will experience driving on thrilling off-road environment with crazy trucks with one mission to kill or get killed. In other features, it offers 10 rival car chasing missions, HD graphics, exciting sound effects, armored cars, different weapons and more.

Gun Rider

Gun Rider is a battle to survive. This ultimate truck racing game starts with a storyline where a deadly plague has decimated 99% of Earth’s population. There are only few survivors left that are waiting for miracle to happen. An antidote exists, now the race is to take that antidote to the last remaining city to save the human race. You can become a hero in this spectacular adventure where you need to test your driving skills across three worlds. Here, you need to drive through rough terrains to finish the line shooting down all obstacles. It further allows you to upgrade your military vehicle in the garage and customize it as per your needs. In other features, it offers 3 post-apocalypse worlds to conquer, eye-popping 3D graphics, 3 different cars/tanks, 30 shoot & race levels and other shooting and racing game features.

SuperHero Police Car Chase

Playing this game, you need to act as a police superhero who will face dreaded criminals & mafia and arrest them. This FPS gunship shooting car 3D action game is designed on a storyline where you need to stop the bank robbers & thieves from stealing. By controlling these thugs & mafias you can become a hero in SWAT police. While driving in gunship police car, you need to break the mafia’s escape plan and arrest them at the crime site. Here, you will experience real shooting, chasing and racing in this thrilling game. This powerful police car chasing game offers you chance to knock down criminals with lot of amazing features.

Battle Cars Action Racing

 While playing this powerful game you need to participate in amazing auto battles. Here, you need to win against enemies at any cost. While playing the game, you can buy cars, earn cash, use Nitro & armor, and upgrade your cars for easy chase. Over time you will gather experience in the game and acquire new skills. This mighty battle car racing game offers next-gen graphics, high detailed muscle cars which you can run on powerful tracks. It offers miniguns and cannon guns to improve your gaming experience.

Car Attack, Bike Race

Car Attack Bike Race is a city bike racing simulator where you will get a chance to explore real racing simulation experience. It offers brand new superbikes which are designed meticulously with great sound effects. This powerful game is combination of dare fast bike race and devil stunts while shooting on real adventure tracks. This adrenaline-fueled racing action game is designed on advanced techniques where you can experience intelligent and sensible racing. It offers full real environment with a 3D view to have realistic effects. Here, you can use boosters to speed up your bike and save your time. Fighting against the road warriors, you can fire at the cars with one click. Further, it offers good quality sound, tilt control, numerous motorbike models & colors, different biker clothes and more.

Crazy Bike Attack Racing New

his powerful game offers fast motorbike racing physics control for better gaming experience. Here, you will get a chance to test your riding skills while competing against other bikers. You can ride heavy superbikes and perform various stunts. During the race, you will find greenery across the roads, dangerous opponents, beautiful animated traffic, stunning graphics, realistic sound effects, charming environment and more. You can try this extreme racer bike experience both on single and two-lane roads. Further, you can earn cash points to upgrade your bikes with better features. To start the game, you can select bike of your choice and you will see traffic instructions in real-time. Once you win the race, you will earn winning points. In case you hit any obstacle the mission will be failed.


If you are battle car racing lover, then this list may entice you. Here, we have covered best car and bike battle racing games that you should try on your Android device. If we have missed your favorite game on the list. Feel free to comment below.