Top 10 Best Role Playing Games (RPG) for Android phone In 2021

In this article we will discuss about top 10 best free and paid RPG Games for Android [Role playing games] phone and tablets.

Games, that too android role playing games are awesome. If you are looking for the best free role playing games for android then you are landed in right place. The following games were categorized by their popularity. Role playing game are ones most likable games by all. These all games are free and available on Google Play Store. Role playing games gives

There are plenty of RPGs available in the Google play store but not all of them are free and that’s why we collected all ultimate popular RPGs here. Let look at the below.

If you are investing the money then you have to choose the best one.

Best Role Playing Games [RPG] For Android

Zenonia 5

Rating: 4, Free

Zenonia 5 is the best action Role Playing Game for android phone and also the most popular among RPG. The game has lot of special features.

Gameplay:- You will confuse what to choose and what not too because of the characters and stories and game modes. The game has lot of characters and you have to choose and every character has different story and that’s why we all like these games.

The character that you have selected, exist with the own part and missions. The game also supports multiplayer gaming. After completing every mission you can unlock the next mission and with coins you can also upgrade the game.

Blood Brothers

Rating: 4.5, Free

Blood Brothers game is an ultimate, super and fantastic role playing game for an android phone.

Gameplay:- The Blood Brothers is a fantasy game which includes 5 characters in the game and you have to choose one of them and they are knight, samurai, high elf, dark elf, ape, lizardman, dwarf, or goblin. The mission given to you is to destroy a dark king. The game has millions of downloads in the Google Play Store and reviewed by 3 lakh people reviews it and in that more than 2.7 lakh people reviewed it 5.0 stars out of 5 and this is something cool. The game is most popular than any other in these games.

The Bard’s TaleBest Role Playing Games Android

Rating: 4.5, Price:$1.99

The game was released on 2014 and had millions of downloads. This is one of the action role playing game developed by InXile entertainment.

Gameplay:- The game is developed with 3D dynamics and it’s like Prince of Persia means you have to control the game with header camera. The character is fixed means naming “The Bird” is to finish the tasks. The more you complete the tasks and the more your skills will improve.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old RepublicBest Role Playing Games Android

Rating: 4.5 , Price: $9.99

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic was developed by Bioware the game also released also for android version in 2014.

Gameplay:- The three characters you have to play in the game and every character has the own power and skills. The power and skills of the character will be increases when you unlock the games. The features of the games are ultimate. The game includes sub game events in the game modes and this is more interesting to play. The player can earn more money by racing and interplanetary travel will be interrupted by enemies and there begins mini game. The game also includes card games known as pazaak.

Baldur’s Gate Enhanced EditionBest Role Playing Games Android

Rating: 4.5, Price: $9.99

The game is the remake of role playing game Baldur’s gate and the game was launched for android in 2014. The game features multiplayer and that too cross platform multiplayer and you can play with any platform to any others.

Gameplay:- The most high resolution movie than can be played through widescreen and different viewing modes. The gameplay is just amazing as the zooming of the game is multi touch and the settings of the game are enhancive that they allow to swipe the screen and not to click on tab.

Icewind Dale: Enhanced EditionBest Role Playing Games Android

Rating: 4.5, Price: $9.9

The game is the remake of Black Isle Studios and the game features cross platform multiplayer.

Gameplay:- The game has several viewing modes and also has well command settings. The game includes super enhancive items and the background class is super and the game made in the way that totally different from original.

Inotia 4

Rating: 4, Price: This if Free by purchasing apps

Inotia is the most popular game among all mobiles now it has developed as the taste of Android and it’s also trending as of now. The game is now developed with high graphics and updated. The game now has six classes, 90 skills, and over 400 maps to play.

Knights of Pen and PaperBest Role Playing Games Android

Rating: 4.7, Price: $4.9

Kings of pen and paper is different among these all games and has a unique concept. The concept of the game is the characters in the game play their own and your character is master and you have to decide do or not to do means like war or anything else. This is quite interesting and you enjoy it while playing.


Rating: 4.5, Price: $4.99

Evoland is a fun RPG game and you can feel the different games in one game.
Gameplay:- The game is action and adventure it can be played through 3d and 2d dynamics. The theme of the game is to do turn-based combat and has-n-slash combats and you can also unlock new skills and missions.

Choice of Robots

Rating: 4.5, Price: $4.99

The game is quite interesting and it’s totally based on text. There is no graphics or nothing else like sound. The game is popular among all the text based games. The robot will work on your imagination and can do anything. You will completely love this game and you have to try it.

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These all are most popular among role playing games for android and choose the best one enjoy.

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