What Makes League Of Legends So Popular?

The market is chock full of MOBA games with more coming out all the time. There are so many to choose from. Yet, the choice many gamers make is to play League of Legends.

Why? What is it that makes this game so popular? Players involved can’t get enough of it and new players are joining all the time.

Let’s dive in and take a look at what makes this game so addictive.

It’s free to play

There aren’t too many free games out there at such a high level as with League of Legends.

Normally, games of this stature require a fixed fee to buy. Or, you would pay a subscription monthly to continue using your ranking.

With League of Legends, they realized that they could make money by offering the game for free. This is a much better way to get players to come check it out. If somebody likes a game then they will likely then get all of their friends to come and play too. If they didn’t they could simply move on. Most don’t move on, however.

Now, players can use their money to enhance their gaming experience. They can use their money to buy new skins or unlock champions. Riot games, the creator, are still making loads of money. As well as high elo players since some people are also using their savings to buy League of Legends elo boosting.

It’s competitive

When the competition is high, the adrenaline gets running along with it. It is far more exciting to compete against other players in a fast paced and high stakes environment.

Climbing the rankings gives a sense of accomplishment that you don’t get from many other games.

And it is the high level of competition that makes it so popular for viewers too. It is quickly becoming a huge spectator event as well as being popular with players.

Short games

Some games require a major time commitment to play. Since online games can’t be paused, when you start playing you have to be ready to put in a few hours.

Except for League of Legends. The games are 35 minutes long so you can play a quick game before you head out, or play multiple games and while away a whole day. The choice is yours which makes it so popular.


Playing in a group as a team with friends is really something that makes gaming fun. Instead of those lone wolf type games where you are on your own most of the time, League of Legends makes it an event to invite your friends to participate in.

Having group play is another reason it is so popular for spectators. People can have a favorite team to watch and follow along with.


Riot’s model of making the game free is the reason that it got accepted early. But, it is for all the other reasons that it became popular. If it were simply because it is free, people wouldn’t continue to play.