Free Online Games or Paid For: Which is Best

This is actually quite a big question when you flesh it out in its entirety. The reason it is such a complex notion with so many different answers is that there are so many positives that people get out of games and so many different reasons for playing. Some gamers are die-hard fanatics who would gladly play all, and any, types of games and take great pride at the time of trying to gain and present an almost encyclopedic knowledge of the gaming world.

However, the vast majority of us don’t have the free time or the inclination to be so immersive in our exploration of the gaming world and so have our favorite genres of games and titles as well. Maybe we are a very casual gamer and don’t like the idea of shelling out over $50 for a full-price console or PC game, as we are likely to only play sporadically so a free game of some sort suits us more. But the counter-argument to this way of thinking would be that you don’t get anything for free in this world, and in the gaming world, we would mean that if we are a serious gamer then we want more feature, more gameplay, larger games, more levels and so on. Let’s take a quick look at the types of games we can play in both the free and paid-for categories and what each of them means to us as gamers to try and figure out if we are better to pay to play or play for free.

Types of Free Games

Although there are many different types of free games the most prominent of these is mobile phone and tablet games, there are a huge variety of games available and if you have an Android device you can easily access these from the Play Store and on Apple products, the Apple Store provides the exact same service. These games are available in a wide range of genres although due to the technical limitations of the machines more basic games such as puzzles, quizzes are most common, but you can also get a whole range of more advanced games such as RPGs. You can still also get free games on your PC, or even other platforms such as smart TVs these days.

Types of Paid-For Games

You don’t necessarily have a bigger range and choice of titles but what you will find that is that the games you can choose from are of a higher quality, have more longevity and use proper voice actors for characters in adventure or action games or can afford the likeness and naming rights for sports stars in football or soccer games. It’s quite explainable when you think through the amount of work, how many people and budgets of modern games. Many game development costs vastly eclipse many Hollywood film projects, there are many examples of game budgets that far exceeded the $100 million barrier. But if we look at the range of game genres it’s almost unlimited, there are adventure games, complex and varied, sports games for pretty much every sport imaginable, shooters and anything else really. There are games to suit all budgets as there are interesting smaller games from indie developers and a whole range of mobile games to buy.

Making Cash Back on Games

As well as paying to play games, either by buying them outright or paying for a subscription you can actually make money by gaming. The most simple method of this is by playing gambling games such as poker that you can bet real money on, bingo or even online casinos, these are all ways of betting your money against the outcome of your game. You can even find ways of making money through your achievements on regular games as well, either by entering gaming tournaments with cash prizes, or alternatively by creating, building up and then ultimately selling a user account, you can buy or sell LoL accounts by Unranked Smurfs easily online.

How Free Are Free Games Really?

Finally it’s good to realize that free games are not always really free, there can be a whole range of additional or hidden charges once you get further into these games. In-game purchases as they are known are the way they get you, it can be extra lives, without which the game is increasingly frustrating to progress in, or coins to buy game items or even the items themselves can be charged for.