Top 11 Highest Rated Android Strategy Games in 2021

A Strategy games are any games where the result is determined by the player’s choice. Such games are won not by force or technical proficiency, but through tactics. So, in this list we will show you top 11 most played and best android strategy games. You must have played these Strategy Games on Android phone and have fun.

The strategy is among the oldest game types in human history. Regardless of whether it’s chess, table games, or even some card games. We’ve been playing strategy games since some time before there was ever a PC. Strategy games have made some amazing progress. However, the essential preface of utilizing your cerebrum to beat your adversaries stays genuine even right up til the present time. It’s a phenomenal method to test yourself to perceive how imaginative you can be. Here are the best android strategy games…

Best Android Strategy Games

Rebel Inc

best Android Strategy Games

Rebel Inc. is a free-to-play and mind-boggling game that also joins the best Android Strategy Games for Android. It’s an engaging military/political strategic game that’s both fun to play and judges your strategic skills. Rebel Inc’s story is based on the after-war situation where the city needs to be protected from insurgents. Over 68 million players have already joined in, and many more are currently testing their wits.

You get to take charge of 7 different regions where you can take help from tutorials for better guidance. On the plus side, this game lets you play offline on the plus side, so you don’t need to worry about data consumption. If you find this game worth your time, you definitely should get its paid version as recommended as the cost is reasonable.

Age of Civilisation

best android strategy games

Age of Civilizations is a blend between a strategy game and a prepackaged game. It has a lot of indistinguishable characteristics from Risk where your activity is to get regions from different civic establishments. You’ll approach an assortment of situations. For example, World War I and II and additionally a cutting edge world situation. You can likewise make your own situations to provoke yourself. It likewise contains 193 human advancements. Two planets and some intriguing mechanics which is mind boggling, troublesome, and exceedingly addictive. The best part is that there are no in-application buys. It’s one of the better, less difficult strategy games.

Card Thief

best android strategy game

Card Thief is one of the more one of a kind android strategy game. It’s a blend among strategy and a card game. You will likely move around to stay away from detection. You’ll have the equipment, stealth focuses, and more to enable you to keep away from the gatekeepers and complete the level. It flaunts a play time of a few minutes for each play. That makes it incredible for easygoing gamers. You can download the game for nothing and open the full form for $1.99.

Chess by AI Factory Limited

best android strategy games

Chess is one of the oldest android strategy games OR can say one of the highest rated free chess game on android. It is presumably the best chess game on n portable. The designs aren’t a great deal to take a gander at. Be that as it may, you’ll have 12 trouble levels crosswise over two game modes, ELO Ratings, spare and load games, neighborhood multiplayer, a chess guide, and a bundle of other cool stuff. It’s about as entire of a chess game as you can discover. It uses the Treebeard Chess Engine. It’s a similar one from MSN Chess. It’s totally free with no in-application buys. There are ads. In any case, you can pay $0.99 to expel those in the pro version.

Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition

best android strategy games

Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition is a best android strategy survival game. It starts with you being thrown into the wild of some irregular planet. Your activity is to survive. You’ll need to gather assets, craft things, construct structures, and even discover wellsprings of nourishment. It does as such with a fun tongue-in-cheek enhance. The designs aren’t half awful either. It was an extremely prevalent game on PC and the Pocket Edition is pretty much a similar game. The spiritual continuation, Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked, additionally turned out in 2017. They both offer comparable mechanics and they both cost $4.99 with no in-application buys each.


best android strategy games

Hearthstone is a standout amongst the most mainstream card dueling strategy games on portable. With this title, you assemble decks of cards and afterward utilize them to duel other players on the web. You open cards as you go and slowly get better and stronger. This game likewise has cross-platform support. You can sign in utilizing your account and play on PC or versatile. The snowstorm has done a decent activity of including new content to keep the game new and it stays among the best card duel options accessible right at this point.

Ironhide Game Studio

best android strategy games

Ironhide Game Studio has a couple of the most prominent strategy games on mobile. They incorporate the three Kingdom Rush games, a well-known arrangement of fantasy-themed tower safeguard games. 2017 saw the arrival of Iron Marines, another tower barrier game. Each of the four titles is excellent. They incorporate different levels, different awful folks, different towers, and different catalysts to swing the battle somehow. Everyone has in-application buys. In any case, they’re avoidable with a little granulating and some patience. They go from $0.99 to $4.99 contingent upon the game. These are for the most part excellent strategy titles.


best android strategy games

Kairosoft is a game development studio that has a ton of interesting strategy games. A portion of their more mainstream titles incorporate Game Dev Story, Ninja Village, Anime Studio Story, Grand Prix Story, and others. Currently, their collection traverses many games with free and paid versions of most of them. The games are testing, but not too difficult, and it’s anything but difficult to sink a few hours into pretty much any of them. We suggest try Game Dev Story and Ninja Village try first. Tap the button underneath to see their entire collection!

Machines at War 3

best android strategy games

Machines at War 3 is one of the better real-time strategy games. Your activity is to beat the terrible folks and spare a few scientists. It features a profound story that spreads 21 missions. It likewise features 130 different types of units and tech to fabricate, unlimited irregular guide conflicts, online multiplayer, and that’s just the beginning. There is even an unlimited arbitrary encounter mode in the event that you just want to kill a couple of minutes. The game is delightfully testing as any great strategy game ought to be. It’s a tad costly at $6.99 but there are no in-application buys.


best android strategy games

Pandemic is among the best tabletop games out there. You and up to three other individuals play as CDC scientists. Your activity is to traverse the world to slaughter sickness. Illnesses will manifest as you try to destroy them. On the off chance that you wait too long, the illnesses cause a pandemic and its game over. There are seven characters to play, up to four players by means of nearby or online multiplayer, three difficulty settings, a full rulebook, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. You can likewise pay a couple of extra bucks for developments that give you more parts, more events, and more content. This is really outstanding amongst other strategy games out there.

Rollercoaster Tycoon Classic

best android strategy games

Rollercoaster Tycoon Classic is a port of the first Rollercoaster Tycoon. The game accompanies both the first and second title in the arrangement. There are additional developments accessible as in-application buys too. For those who have never played, Rollercoaster Tycoon gives you a theme stop.

There is additionally a set of conditions that must be met. You must form a recreation center that likewise satisfies those conditions to win the situation. There are 95 situations to play through, tons of coasters and attractions to manufacture, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. There is even a Park Scenario Editor to create your own situations. It’s a ton of fun and definitely outstanding amongst other strategy games out there.