Top 11 Best Shooting Games for Android 2021

Best Android Shooting Games:- So, if you are a thrilling gamer and can’t just keep away from Best Shooting Games then you need to have a read through. These are the Best Shooing Android Games that you must try. Most of the android users want some jaw-dropping and coolest games. If you had missed these games, here we are with best shooting Games for android 2021.

Check out this list of Shooting Games for Android Phones and see yourself. These are a great source of entertainment and serious gamers. Go through this detailed list that has features name, and description for the games that you surely will find interesting. Also Read:- Best Free Multiplayer Android Games

Best Shooting Games for Android

Infinity Ops

best Shooting Games for Android

There are plenty of other options if I were to choose  best Shooting Games for Android in the paid games category. But I suppose fun shouldn’t be something you should pay for. Here comes Infinity Ops with a lot to offer to the 18+ gaming community. This First-Person-Shooter game features a multiplayer online competitive experience in a sci-fiction and cyberpunk setting.

With impressive graphics and loads of warfare stuff, this game ranks the highest in the free gaming category. As compared to other FPS games, Infinity Ops comes atop when it’s about professional gaming. It will definitely give you a feel of call of duty that incorporates a modern-day warfare vibe in it. A variety of weapons, better controls, high-level gaming modes, and power-ups, from hardcore to team deathmatch, too many hidden features await your attention. It’s a free game that rewards you when you complete daily missions and tasks.

Critical Ops

best android shooting games

Critical Ops is just inspired by games like Modern Combat and CoD and has a graphical interface that a gamer would love. The game comes with multiplayer, mass weaponry and skins to choose from. For a naïve shooter, the controls might be a bit struggling. But it should be much trouble if you are a game geek. Also Read:- Best Role Playing Games (RPGs) for Android

Dead Effect 2

Dead Effect 2 is based on a science-fiction shooting. It may also be considered as a sequel to Dead Effect. This game comes with fabulous graphics, multiple of ammo and guns to choose from, and many bad-asses to shoot at. You will face a 20-hour single player campaign where you can also upgrade your character. The game is well optimized for NVIDIA Shield devices and a must try for those gamers who prefer a game to be more than just shooting.

Dead Trigger 2

best android shooting games

Dead Trigger 2, developed by MADFINGER Games is a zombie shooter that is been in the gaming market. All hats off to the developing team that has done tremendous efforts to keep it alive and updated among the game lovers. The game has the longest campaign with 600+ missions, 37 weapons collection, and constant upgrades. There are also tournaments for users that they can compete in and earn in-game currency.

Fields of Battle

best android shooting games

Fields of Battle has been in the long run till now and is still one of the better android shooting games for game lovers. The best part I liked is that instead of using metal bullets, you’ll be doing the shooting with paintballs. Users can slide, dive, lean in an extra dimension that you generally can’t get with other mobile games. You can make or customize your own character, join multiplayer, and even change the theme around.

Hitman Sniper(Paid $0.99)

best android shooting games

Hitman Sniper is a shooting game by Square Enix that makes you follow logical tactics and presence of mind. As a player, you will be assigned the nearest location where you have to take out your targets. There are 150 missions in total to cover. Surprises of this game are leaderboards, sniper rifles, and hidden Easter eggs.

Into the Dead

best android shooting games

It’s a shooting game with endless running instead of just standalone shooting. Player runs through fields of zombies where the goal is to get farther and farther with collected weapons in the midst. The game includes challenges and missions with extra bonuses collecting down the run.

Kill Shot Bravo

It is the freshest out of the box for shooting lovers and also comes with 500+ missions. In this game, you’ll be handling all sorts of bad guys that comprise drones, exo-suits and much more. The amazing part is it also comes with PvP sniper duels and character customization.

Major Mayhem

It features 45 levels and comes in four game modes, has 150 mini missions, and 20 unique weapons you can select from to go along. Graphics are intense and a lot of fun and can be a challenging one for gamers. When you earn up to 100 achievements, you get play with quadzooka (A surprise you’ll find out when you try the game).

Gunman Clive

best android shooting games

You be a gunman in the old west, where the goal is to finalize each level, shooting anything that stands in your way. With simple controls, you only need to move back and forth, jump, duck, and shoot. It is a challenging one you need to be extremely careful.

Zombie highway 2

Zombie Highway 2 is all about resource management with limited ammo and nitro. Be smart before you waste your weapons and energy to face the zombies in the mid-way. The game tests your strategic skills and precision.

Deer Hunter 2016

Deer Hunter 2016 comes with some extreme graphics that I must say that makes the game even more attracting.  You’ll hunt for game in many different places. In this game, a user is aimed at collecting trophies for the number of kills they make, building weaponry, and hunting down the biggest animals. The game is the best match for new gamers hence making it more user-friendly.

So these were Best Shooting Games for Android 2021 and some bests of the best for you. Good Luck Gamers!!