Virtual Pets Will Save the Meta Universe

white and brown guinea pig on white paper

Digitalization changes our world. For now, it is hard to say whether it might solve our problems or create new ones. Technologies have conquered our private life. In the morning, the first thing we do is check our smartphones for recent news or messages. We created many different applications for communication and forgot almost all about real communication. We can visit any place in the world by sitting at home. We can play games, read books and even gamble in the kitchen while waiting for the soup to be cooked. If you enjoy gambling, there is no need to visit Macau. Just test your luck at Woo Casino and win your jackpot. After winning, you definitely must visit Macau! 

Early versions of the metaverse are often criticized for feeling artificial. To “revive” the virtual space, startups offer to add virtual animals to them. This is far from a new idea: ever since we went online, they have been trying to sell us pixelated copies of real pets.

Now, a new wave of startups is raising funds to bring our furry friends into the metaverse. We talk about the most striking projects in this area and their versions of digital pets.

Digital Pets

The co-founder of the Tiny Rebel Games recently managed to win 7 million dollars on a project to create the Metaverse Network. The project is about creating virtual AI cats. The company promises that it will be compatible with different metaverses. We wonder if they manage to make the cat have the same unbreakable mood. 

The main idea is about creating a real pet in virtual reality. The pet would follow the owner anywhere. Also, if that is a game, then the pet will follow the owner from shiny dungeons right into the flame of the dragon. The biggest success among other companies that used to create virtual pets is next. These animals are not limited to specific hardware as it used to be with Nintendogs. As all creators mentioned that the biggest problem of the Nintendogs is that they could not be transferred to another virtual world from Nintendo DC. 

By the way, Nintendogs managed to sell 24 million copies of its product in a few years. Tiny Rebel Games are creating virtual pets that will be used for decades. At least, that was a promise. To accomplish their promise, they made sure that their virtual animals could be recreated by different gaming companies. In this case, it will be easier to change the platform and keep the pet next to the owner. 

Make artificial intellect learn and develop itself by learning on different online courses that can be found on the internet. Moreover, they are planning to provide real movements and feelings to their virtual pets as in real life. Users will be able to buy them as a beta version to test them. Though, the developers are promising about the fully mass market as Web3.9 matures. It means that buying one will be the same as today buying a game on Steam today. 

Virtual Best Friend

Recently the developers have found another problem with the meta-universe. The virtual universe is criticized for feeling like yourself inside an empty vessel. So some developers proceeded to a new startup called Digital Dogs. The company in Israel is famous for developing AI puppies for virtual worlds, digital games, and social platforms. According to the co-founder, these dogs are like companions for traveling in the meta-universe. The idea also came from the personal experience of the co-founder after playing in the virtual universes. Of course, real friends can be replaced, though having a partner that might accompany you is an amazing idea. 

The basic idea came to his mind from his real life. He owns a dog and always takes it for a walk when he is bored or dull. So he thought that merging the idea into the meta-universe would be a great idea. And it was! The idea is not about creating a relationship with the animal. It is about creating a topic of conversation so the world would start running. 

The Digital Dogs project was already approved, and funds have been sent to its creation. The company is currently preparing the 10000 unique NFTs, which will be sent to customers as test tubes. After a long period of testing, they will proceed with simple character-determining games. The company is also planning to make virtual dogs smarter using AI, and it will collect the data of the owner. It will help them to analyze the market, understand the demands and develop themselves. 

Will It Save The Meta Universe? 

Digital Dogs and Tiny Rebel Games are not the main projects about creating virtual pets. There are many other companies, such as Nintendo and Sony, that are interested in such projects. Some even manage to offer a very simple business model. Though, not many believe that virtual pets might change the situation. 

As the industry is still developing, not many for now are interested in it. Though, soon enough, everything might change. It is really difficult to start as you don’t understand the final product. And the final product is the metaverse itself, filled with different innovations. Many people give up because this metaverse reminds them of the main question. Whether it was an egg first or a chicken. 

On the other hand, the first who manages to comply and achieve success would become mega rich. Tiny Rebel Games believes in this, so they are trying to finish their product as soon as possible to achieve their goal. The most exciting part of their work is that their pets won’t become a one-day product. You can always play with him even after 30 years.  

As for now, virtual pets look like the marketing product that must be sold to keep the universe running. If all the developers’ dreams come true, the meta-universe will be turned into something special. If that might change the metaverse, then it is worth all the effort.