Top 6 Best Games Like Minecraft for Android In 2021

Games Like Minecraft : When it comes to sandbox games, nothing can beat Minecraft. While this block-building game is one of the world’s most popular – and for a good reason –plenty of games come close to providing just as much fun and allowing you to show as much creativity. So, if you are looking for a fun sandbox game to play on your Android device, check out these five Games Like Minecraft. These games are one of the most popular and widely loved by users.

What is sandbox?

All the below games are so-called sandbox games like Minecraft. This means the games don’t follow linear game play mechanics. So, in a sandbox games you won’t be following one level after another, but you explore the world in any ‘order’ you want. You are able to interact with the game in a way you want and only follow the possible storyline if you want and when you want.

About Minecraft

Minecraft is a Sandbox video game which was launched in 2011. We are talking about Minecraft, because this is the single best selling video game of all time. Selling over 180 million copies across all platform by 2019.

The games provide you plenty of freedom, which can have its pros and cons. So, what are the best Games Like minecraft for Android ? 

Worldcraft 3D

Games Like Minecraft for Android

Worldcraft 3D is one of the most played games in 2020. It pretty much brings your imagination alive, with over 300 themes that fit every type of eye. You can play this free game like Minecraft either in single-player, multiplayer, or survival mode. Supporting over a dozen international languages, Worldcraft is super easy and fun to play.

Range of weapons to choose from, you’ll find this game addictive with tons of crafting recipes for food, blocks, items, and armor try on. There are over ten predefined maps to start your crafting and building journey. You can play this game in offline mode as well, just to let you know.


If you want something extremely similar game to Minecraft, you need to play Terraria. The old game is best described as a 2D Minecraft – you build things, you mine for resources, craft items and kill monsters. The game has unique boss fights and there are tons more bad guys to kill than in Minecraft. The demo is free to play and after you fall in love with the game, you need to spend $4.99 to get it – but it’s definitely worth it.


games like Minecraft

Godus was a highly anticipated game that hasn’t quite managed to succeed in becoming what it was meant to be. Nonetheless, it is a rather lovely sandbox game, especially on an Android device. The idea of the game is to play god – you oversee a civilisation and help them grow into a dominating and smart group of people. You can change the landscape and find treasures to boost chances. It’s fun and it’s free to play, although in-game purchases are available.


games like Minecraft

The game has been out only for a year, but it has gathered a big following of devoted fans. You’ll be an intergalactic trucker that’s stranded on a random planet. You need to fight monsters, craft items and build a home to survive the new planet. Crashlands has a storyline but it’s not very overwhelming in terms of deciding when you do what. While the starting cost for the game is $4.99, you don’t need to spend any more money on in-app purchases.

Goat Simulator Series

games like Minecraft

Now, if you are looking for something rather brainless and fun, you should consider playing the Goat Simulator series. This game is not to be taken seriously at all and it’s sandbox to the core – there is no story or any purpose. The main idea of the game sees you play as a goat in a world where the laws of physics just don’t apply. You can do all sorts of crazy stunts and tasks to make it fun. There are four games in the series, with each game costing around $5.

Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath

games like Minecraft

Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath is a bit different to the above games – it’s an open world platformer. The game is, nonetheless, rather sandbox-like since there are tons of things you can do and freedom to go about your business as you wish. The storyline is super fun, the fights are great and there are plenty of customisable options to get you through the game. The game also won’t hurt your budget, since it’s only $2.9 at Google Play.

The best way to play Android games

When you want to play games on a mobile device or a tablet, you don’t want to pick just any Android device. While it’s possible to play the above games on all the latest phones and the newest OS, there are certain phones that are more suited to gaming than others.

If you want the best gaming phone, you should pick Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. It’s one of the most powerful games on the market and playing with the innovative phone is comfortable. Those that love the sounds in games, should consider HTC 10. The phone has one of the best stereo systems out there.

On the other hand, if you need something more suitable for a modest budget, you should consider buying Nexus 6P. The phone looks good, it has powerful components to support gaming and the price tag is affordable. When you’re picking Android phones, always use coupon codes from to cut the cost of your new phone. You can even find gaming retailers on the site – meaning you can shop for games without blowing your budget.

So, pick your favorite from the above selection of Best Android games and enjoy your time on a sandbox universe – you’ll be able to do anything you want!