Top 11 Best Bike Racing Games for Android in 2021

Best Bike Racing Games for Android:- Android devices are popular for entertainment activities because of their games which are almost loved by age groups of youth and children. Today, there is a trend of multitasking in every task to save time and carry other important tasks. Computer, mobiles and other devices support multitasking with the help of supported OS. Android OS is rather the open source operating system based on Linux which is used for touch screen mobiles, tablet computers. Here are the Best Bike Racing Games for Android that can provide you with awesome entertainment within a short time.

The Android OS is multitasking in which we can play games, then listen to the songs and download files at same times. Like Best racing games for android are more popular because of their realistic environment. So today we are going to list out few best bike racing games for android. You should try these games at least once. You can enjoy fun in your free time with these games. Android users can easily download these Games from Google Play store.

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9Best Bike Racing Games for Android

Death Moto [Best Android Bike Racing Games]

On the number one spot of HD bike racing games is the world famous “Death Moto.” Besides racing, you can get helmets to unlock other super cool vehicles for yourself. The more closely you knock down other riders, the more helmets you can get and greater are your chances to unlock a vehicle. Death Moto is yet another popular android racing game which we prefer to play. Interesting features in this we like most is that we can pick tools from our way during the journey and throw them to others bike to restrict them.

The game is full of HD graphics. The game is so famous that the company has decided to bring “Death Moto 2” for its users. It has got great user ratings, and a must try the game. Every time you knock down a racer you get different helmets which help you to unlock others bikes.

Trails Frontier

best Bike Racing Games Android

If developed by the world’s leading game developers, Trials Frontier definitely deserves a spot among best Bike Racing Games for Android. This game takes you to another dimension of bike racing, where you get to choose 15+ hybrid motorbikes and physics-based gameplay worth 50 straight hours of story-based gameplay.

There are over 260 challenges to participate in, where you can choose multiplayer or PVP game modes. It’s a chance you can participate against the world’s best riders, top the leaderboards, and win exciting & cool prizes. Enter the whole new arena of biking with over 250 race tracks and show your gravity-defying stunts in 10 different environments. This game is free to download and play and an excellent choice for your knack for biking.

Racing Moto [Best Android Bike Racing Games]

bike racing games for android

Racing Moto, another must try the game. Racing Moto gives you a real time racing experience with its HD graphics. Every racing game lover, like me, would love to play it. You can increase the speed by tapping the screen and can control the movement by just tilting. It is easy to understand and cool to play. this is one of the best bike racing games for android but some of user clamming – this is very small game and less addictive, they finish the game in just one day. the developer can add some more motor bikes and levels.

Speed City Moto [Best Android Bike Racing Games]

bike racing games for android

If you love to play 3D games, then this game can be your ultimate love. Speed City Moto is still another android bike racing game for users who like 3D effects. Like Racing Moto in this game, you can also race on roads and also enjoy the desert, city, bridge, sea and forests. The game provides easy swipe controlling Moto with outstanding graphics that can attract every eye. The game is equipped with modern technologies that one should try this. In this game, you have to collect coins during the journey to get new bike and helmets.

Highway Rider

High Rider is yet another popular android game. In this game, your race is with trucks and cars and when you cross them your point or score also increases. You can use a boost to go at very high speed. You can also change your outfits and bikes in different shops. It also offers you different challenges to complete. For People who love challenges, this is the best option for them.

Drag Racing: Bike Edition

bike racing games for android

Drag racing was first made for only car racing, but on extensive demands, the company has launched bike edition of this popular game, and we can choose one of them, and we can also challenge online players in online mode. In this way, we can compete with others. It provides users with 17 cool sports bikes to choose from with 4 online modes.

This is another popular bike racing game available on Google play store with best and realistic graphics. Its graphics are automatically adjusted according to your device. It provides 17 Spots bikes, and the game provides global leader boards so that you can get to know about your rank among the racers worldwide.

Speed Moto 2 [Best Android Bike Racing Games]

bike racing games for android

After clearing all levels of Speed Moto, you may probably like to play its advanced level in Speed Moto 2 with 3D effects and advanced racing bikes. In this game, you have to find world six High-Performance bikes in different five zones of the world. We can choose different modes of the game such as free racing, challenges, survival and drag racing.

Bike Race Free

bike racing games for android

In my list for HD bike racing games, bike race free got the number 1 spot. Despite from lots of competition, this game has retained its position because of its incredibly refreshing and engaging graphics. The game allows you to add millions of multiplayer so you can compete with them in real time. The game provides you with a variety of worlds and tracks to race on. Besides these features, it is completely free. So anyone can enjoy playing this game on his or her android devices.

Bike Racing 3D

bike racing games for android

Another fantastic title among other bike racing games for android. It offers Stunning 3D graphics. It has a rating of 4.1 on Google Play Store. This game provides 60 different tracks in career mode. We can select from five different unique bikes. It is an easy to play the game but difficult to master. Approximately 100 million users have downloaded this game.

Bike Attack Race

bike racing games for android

Bike Attack Race is another best game in the list of bike racing games for android. It offers excellent 3D graphics with tilt controls. We can also fight with other players with kicks and punches. This game offers 10 different levels of challenges and difficulty. We can collect different pickup of Boost, stunts, and power. Approximately 10 million users have downloaded this game.

Fast Bike Race

bike racing games for android

It is another good choice in all bike racing games for Android users. It offers a wide variety of high-speed bikes like Yamaha, Karizma, etc. This game offers actual physics of bike racing. We can also complete the online players around the world. We can change the appearance of bike and rider. This game offers ultra smooth tilt control. Approximately 5 million users have downloaded this game.

And Finally

Games are much of interest than a hobby for many people. Everyone loves to play games from children to people aged above 50. Games got attention from almost everyone. And when it comes to racing, people usually go crazy about them. All are game lovers and are crazy about playing the bike racing games. Nowadays there are many Bike Racing games available on play store, but many of them are not as cool as their names. Talking about Android specifically, there is a great competition regarding bike racing games, and a bunch of new games is hitting the play store every month. It becomes desperate in this situation to decide which game to download and try How did you find the list of Best Android Bike Racing Games on Android ? Let me know further to return here with better results and statistics.