How to Make A Travel Poster for Business and Your Own Use

This is a travel making handbook provided by AllTipsFinder. From this article, people can find an easy way to make a travel poster for either business purpose or personal collection.

Whether you are a traveler or an employee working in a travel agency, a travel poster can be needed and be your liking. A traveling poster allows a traveler to memorize beautiful moments of road trips by uploading these journey photos to a poster. For a travel agency, a poster can be a very powerful media to share discount tours or best itineraries of yours.

To make a poster can be a bit complex if you choose to use Photoshop or GIMP, while there are some simpler poster makers that outside on the Internet and can turn travel poster creation a happy experience. In this passage, we peek at an online poster maker – DesignCap.

How to Make A Beautiful Travel Flyer with DesignCap?

Step One – Enter poster design interface: Hit DesignCap homepage and press [Make a Free Poster/Flyer]. Comparing it with other similar tools, DesignCap doesn’t require its users to register an account or subscribe to get access to its flyer features, which is, of course, an upgrade to those apps.

Step Two – Find Travel Template: Move to [Template] mode on the left functional bar, click [All], scroll down the list and find [Travel]. Select one travel template you love best.

Step Three – Personalize Your Travel Template: To personalize the travel template to your own saving is again very smooth. Click whatever poster element that you would like to make a change, DesignCap will show you the possible ways for changes then. Feel free to customize your poster without worries, since DesignCap applies an Undo & Redo mechanism that makes this way easy.

You can also change the background photo by deleting default photo and uploading your hit-the-road photo in [Photo] mode. Here are the details on how to switch background photo:

  • Select the background.
  • Delete the photo in alter windows.
  • Set the photo to the last layer(background) of the poster.
  • Adjust the position of your photo until you are satisfied with it.


Step Four – Download Your Travel Poster: Click [Save] button on the top, where DesignCap gives you JPG and PNG formats and 4 output size choices. Currently, DesignCap only allows outputting designing poster to raster image, supporting no vector image.

Beside downloading your poster to your local drive, you will also find a [Share] button along with a [Save Project] on the top function bar. [Share] option has four interfaces, allowing you to share current poster to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr. [Save Project] helps to save all elements for this poster for a next editing.

In All

DesignCap is such an easy poster maker online that is designed for all-level users and simplifying the poster creation process. Using it to create a travel poster is very delightful and time-saving.