Top 11 Best Free Photo Editing Software In 2021

Hello, friends and photo editors, before beginning, a warm welcome to each and every one of you. Right now, it’s winter time so I thought to wish you first. In today’s section, we will be seeing some Best Free Photo Editing Software for Windows today. This is something that is needed when you are into photo-editing sort of business both professionally and informally.

Adding the final touch to your best shots make them ever more attractive. You are going to need to edit if it is your profile picture, a monument, a landscape, or even a long lost picture perfect memory that seriously needs a restoration. All these requirements have been taken care of these days. You can just go online or get some best free photo editing software OR tool for your computer.

Best Free Photo Editing Software For Windows 7, 8, 10, XP

There are plenty of applications that you can choose from to get the final touches to your photos. And we are here to let you pick the right photo editing software for you. So, let’s roll down the page and find out. Oh, and the tools that are listed here are some of the best ones that readers and reviewers helped us mention here. All the critics and user ratings were a great help too.

Pixlr | Free Photo Editing Software

This name must be well-known to you because it really is one of the most popular and trendy software easily available for both the online and desktop usage. Earlier, it was available online only where users had to visit the web portal to get their images edited. But later, it took users’ considerations seriously and provided offline support through desktop application.

It is easy to install and simplest to use. With an intuitive yet simple interface, Pixlr is available as open source tool to give your photos, the final effect. But, if you are looking for advanced editing tools, you need to buy a licensed version where you’ll get features like mask & Influence Panel, and masking.

GIMP | Free Photo Editing Software

free photo editing software

GIMP is what most us not know that is the popular acronym for GNU Image Manipulation Program. This tool is available free on the internet. It comes packed with many user supporting tools and also a, friendly interface. More features are single-click retouching technique, and a variety of input & output file formats for conversion.

Everything that a professional photographer needs is available in this photo editor. Don’t worry, if you are a naive user, once you read the instruction given at its website, you’ll have no problem getting familiar with it. This software bags the prize when it comes to a cross-platform support as it can be used on Windows, mac, and Linux easily.


free photo editing software

This application is a wholly different one from Microsoft Paint that is pre-installed on your Windows systems. A creative application that is free for both the personal and professional use. If you need to have something a bit of higher quality and level, then forget about MS Paint. The things you wish to do with your images and photos will be accomplished here.

When it comes to some basic editing at a professional level, this is exactly the kind of software you should vouch for. Paint.NET is enabled with built-in special effects and enhancement features, layered support, and history record that help you undo the incorrect editing. It’s due to its features that this tool has been able to get user’s attention and awards in the past. Though, it can only be used on Windows operating system easily.

PhotoScape | Best Free Photo Editing Software

free photo editing software

PhotoScape is also a simple and easily manageable tool that is I think, is focused less on extra toolbars and more on getting your photo done. But, don’t be too judge as it does have many features in it. Users can create their customized slideshows using the basic editing features, including the batch edit as well.

It also brings you the feature of Animated GIF creator or RAW Converter on the go. Not only for Windows users, but it is also a soft and easy tool for Mac users where they can prepare collages using the PhotoScape X version. To add more to your relief, it is available free of any cost and can be downloaded from the main website.


free photo editing software

This tool has been in the long run and a masterpiece in the field of photo editing world. When it comes to trusting a third party application, you need to sit carefree, because it is developed by Google Team. Ever since I was a kid, I used to run slideshows of my favorite pictures and wallpapers through Picasa.

It gives you the one-click solution to edit your images and photos while you can easily customize their appearance. Its blur and cinemascope effects are the specialty. Google is what keeps you surprised with constantly released updates and applications. Now, you can even share your Picasa pictures through Google+. Both the Windows and Mac users can enjoy it just like they have been doing it before.

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PicMonkey | Best Free Photo Editing tool

free photo editing software

It is an online photo editor, so there is no need to download and reserve some space for a third-party freeware. Yes, it is free to use of course. It is widely used by many photo editors and appreciated due to its four subdivided categories of an interface. These are mainly for editing, touch up effects, Designing and collaging.

Users just have to upload a picture from a local computer or share it through Facebook. That is not all, the PicMonkey comes with different overlays and themes. Thus, all these make it a perfect online solution for both the general and professional users. No worries for operating system issue as it is an online solution that just needs a browser to run.

Fotor | Best Free Photo Editing Software

free photo editing software

Here is another online photo editor that prompts you to choose between editing a photo, designing a card or collaging your memories. For all of these options, you’ll need to select and upload your best looking shots online using its attractive interface.  The coolest thing is its 1-Tap Interface features, that gets your photo finished within a matter of clicks.

Apart from designing and collaging you can crop, resize, and rotate your images. If you are a social media lover, you have all the reasons to like this tool. You’ll have no issues related to any operating system whatsoever, cause it’s a free online photo editor. In the effects segment, it has got more features for you that you’ll have a crush on it.


free photo editing software

BeFunky is also an online photo collage maker and editor that allow users to design their shots in the simplest way possible. Its interface is the least complex yet attractive. If you have a webcam, have a photograph on your desktop, or on Facebook, this editor will take care of it. Besides just Basic Editing, you can do the touch ups, handle graphics, and design your different appearance.

This tool is a quickly adapted and easy to be used by both the naïve and professional users. And again, it’s an online tool, no need to grab you mouse to click to install any other application.


free photo editing software

PhotoCat is easy to compare with Fotor when it is about competition. But, it outruns it in the case of features like editing an image, retouching it, and using the pre-set filters. Wait, that is not all, I forgot to mention that you can make the collage with it too. Uploading a file is easy but loading the tool editor on your web page may take some time.

The editing and retouching up are done using filters. It may also not appear as gaudy and attractive as other tools but, it gives you attractive photos, and that’s all you need at the end right. Meanwhile, as I have been saying for all the above mentioned free online photo editors, this tool wouldn’t bother with whatever type of operating system you are working with.


free photo editing software

This online tool is something to be compared with Photoshop. And when I talk online, you just are going to need a browser and a nice internet connection. SumoPaint gets you a whole new world of editing your photos and images. Its specialty is colour picker tool, metadata tool that gives you information about images, and a multi-window interface that none of the applications have done so far.

Its loading time is just as opposite as its name, just in a second it gets ready for your job.  Although, it is free to use, but you can get its upgraded features at $4 a month to take your photo-editing passion to the next level.


PhotoViewerPro is another name for revolutionizing your photography and the main attraction among best Photo Editing Software for Windows. This tool supports the most popular image formats like JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG, TIFF, PCX, TGA, JPEG2000, PSD, EPS, WMF, CUR, and ICO. This program is ideal for every professional photographer and supports all the versions of windows.

Missing out on a couple of features like collage creation, its trial version works for the first 21 days. And like our friendly reader Roger Saas (Thank you for your remarks) suggested, it does come with a wide range of features such as image magnifier, image color effects, clone stamp, healing brush, multi-level undo-redo, and 150+ transition effects & music support for slideshow creation.

In Conclusion

So how was the list of Top 11 Best Free Photo Editing Software For Windows? Don’t forget to mention. Did you get something useful out of it? Don’t forget to mention. I missed some important tool, help me know if I forgot to mention. I will see you soon. Thank you for the good read.