Putlocker | 10+ Best Sites Like Putlocker to Stream Movies Free

For some, Putlocker is a great way to save some money and watch the content without any problem. But as you know, illicit methods are always worrisome. This painful fact is the reason to compile a list of Putlocker Alternatives sites to stream movies free.

Putlocker is not a strange name for binge-watchers who love TV series and Movies. Nowadays, there are countless options to stream media content. The only problem with streaming media services is they only allow you to watch your favorite shows, videos, and movies via a paid subscription. But first things first.

What is Putlocker and Why it got Banned?

Began in 2012 as a free platform to host and stream media in the UK, the site reached 1 million subscribers and bagged appreciation from worldwide users. This site gained more attention after Megaupload got shuttered. But this long-run was soon halted in 2016 when Motion Pictures reported it with hosting pirated content.

Eventually, Putlocker was permanently locked from the UK. As of today, people still looking for free-content to stream online. This search has led to the emergence of many Putlocker alternatives.

The Good news is, no government can put barriers on such hosting platforms as their domains change from time-to-time. Even of Putlocker is banned, you can still enjoy your favorite shows and episodes on Putlocker’s alternative sites, some of which will be disclosed here later.

How safe is Putlockers? Is it Legal?  

Sites such as Putlocker are the ones which can jeopardise your online safety. These websites are the best place for cyber criminals and hackers to get into your system easily and steal your data. You are literally unaware of what lurks behind a file you are streaming or downloading from these platforms. No one knows about the URL linked to a particular file you are streaming. That’s why nothing can be said about Putlocker’s legality.

Ever since Putlocker got banned in the UK, several websites have used its name to draw more attention from the users. If you share a content downloaded from Putlocker’s sister site, you’ll definitely be prosecuted for infringing copyright laws. That certainly taints Putlocker’s image. Make sure you put a trusted VPN service to work. Platforms such as Putlocker are not prohibited everywhere, that also means, it’s not illegal in those regions.

Sites Like Putlocker | Putlocker Alternatives sites

Accessing Putlocker’s alternative is as riskier as before, so you better ensure your online privacy is safe while using any of the free streaming websites. However, some sites are legal and allow you to watch content without landing yourself into any troubles. This list of Best Putlocker alternatives renders the top websites where you can watch, stream, or download the media you’re addicted to. You can enjoy endlessly with tons of movies and episodes to stream for free. Let’s dive in.

123Movies – Largest Library

Sites Like Putlocker

123Movies is a many-years-old website that resurfaces on the internet with a different domain. You can find world-famous shows and movies on this platform just by typing in the search box. It’s an easy-to-navigate website with an endless list that doesn’t even require any registration. That’s right; lookup a movie you want to watch, and click its thumbnail to get started. Besides movies, you’ll also come across famous TV shows, mostly Western and Asian genres.

123movies is also a free platform for anime lovers to enjoy their favorite series. Duly note that open streaming platforms come with ads, and when it comes to 123movies, this website is a winner. This site is the only one that displays fewer ads compared to the rest. If you are browsing for the best replacements for Putlocker, 123Movies is what you need.

Pluto TV

Sites Like Putlocker

Pluto TV is the second best alternative to Putlocker for free movies and TV shows. Yes, the website offers more than it speaks of without charging you any fees. You get straight access to 250+ channels with thousands of TV shows and movies. Pluto TV is owned by Viacom, which provides HD content for free. The only problem is unscrupulous ads, which you won’t be able to skip.

But if you are looking to save some money, these ads won’t affect your viewing as you still have lots of stuff to watch. Pluto TV doesn’t list its channels, yet it has a vast network of News channels. Pluto TV is easy to navigate on PCs and smartphones. Besides computing devices, You can also enjoy Pluto TV on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV, Chromecast, SONY TVs, Samsung TVs, and Vizio TVs. Pluto TV is yet to reach some countries, so make sure to download a VPN if you want to watch free movies and shows online.

Popcornflix – Works Well With Mobile

Sites Like Putlocker popcorn flix

Popcornflix takes the third spot on the list of the best websites like Putlocker to watch free movies and TV shows. Get your popcorns and start viewing your favorite TV shows and latest arrivals. This website is where you’ll get a vast directory of 1500+ Movies, famous TV shows, and a particular category for viral videos.

Searching and sifting through the list of movie genres is as easy as you can imagine. Like Pluto TV, you can also enjoy movies on different screens such as iOS devices, Android, and PCs. Popcornflix is owned by Screen Media Vetures, LLC, which guarantees free viewership. For your information, Popcornflix is the largest distributor of Motion Pictures worldwide, so don’t worry about any copyright issues whatsoever.


Putlocker Alternatives

SolarMovie gets the 4th spot on the Best websites like Putlocker to stream online movies for free. A few people are familiar with this website, perhaps because of a medium-sized directory. You can find both movies and TV shows categorized by Genres. Its functionality and navigation is worth mentioning and another star I would like to add to its reputation because of its neat and friendly interface.

Solarmovie is where you’ll find the latest and top-rated movies for your easy search. You don’t require any signup process to get started and save your streaming preferences in a playlist. Get the better of your selected ones and access the content directly.


Putlocker Alternatives

Are you searching for free online movies with subtitles in multiple languages? Try Losmovies and find out the latest additions in the movies list. This website is one of the best alternatives to the Putlocker website that hosts movies only. This is the place where you’ll get to enjoy international content for free.

Losmovies has got a vast collection of thousands of films and TV shows in the original language. If you have a hard time understanding the language, try using subtitles available in multiple languages. Navigating through content is easy where you can find media by release date, rating, date added. If you have a knack of watching the trending content only, check out the homepage with the latest highlights.

Popcorn Time

popcorn time

Popcorn time isn’t a website but a multi-platform streaming application that lets you access the latest free content. It’s free software BitTorrent client that includes an integrated media player so you can play and download your favorite TV shows and films without any hassles. Popcorn Time is an excellent alternative to paid streaming platforms like Netflix.

It’s a BitTorrent client, so be known to risks involved with accessing copyrighted content. The best way to access media via popcorn time is to install a trusted VPN service. This application has a vast collection of TV shows and films that is enough to keep you entertained for quite a while. Hat’s off to its multi-OS support and easy to navigate interface.


f movies

Fmovies is a website that hosts other piracy websites allowing you to watch free online movies and TV shows. Even though Fmovies hosts mostly pirated content, it’s an excellent alternative to Putlocker as it presents movies and TV series country-wise, genre-wise, and rating-wise. You can also sort categories in alphabetical order.

You have the best content to stream from the US, UK, Korea, Taiwan, and many other countries that, too, without any registration. Its unique and user-friendly interface will undoubtedly grab your attention. Its homepage is comprehensive and easy to navigate that you won’t be troubled by anything, even with infrequent ads. As for your privacy, access it using a trustworthy VPN service.


go movies

One of the best things to talk about GoMovies is access to the original and high definition content. Its landing page consists of a simple search box while you can also redirect to the homepage if you want to select a specific show or movie from multiple options.

Meanwhile, there are many movies and TV series you can look up using the Date Added, release date, IMDB ratings, Genre, Most Watched, and country. You can also filter your search and get quick results. From classic to anime, you’ll get it all here in a quick search. Oh! I almost forget, it’s free to access all the content in HD quality.


Putlocker Alternatives

Previously known as Rainerland, Lucnhflix is a simple yet smartly built platform to access the latest Movies and TV shows. Its list of content seems endless as there is no end to the recently released videos and TV Series’ amusements. The thing that makes Lunchflix unique is the searching and sorting of movies year-wise. You can search for a movie or a TV show specifying its release year, and the same goes for seasons.

The film series is already sorted so, if you are a huge fan of the Harry Potter or Marvel Series, you’ll just fall in love with Lunchflix. If you happened to have missed out on the best movies in 2018 or 2019, check the entire array of movies on Lunchflix, and there you go.


movies joy

To my surprise, Movies joy is the only website that lets you watch free movies and TV shows without any ads.  You can also download the latest movies in HD quality from this place. Moviesjoy gets regularly refreshed with the latest content, so you better keep an eye on the latest releases.

For the admirers of US-based content, Moviesjoy is a haven with multiple genres such as Horror, action, Sci-Fi, and action. Movioesjoy is a single-page website with an attractive yet simple interface. You’ll find it easiest to navigate and search your preferred movies.

Conclusion and Caution

You might have seen that it’s hard for a streaming platform to stay around the web for a while. This is due to infringement of copyright or other reasons that seem unfair or illicit. It always a risk accessing online streaming websites even though they claim to be safer.

You might also run into some fake websites at times that may have potential malwares. The best way to ensure your privacy is to use a VPN service like I used to recommend throughout this article. The only thing next to privacy is annoying ads that pop up from almost every side of the page.

Expect of these two concerns, these Putlocker Alternatives sites are also safe and guarantee you top-notch entertainment. How did you find this list of Putlocker replacements? Do let me know through your comments.