Top 10 Blogging Tips for Students

Internet is evolving at its highest rate. People are getting more and more familiar with the terms like Affiliate Marketing and Blogging.

Well, now people have become wiser than before as they found a new way to fill out their pockets and make a decent income with the comfort of being anywhere in the world. Blogging and Affiliate marketing has shaped many lives by now. As teenagers and college students mostly remains online. Earlier they used to waste their time on dating and social networking sites, blogging have made them independent and self-concerned about their own future. They have started investing their excess time in adopting skills which wouldn’t have been a choice to them being offline. Also they know that adopting new skills, will help them make a big chunk of extra income to pay off their tuition fees and apartment bills.

One such highly emerging skill/hobby is Blogging which turned out to be passion for millions of people across the world. But for College students, as they are working day and night to move a step forward to their blogging goals, they are sacrificing their academic classes other important activities too.

This article is specifically for college students, on how important it is for them to maintain a proper balance between their Academic studies and Blogging aspirations.

  1. Attend Your Classes

As you are pursuing your higher education, your main goal is to get a degree and else is secondary.

I know Blogging stands as an ultimate income source to many as it helps you pay your tuition and apartment expenses. You can continue with it too, but you should give proper time to your academic studies.

As degree is most important to get placed in companies, you need to have good academic performance.

So never sacrifice your classes and overall performance to build your blog.

  1. A proper Schedule is Important

Self-Discipline is necessary. So make a proper schedule and follow it. Don’t make changes to your defined schedule, stick to it to attain maximum productivity. Your main goal should be to acquire as many skills as you can during your college period without giving up on your studies. These skills will help you stand out of crowd and live a lifestyle and mediocrity.

  1. Manage your time for Maximum Productivity

Stick to proper schedule. Keeping your college timings in mind, divide your spare time accordingly as both Blogging and Studies are important.

At this time, your mind is cluttered with information overload, you have to read course books and other blogs as well to remain updated. You have a human mind, not a machine. Keep that in mind and take proper sleep and I will suggest you not to become a night owl. Also start practicing meditation to heal your mind.

  1. Use Words of Mouth to market your Blog

Your blog is your online property. You own it. Why not share it with your friends and ask them to read it regularly and review what they liked and what not.

You are not an expert now. Feedbacks are best teachers for you. Also, your friends will share it and ultimately you will get initial boost, here’s how words of mouth sharing comes into practice.

  1. Blogging as a Part Time Job

Blogging turned out to be best part time job so far. As it have no limitations or boundaries. Sky is your limit. Invest your time in putting precious content that engages and target audiences. You can make big chunks of money through affiliating products your audience needs the most rather than pissing off working at a call center and getting worst experiences of life struggles.

Always do something which motivates and inspires you. I don’t think a call center job or a part time bakery job will do that anyhow.

  1. Attending Blogging Meets and Marketing your Blog

Try to attend all blogging events and meet ups. It’s a tremendous step to personally know your niche dominators. It will help you crush the competition, nothing is better than observing and listening to famous peoples of your niche. Try to learn from them. How they talk, represent their blogs and build relations with fellow competitors. By this, you will learn how to lead a healthy competition.

  1. Host Webinars and Trainings

Another great way to market your blog is by hosting webinars, roundups and training sessions for your audiences. For this you, can also collaborate with fellow bloggers to increase your reach.

Also don’t forget to promote product launch events in your niche, It will get you sponsored posts and other product benefits as well.  And try to become media partners for meets and product launches. It’s another way to simply boost your audience. You can also start offline trainings in your colleges for other students of your college.

  1. Polish your Skills with Time

It’s important for you to polish your skills regularly and master them. Always reads blogs related to your niche to see what’s trending and how you can help your audience by keep your blog updated.

Always try to solve queries, your readers are facing.

  1. Interact with your Audience

Most bloggers don’t do this. But it needs to be taken care of what your readers do require. What they are looking for? You can do it by regularly having feedback/suggestions roundups.

Ask your audience, if they are facing any issues with your blog theme, the type of content you present suits them or not.

Simply work on the things and never let them go!

Building a large audience is not that important, if you can’t engage with them.

  1. Final Tip!

Invest in yourself. This is not specifically for you but your blog and is important. Start attending paid events and get to know the best ways to market your content and network marketing.

See how market leaders work on their content and how they make it shareable and acceptable. Do learn network marketing tactics. In any business, understanding your audience and customer base is the basic necessity. Learn how to promote products and get sales.

Never get demotivated, see where you are lagging. Soon you will be crushing it.

In Conclusion

So, these were the 10 blogging tips for college students, How blogging can shape their lives and lead to a better future.

Hope you like it. If yes, do share it.