Brief Discussion of Top and Best Affiliate Programs for Bloggers

This article show you a top and best highest paying affiliate marketing programs which is suitable for bloggers and online marketers.

Best Affiliate Programs for Bloggers:- Affiliate marketing is quite popular way of making money. In fact, it is considered as a primary source of earning by many online business persons and blogger. Over the years the number of business persons and bloggers, adopting affiliate marketing techniques has increased and this had led to opportunities for the affiliate bloggers as well as the web publishers to develop an audience for offer promotion.

How can you expect to promote affiliate offers for the publishers? A popular method is by joining an affiliate network and then implements the offers that are available on the website. In this tutorial we will show you some of best and highest paying Affiliate Programs but before starting our list.

Affiliate marketing is a process of marketing wherein we refer someone to any online products or services and when that person buys the products or services based on our recommendation, than we receive a commission that is called affiliate commission. There are too many product selling and service provider companies who offers Affiliate Programs and giving commission based on there income of sales. Some of affiliate program paying high commission and some pays low commission. So, we need to find which affiliate program is paying high commission rate.

Top & Best Affiliate Programs are Listed as Follows

Friends in below list I am sharing some of the best Affiliate Programs for Bloggers and online business persons. Choose the right Affiliate Programs suitable for your blog or which program you can sell easily.

1.      Google AdSense

It is regarded as a rewarding affiliate program network that is owned, run by the search engine Google.  The AdSense offers advertisement units to the publishers. The publishers require signing up for the AdSense program network.  By doing so, they can use their publisher account and earn money. They can do ad posting by Google on their blog or website. In this context, it is worth mentioning that each publisher gets a unique ID on signing up and this ID is used to generate ad codes for the website.


Low requirements of traffic:-Good quality website, containing unique contents, there is little or no difficulty of getting approval for AdSense because such website requires very little traffic.  

  • Multiple monetization options: The publisher can earn cash through ad posting using the website. The publisher can also earn money by monetizing the feed, videos, online games, mobile site etc.
  • Multiple language support: Google AdSense allows ad posting in more than one language. It allows the posting of ad other than the English language.
  • No waiting time for ads to show up: The ads get displayed in quick succession. It is because of the presence of the long list of advertisers that are there in the Google Adwords, the ads are displayed in the ads space as soon as the ad code is furnished in the user’s blog.
  • Multiple ad formats: The ads get displayed in different formats. There are link ads, text ads, display ads, rich media ads, and video ads. Ad posting can be done in these formats to earn money.
  • Highest revenue share for publishers: Google AdSense fetches greater cut of the revenue when compared to other publisher networks.
  • Country specific payment methods: Google AdSense makes payments using the options that are readily available in the country where the user resides.


  • Strict uniqueness restriction
  • Payment threshold


The Amazon contains products from a number of vendors, thousands and thousands of affiliates. The retail website’s affiliate program is considered to be user friendly. It is simple to grasp. Those who are interested to make money online, especially the non-technical but business minded individuals. The Amazon Associates provides advanced features like the APIs for the developer community. The web marketers can tell with confidence that Amazon Associates is one of the best affiliate programs that have a scope of earning.


  • Easy to use: The Amazon Associate interface is not only uncluttered but also intuitive.
  • Greatest flexibility: The many types of products that are sold on Amazon imply that the user of the affiliate program can choose from a large number of ads or affiliate links to put on their website.


  • Smaller commissions
  • Extended pay cycle

3. LinkShare

When you start affiliate marketing, LinkShare is recommended. LinkShare is one of larger affiliate network, with 10 million affiliate partners and have over 2500 affiliate programs. The presence of some of its features, make it unique. For any given product, it automatically rotates through the banner ads. Website administration becomes easy and in the long run it is convenient to optimize. Besides, LinkShare has a greater level of flexibility when doing deep linking to merchant landing pages.


  • Rotation of ads: It may appear to be a minor feature but it can be effective in streamlining the time, efforts consumption with the objective of optimization / management.
  • Flexible deep linking: The user is able to select the web page of the merchant’s web site. This enables the website user to determine the best way how funnel affiliate purchases can be made.


  • Small network
  • Payments aren’t predictable

4. ShareASale

One of the biggest affiliate programs is the ShareASale. There are more than 3000 merchants on the ShareASale list. As a user, you need to focus on these merchants whose offers are unavailable in other platforms. What the ShareASale has to offer to its users? A user of this affiliate program can check things like average commission, reversal rates, average sale amount, and earnings per click. These numbers do not guarantee the extent of payment but they surely contribute to the attractiveness of the campaign.


  • Expansive network: The ShareASale network is one of the biggest networks that comprises of more than 3000 merchants.
  • Easy to compare offers:  ShareASale allows the user in evaluating the best offer on the basis of important metrics.
  • Rapid payment: With this affiliate program, payment is made on the 20th of every month, but the user needs to have a minimum balance of $50 in his or her account.


  • Reporting isn’t very streamlined

5. eBay Partner Network

The eBay partner Network is a popular affiliate program that is rewarding. It can be compared with many other affiliate programs, for instance Amazon’s program. The program operates in the following ways:-

Payment is made if someone registers on the eBay, places bid within a period of period of 30 days after having clicked on the user’s affiliate link.

A user of the affiliate program gets paid if that individual registered bids on eBay.

The buttons, banners are neatly designed so that the users of the affiliate program can enjoy its interface.


  • Diversity of products: Many products are categorized under different groups and the user of the affiliate program can choose to promote the products.
  • Seasonal discounts: The discounts are offered on brand new products. Also, seasonal discounts are offered during a particular season or during the holidays.
  • Swifter payment: The payment is swift as it is made through PayPal.


  • Cumbersome approval
  • Earnings aren’t predictable

6. PeerFly

Many affiliate programs offer the lucrative commissions. There is customized software which allows the publishers from across the globe to sign up. The important feature of this software is that, with the software, third party hosting is removed and this contributes to the streamlining of operations.


  • Reliable custom software: Downtime issues are not experienced with this software.
  • Global acceptance of affiliates: Different traffic types and global affiliates are accepted.
  • Multiple payment methods: Publishers can avail various methods of payments to receive their earnings.
  • Flexible payment: The publisher can get the payment any day provided that there is $50 in their account.


  • Tough approval system
  • Private affiliate programs

There are a number of affiliate programs that one can use to make money online. The choice of an affiliate program, however, depends on the user. But observations reveal that the affiliate programs are so chosen so that gains are maximized. If a user is using an affiliate network to make online money and after sometime that individual shifts to another network then in this context, extra effort on the part of the user helps to understand the different advantages the other network has over the first network.

In an age of the internet, web more and more individuals are prefer to make some quick bucks. Though, using the affiliate programs can be a bit risky. There are many such programs which are little known and after taking the service from the publishers they do not pay. Some programs set a particular target for the publishers to reach beyond which the later can expect to receive a payment.

Those, which are considered trusted affiliate programs, offer publishers the payout they deserve. The publishers can receive the payout using the payment mode that is common in the country. Some affiliate programs are so designed such that the publishers can draw the payout using any payment mode irrespective of the country they live in.

Though six important affiliate programs are discussed, many affiliate programs are available. Interested individuals can visit relevant links and thereby check online for such programs.