4 Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Your WordPress Site

WordPress developers have now realized the benefits of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This awareness has increased after the realization that sites that have great links, those that are fast, plus those that contain the right keywords are easily identified by the best Serp tracker tool. Even if you have the basic knowledge of how to develop your WordPress site to be SEO-friendly, there are some common mistakes that you might make without even realizing it.

This guide will go over 4 SEO common mistakes that people make when creating a WordPress site and how you can avoid them. These mistakes could have serious consequences; therefore, it is better for you if you knew how to avoid them.

1. Failure to Include Keywords in Post URL

One of the common mistakes that WordPress developers make is failing to include the keywords in the post URL. This is a costly mistake because WordPress creates new post links with a string of numbers if you don’t define that the URL needs to be founded on keywords. When you include keywords, Google will give your WordPress site better rankings compared to a site that has random numbers. Moreover, people surfing the web hold a site that has substantial URLs with high regard. You can ensure this happens with your site by clicking on the Permalinks option on the dashboard to make the necessary changes. You could also consult an SEO expert to help you out with URL optimization.

2. Not Connecting Your WordPress Site to Google

Everybody wants to be at the top, but you might hear those with WordPress sites complaining that Google doesn’t want their sites to appear at the top of the first page. What you don’t know is that it isn’t Google’s fault but yours for failing to connect your WordPress with Google. After all, Google’s role is to provide web surfers with the best results. However, you can get top position by integrating your WordPress site with essential Google tools such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

To connect your site with Google Search Console, you need to create a Gmail account, go to Search Console, register your WordPress site on the console, then add XML sitemap. Google Search Console is a tool that enables Google to understand all the posts and pages on your WordPress site, plus their location regarding directories and subcategories. That notwithstanding, it allows Google to know when you publish new content on your site, plus it offers tips on how you could optimize your site.

3. Not Having an XML Sitemap

Another common mistake that you could make when creating your WordPress website is not including an XML sitemap. Google continues to improve web users’ experience. In 2005, Google released an XML format for sitemaps that was meant for search engines to help them navigate websites easier and efficiently, plus to enable them index websites much easier. When you include an XML sitemap when creating your WordPress site, Google will be able to crawl all your site’s pages. However, if you don’t include an XML sitemap, Google might not index some pages. Moreover, XML sitemaps can identify new content on your site plus the way it is structured. Undoubtedly, creating your site with XML sitemaps is a great practice.

4. Blocking Search Engines

Another common mistake that you might make while creating your WordPress website is blocking search engines. This is a mistake that has serious consequences, and it would be ideal if managed to avoid it. If you block search engines from your site, you will probably have zero traffic, which beats the purpose of having a WordPress site. Unfortunately, when you are creating a WordPress site for the first time, blocking search engines is quite easy. You can avoid this mistake by going to settings, then reading section. Ensure that “Search Engine Visibility” is unchecked, then save the changes.


Everyone wants their WordPress website to have immense traffic. You can make this possible by making your site SEO-friendly. However, you cannot achieve this if you make the mistakes above. If you want to stay on the right side of Google, as well as to achieve SEO success, follow the steps indicated to avoid these mistakes.