How to Make Money Online with These Tips

The digital world has indeed positioned itself as a new platform to earn money. There are many viable options that one can quickly learn and start. However, if one wishes to get big, then it takes a lot of patience and consistency.

Starting online nowadays is no longer that much of a challenge unlike a decade or two ago. Online communities through forums can help others with all sorts of subjects. is one of the sites that hosts forums with discussions on earning money online.

With such, how then can you make money online?

Create a YouTube Channel

Every time a person watches an ad in a YouTube video, the creator in a certain condition gets paid. For someone who is starting, it’s best to note that YouTube or its advertisers won’t pay you by the number of your subscribers, but by the number of engagement they get through your videos. Subscribers, though, speak of the strength of your channel.

How do you earn in youtube?
The are two ways to earn: one is through YouTube (Adsense Ads) and the second is through the promotion of other products or what they call sponsorship.

How to earn through Ads?

  • Cost per Click – A particular keyword would pop up, most likely, on the lower portion of the screen on your video, or it can also be a banner on your channel. The keyword has a CPC value, so when a viewer clicks on it, the advertiser gets billed.
  • Cost per View – The advertiser pays the view only when the viewer gets to the first 30 seconds of the video or towards half the end. This simply means that even if a viewer clicks on the ad multiple times and do not reach such timeframe, no payment will be credited to the video creator

How does sponsorship work?
A specific company will look out for a reliable channel that aligns with their product. For instance, your channel is about beauty products, and you’ve already grown your audience. You will then most likely attract a company selling beauty products. In turn, the company will ask you to endorse their products on your videos, and you get a percentage of the total sales through your channel.

Get Paid for Your Web Searches

More likely similar to how YouTube works, this utilizes what is called the Ad Revenue ‘system.’ There are certain websites that would pay you for your Google, Bing, and Yahoo! searches. This works when a simple add-on is installed to your browser, and all it does is include sponsored results together with your regular searches. It isn’t that much different with how search engines generally work.

As you click on a sponsored link, you get paid, and you may then transfer the amount that you’ll accumulate to the payment method you’ve set up with the website.

Go and Tutor Online

You have a skill you’ve developed over the years? Teach it. If you’re a programmer, then you can teach programming online. Whichever specialization you’re really good at, be it math, science, history, dance, music, cooking, drawing, and others, there are always people who are willing to learn more and pay a considerable amount of money for the education. The fact that there are so many ‘tutoring’ and ‘learning’ websites is proof of that demand. In addition, most of these sites do not require you to have any teaching experience for you to be able to tutor online using their platform. What you do need is creativity and determination to be able to make your lessons engaging. Another upside is that you can teach at your convenience, which leaves you free to do other activities.

Do Online Surveys

This is one of the more popular ways that college students make money. All you have to do is complete online surveys during your spare time. For every couple minutes of form filling, you can find a couple of bucks in your PayPal account. You have research companies to thank for this because they’re always finding more people to answer surveys and test new products.

Become a Blogger

This is quite an easy thing to do. If you love new tech, music or movies, you can make it your business to review them. If you do decide to become a blogger, Wordpress and Blogger will have your back for that. You’ll have five ‘income streams’ to take advantage of as a Blogger, namely ad content, affiliate content, digital and physical products/services.

Write a Book

This is saved for last because this can give you the highest possible amount of short-term cash flow compared to any other method. If writing books is your passion, then go for it. But unlike olden times, you don’t need to find a publisher, nor have a substantial capital prepared. With Amazon’s Kindle, anyone can publish an eBook and make money.

These are among a few of the ways you can make money online. Check out which one you can slowly take on and be consistent with. Earning some extra amount is good enough. You’ll never know—what started as an extra may become your primary source of income that will free you of your office job.