Potential Dangers of Technological Advancement

When you mention machines to some people, it brings about fear that machines will at some point take over humanity. Movies like the “Terminator” have propagated this notion. Technological advancements have brought significant changes in some industries like medicine and manufacturing it does pose some dangers.

This article will help you realize the potential dangers that technology poses.


Spying devices are been installed in the most unlikely places for example that next generation TV could be having a listening device. The fact that the government snoops on conversations are no longer a secret and people have with time accepted it. What shocks people the most is that their favorite social media platform could be sharing their private data. Laws are slow in curbing snooping, and it will reach a time our lives will no longer be private. If you are worried about snooping in your Mac PC, then it is time you checked out our 10 best VPNs for mac.

All Data will become digital

We have moved from a society where all records are recorded on paper to an age where all data is becoming digital. The problem with this is that some devices are becoming obsolete. People are no longer reading books from the libraries instead preferring eBooks. This has led to libraries going extinct. The other problem with all data becoming digital is we risk going back to the stone age should something catastrophic happen that will wipe out all data.

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Shift in the workplace

We are moving towards a society where the typical 9 to 5 shift becomes outdated. Most employees prefer to work at home through freelancing. Fast internet speeds and the introduction of the cloud have enabled workers to work from anywhere in the world. The problem with taking work home is that it interferes with family time. People are becoming workaholics as they seek to earn more by working during odd hours. It is becoming the norm to see people working weekends and late nights.

Machine replacing humans

This has been the biggest fear when you mention machines. Machines will at some point replace some of the jobs done by humans that are repetitive and tiresome. In the next ten years most of the jobs in existence today will be computerized. A task that required 20 people to operate now requires a machine and one individual for supervision. Ail  will fuel this change,and soon enough we will have machines been involved in decision making. We are seeing this happening in healthcare and the automotive industry with the introduction of self-driving cars.

Anti-social behavior

Social media has led to the death of physical human interaction. People are interacting with others on social media more than they do traveling to see each other. This has destroyed the art of conversation and contributed to an increase in mental diseases like depression. The fear of been left out has caused people to be addicted to their smartphones. Humans were created to interact with each other physically. The art of touching and hugging loved ones has a therapeutic effect that cannot be replicated by social media. The dangers of addiction to social media have seen a rise in road accidents as people respond to texts instead of the road.

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Technology Related Diseases

Studies have proved that the blue light emitted by phones can lead to blindness. There are also studies – though not conclusive – that point to the fact that long-term phone use can cause cancer. Disposal of gadgets poses a threat to the environment and is a cause of toxins finding themselves in the water that we drink. To prevent some of these dangers players are turning to green technology. But, companies are still slow to adopt some of these policies. Another health-related danger to gadget addiction is obesity. Young people are today spending more time on the couch playing video games than going outside and enjoying the sunshine.

End of Humanity

There is a danger that we will become so fused with technology that you will not be able to tell the difference between machines and humans. This is the scenario that is prophesized in the movie Terminator. This issue is still debatable as some downplay the fears while others are seeking for regulations of machines to prevent such a scenario from happening. Elon Musk – tech entrepreneur at Tesla – has been quoted saying that machines will be worse than nukes. All controlled machines will continue to become more intelligent, but it is not clear whether they will at some point refuse the control of humans.

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Uncontrolled nanobots

If you have watched the movie “nightrider”, then you have seen how nano-meters are used. While this sounds like science fiction nanotechnology is been used in the fields of medicine with amazing results. People foresee a scenario when nanobots will start consuming organic matter in the earth and hence leading to its extinction.

Technology Addiction

This is a concern for many people. We are becoming addicted to our gadgets. This addiction is so real that people suffer from depression should they lose their phones. While technology is welcomed, we have become controlled by it instead of us controlling us. This has been evident in GPS technology in most cars. People are unable to locate places the conventional way and are very reliant on GPS. We have seen instances where cars have collided because on over-reliance on the GPS. People cannot even spell small word without the use of a word processor. For kids it is worse; while in the old day’s kids would go outside and make friends nowadays most kids are spending their time on gadgets. This has a direct effect on child development. In the future, we will see human beings losing basic skills like cooking, driving, communication and even writing.


While technology is good over-reliance on it leads to various problems. We live in a world where most people are addicted to their gadgets. Gadgets have replaced some skills that used to make us humans. It will not come as a surprise if we become like the gadgets that we created.

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