15 Weird Mobile Games You Will Fall In Love With Instantly

How many dead hours has our Smartphone filled ….Social networks and messaging reserve a good portion of those moments of leisure, but games are the most appropriate software to entertain.

The Android games you have below have reserved their place in the history of entertainment. They are good, they are addictive, they offer fun in abundance and, in general, they accumulate millions of downloads. Surely you agree in many and disagree in many others, but it is undeniable that all of them have their importance. Here we have come to play.Maybe you have downloaded 1 or more of this mobile games in your smartphone.

Monument Valley

The number one must be a game in which the popularity of the title, its quality, graphic style, and innovation come together. Maybe it’s not as classic as the mobile franchises we all know, but what Monument Valley has achieved and its entire impossible environment is a stunning beauty. Pity that the levels become extremely short, is the only fault that this game has. It is unscramble form of online games.

Angry Birds

I think it’s one of the first exponents of the real mobile game. Rovio got a franchise that will live forever, even if the last deliveries are too redundant: the birds, the green pigs, and the slingshot are synonymous with the mobile game. There is nobody who has not played any of the parties. And many who will have spent three stars each of the levels.

Cut the Rope

Om Nom is pure tenderness: a green monster that you have to feed by giving him candies. Puzzles, simple mechanics, levels and levels between the various parts of the franchise and the charisma of a character “chuckable”. If you have not felt sad with the face of Om Nom when losing a candy is that you are not human.

Fruit Ninja

Another of those games that defined the “mobile” genre. Take full advantage of the tactile capabilities of the screen: just make strokes to split the fruits. And we have started enough fruit to prepare juice for a whole school during the next year.


The one that got mixed up with the fashion of this Scrabble copy … I do not remember so much fondness for words from the language exams of the institute. Nor is it strange: challenging friends to see who is the smartest by punctuating words causes’ true addiction.

Candy Crush Saga

Authentic devourer of time and life, twice. And one of the main reasons that in-app purchases and limited lives are our daily bread when we try a new mobile game. And that the game itself is not bad: join candies, make combos and be sweetened until the diabetic coma.

Subway Surfers

An endless runner of those who ended up marking the genre in the mobile territory. Vertical Scroll, a graffiti artist who flees from the police without either of them getting tired, obstacles to stop a train, tremendously addictive … Subway Surfers maintains its essence despite the years: you’ll enjoy it if you download it again.

Clash of Clans

 This MMORPG designed for mobile catapulted its developers to fame, Super cell. The success of downloads and monetization, the wars between clans became an unstoppable fever. He has everything to succeed, and that’s what he did: pearls very strong.


It seems incredible that this Tamagotchi made with much modesty has survived so many years among the tops in downloads of the Android store. Graphics as simple as those drawn by a baby and sounds that go in tune. However … Pou has something that millions of users became fond of. Be that as it may, he won his place in the Olympus of Android.

World of Goo

It did not appear first on mobile since it came from the computer, but it did adapt to the touch screens of smart phones. No need to play it: you have to do it, periodically. Puzzles and sympathy in a construction game that marked precedents.

Rayman Jungle Run

bisoft graphics engine for a mobile matched artistic wonder. All with the magic of Rayman, an animated character who will face the surreal obstacles of the different levels. Jumps blow and a lot of race: Rayman Jungle Run is a must try. Same as the rest of the sequels.


More puzzles, its war. But with class, what Threes. It marked a style and form of the game. Limited board with number chips that we must add while there is still space. It seems impossible to give charisma to the figures, but in this game, it is achieved in a big way. There’s no excuse: you can play it for free.

Plants Vs. Zombies

I do not know who came up with the idea of joining plants shooting zombies trying to invade a garden, but ended up becoming one of the most popular mobile games in history. Hours and hours of fun, Plants Vs Zombies is a pure vice.

Leo’s Fortune

Of those games that have everything to succeed and, for justice, they achieve it. Leo’s Fortune is a must buy, as is. Simple control platforms, excellent graphics, defined characters and a plot at the same level. It’s one of those games that always ask me when they see it in a review. In my opinion, a purchase that you will not regret in life.

Where’s my water

The crocodile that needs our help to take a shower. Digging the land above it so that the coveted waterfalls. A classic that ended up buying Disney itself. And that made a version embodied by Mickey Mouse himself.

We move away from the featured developments to talk about an indie game that has struck strong between users and critics, all through a game that wants to be a love letter to trees, and in which we have to grow a tree towards the light.