Top 15+ Best Camera Apps for iPhone in 2021

The brilliant iPhone camera app offers some nice features and its share of presets and color filters. The Apple’s iPhone has one of the most capable cameras in its class, yet professional photographers complain of its limited interface with limited controls and wish for something more. To let you explore more with your iPhone camera, I listed these Best Camera Apps for Iphone that would add a kicky element to your experience.

But do you also really wish your iPhone camera could do brilliantly? We’ve made a list of some third-party apps that will give users more control over your device’s snapper. These camera apps, whether you want to play around or want a much more professional experience, will lead you to another level.

Best Camera Apps For Iphone to get Batter Photos

Are you one of those who love the idea of combining photography and social networking? This post has been made on special request of many persons who seriously wanted a suggestion for best camera app for iPhone. Do check out if you like shooting pictures and video with your phone. Want to shoot a stop motion video?


best camera apps for iphone

VSCO Cam is a universal app that combines camera, editor and sharing features. When you get to camera mode, you’ll see a toolbar with options. Choose parameters for flash, white balance, display orientation and start taking pics. You are also able to manually adjust exposure compensation, focus, shutter speed, and ISO.

Here you can choose among 15 editing presets with various filters and effects. Adjust color balance, shadows, and highlights, saturation, sharpen and crop your pics, and use many other functions.

When you start the app, you’ll be shown a dozen of options. Don’t be frightened! You can change to bypass the start screen in Preferences. The app gives a great chance to your fantasy! Please note that you will have to enable the Advanced Mode (ADV) to get manual controls.

What’s interesting about VSCO, it lets you choose if you want to take photos by tapping any place on the screen or the shutter button. You might need it when you need to quickly catch an interesting moment.

Pro Camera

best camera apps for iphone

The app has the decent interface which reminds that of a standard camera app for iphone. There are 3 shooting modes you can choose from: photo, video, night. ProCamera is an impressive and one of the most popular photo apps for your iPhone. The app also contains 76 filters to adjust your pic, rapid mode that let us take 10 shots per second and a great many other options to explore.

Among other features, you can find exposure and photo separation. That means that you can focus ProCamera HDR on one object by tapping on it while the exposure level will be set on another.

The Night mode lets set a longer shutter and get quite interesting pics in low light conditions. You’ll also find a Motion button that is necessary when you need to take a pic of a moving object. ProCamera HDR will shot the photo in the moment when your hand is steady enough.


best camera apps for iphone

Instagram is one of the biggest used apps and has more than 30 million people who use Instagram on iOS. Instagram taps into Twitter’s popularity with the ability to follow other users and see their photos. Best of all, the price is right. Instagram won’t change how you take photos, but it will change how you share and consume them.

In the world of iPhone camera apps, Instagram reigns supreme; thanks to its simplicity and perfect and it’s so popular, you probably know exactly what it does.

Instagram allows photographers to slap filters onto their images to make them sepia tone or lo-fi. But what if you don’t like filters?

Every photo gets a convenient Web link and its own page displaying comments, “likes” and the location where it was shot if users choose to enable that feature.

Well, Instagram is still a powerful camera app because of its social filter. Thirty million downloads can attest to that. Instagram’s real draw is social networking and how easy it makes sharing photos.

Cortex Camera

best camera apps for iphone

Cortex Camera also lets you increase exposure time but in a different way. Cortex Camera is a magical app that will help you get rid of blurry low-quality pics for $2.99.

Cortex Camera takes several photos of a scene and combines them into one to deliver a sharper result. What’s great, you don’t need to have any tripod here. The app will do the job for you.

Cortex Cam doesn’t have a variety of settings. When you launch the app, you’ll see the options tab where you can set to keep or remove motion blur, image extension (JPG or PNG), timer and torch. As soon as you choose the necessary parameters, start taking pics. They’ll be saved to your camera roll.

The result of pictures is really amazing, so if you stand for high quality, don’t miss this photo app. You won’t use it every day, but it should definitely be in your phone apps kit for a right moment.


best camera apps for iphone

The Mattebox app looks simple, but it’s actually a photo app built for photographers who are used to shooting with fancy DSLRs.

Mattebox displays information pro photographers expect to see at a glance: ISO, white balance, shutter speed and focal distance. Only white balance can be manually controlled due to the iPhone hardware, but all that information is on display for photographers to keep in mind while shooting.

One of the app’s coolest features is a dual-stage shutter button or slider. By holding down the button, you can lock exposure and focus, and then adjust your framing before sliding the button down and snapping a shot. Mattebox also offers some basic editing tools for cropping, color, exposure, gamma and saturation tweaking, but the unique viewfinder is its primary draw.


best camera apps for iphone

Camerabag is a just like the more famous Instagram, Camerabag lets you apply all sorts of stylized filters to an image, transforming a digital photo into a ’80s Polaroid replica or a warm silver take on black-and-white aesthetics. Basics like cropping and adding borders are also included.

If a photo doesn’t come out quite right, double-tapping will re-apply a filter and change how it looks. That’s about as simple as photo editing can get. Camerabag has been around for years. And while newer apps have passed it by in terms of popularity, Camerabag still has its supporters, thanks to a simple interface and a selective range of filters.

The editing suite features adjustable brightness, contrast, color, sharpening, and saturation. And instead of simple filters, and with social tools for Flickr, Facebook, and Twitter, you can share edited photos as easily in the app, as you can in most other photo apps. At $5, it’s one of the most expensive apps on this list, but that’s still a bargain for the best-reviewed editing app on the market.

Camera Awesome

best camera apps for iphone

It’s a free app that’s racked up more than 4 million downloads in the first half of 2012 by offering a simple “awesome” button to auto-adjust images. Camera Awesome does more than that: It offers quick tap controls for independently adjusting exposure and focus, 36 presets, filters, frames, crop and rotates tools, and compositional aids for framing shots.

Filters can be mixed and matched to create different visual effects. Camera Awesome sharing center features all the usual suspects of social sharing, including Instagram, and by picking a favorite service, you can automate the process to get photos on the Web as quickly as possible.

The video recording app even starts working before you press the shutter button to capture the previous five seconds of action. Useful, if you’re a tad slow on the draw.

Camera Genius

CameraGenius has been around since 2009, a long time in the app world. The developers of this $3 camera app have updated it again and again over its life. And it offers editing options: A simple cropping tool sits alongside tons of color filters for styling up photographs.

As soon as you launch the app, go to Options to see what you can choose from. Try different parameters to set the best one for your current light conditions.

It adds additional shooting options, like a full-screen shutter button and time stamping. The interface of the app is like the one of a standard iPhone camera.

The app is popular enough to have accrued more than 1.5 million downloads in its lifetime. It adds sharing tools like quick uploading to Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, Twitter, and Picasa.

While some of its features, like burst shooting and anti-shake, have been made redundant by updates to Apple’s basic camera app, Camera Genius is a simple tool that provides a lot of functionality in an amateur-friendly interface.


best camera apps for iphone

With more than 7 million downloads, Camera+ has become the go-to photo-taking app that fulfills the jack-of-all-trades slot once owned by Camera Genius.  The $2 app offers a range of shooting features, like constant fill lighting from the LED, image stabilization, timer and burst modes, and a 6x digital zoom option. Camera+ allows you to import photos taken in the default camera app and edit them with effects, filters and a digital “flash” that brightens overly dark images.

The range of editing tools is even greater, starting with a “clarity” feature those auto-tweaks images, much like Camera Awesome “awesome.” Cropping, borders and sharing to Twitter, Facebook and Flickr round out the list of expected features.

Just like Camera Awesome, Camera+’s name implies a twist on the basic features offered by Apple’s default photo-taking app.


best camera apps for iphone

SloPro is a big divergence from the filters and editing tools of apps like Camera+ and Camera Awesome. Shooting at 60 fps is important since the app can then slow the video down without resulting in choppy playback. SloPro requires a $2 in-app purchase to remove a video watermark and export videos in slow motion or at 60 fps. Videos can also be uploaded to Facebook and Twitter.

And with that, slow motion iPhone video capture is easy as can be.There are four bitrate options with a max of 48 Mbps at 1080p, and framing overlays for various resolutions like 4:3, 16:9 and 2.35:1.The free app can shoot 60 frames per second (fps) video on the iPhone 7, twice the frame rate of the standard 30 fps and then export that video at three different speeds: slow, slower and slowest.


best camera apps for iphonebest camera apps for iPhone

Snapseed is a useful and second most powerful iPhone camera app to suggest the Amateurs, Beginners and Professional users. To add more to your delights, it’s a free to use run app giving you worth of valuable features. Take a tour of its features such as from Photo editing, colour, sharpness, and exposure adjustment to touch up the selected areas of a particular image.

it has it all. To better the looks of your photos, this too is the most straightforward place to try your experiments before sharing the collection with your beasties, disregarding however lengthy your photo-collection is. What more to work with it is the filter options, variable modes like adding the vintage look, turning your images into black or white, cropping, adding exposure and other creative tools to renew or set life to your old and fading photographs.


best camera apps for iphone

Bag this app from the store at just $1.99 to add the glowing and crystal clear effects to your pictures. With the set of best auto and manual controls like dust spots remover, Clone tool and single-tap cleaning feature there is no other app I’d prefer for your photo collection. From the dust patches or solar lights to the unwanted object or area; you can remove it in just a swipey touch from the picture, let’s say a pole or a tree for instance.

645 PRO Mk III (iOS 8)

best camera apps for iphone

This app is, I must say, a great deal of choice for the professionals and still dominates the app store with regular patches and upgrades. Now, built to suit iOS 8, it is priced at $3.99. 645 PRO lands you the capability to shoot the images as if you deal with your DSLR. A robust and so loaded with manual and auto controls like exposure compensation, spot and matrix metering, shutter, and ISO priority modes, tap and slide focus override with focus peaking, a stock of classic films, it enables you to save and export the image in ‘developed RAW’ TIFF files. Download its User guide to have a skin-deep this’s, and that’s of this app.


best camera apps for iphone

If you want to go creative along with enjoying your photo-shoots, you need Enlight then. Available at $3.99, Enlight gets you all the much-needed tools right at your fingertips. Things you can do in the editing section start from the basic ones like Cropping, rotating, straightening, adding filters, gradient and exposure adjustments, adding the classic black and white effects and taking your photos to the vintage era etc.

The list is continued further with removing the unwanted areas and objects, applying creative and artistic touch-ups like drawing and texts, adding borders and frames and lot more. Home to a vast collection of standard and advanced editing tools, Enlight is also the best take for learners and sophisticated professionals. With the built-in masking tool, you can amplify a particular area of an image while the remaining part of the picture stays original.


AfterFocus is available at the App Store at $0.99 that shouldn’t be much if you want to get the finishing same as that of a DSLR. Recently, depicted in an iPhone Commercial, you can hide the rest part of the picture paying attention to the details urging a user to focus on what is primary and essential. To do so, you have a tool to control the blur effect. All you need to do is just press the area with your finger and background is taken care of by the app. The other stuff to look out for is a vast stream of aperture styles, motion sensitivity, filters, a close-up photography experience, and an intuitive and friendly UI.


As the name says, mix the photos you took by superimposing one onto the other to get the hybrid finishing. Suited for the editing photographers, it is available from the App Store at $1.99. If you are a bit of short of using imagination, Superimpose is the right place to hang out. Go creative with a broad range of compositing effects, from a merely removal of an unrequited background of an image to the creation of a unique combination and enhanced photos. The other things worth keeping an eye on are multiple-photo combining tools, double exposure, Masking, blending textures, and much more.

Camera+ 2

If the iPhone has its latest version on the market, so does its dedicated camera app. Meet Camera+ 2 app, which is the latest enhancement to its predecessor app crafted for iPhone. Camera+ 2keeps its standards high in terms of mobile photo editing and goes neck-a-neck with Adobe Lightroom CC.

That said, don’t be confused between a photo editing app and a camera app because camera+2 works on your real-time pictures with features like changing ISO, white balance, or even shutter speed. You can also adjust the shutter speed to take long exposure photos. Raw feature lets you take a raw picture and later edit it according to your liking. On the other hand, Depth uses dual camera lenses and adds depth to eh taken photo. There are other mind-boggling features recently added to Camera+2 app, do have a look at them.


Downloadable at $0.99 from the app store, Mextures is another blend of artistic touch, creative and classical tool set, and the new age features that make it even more powerful to use. This best iPhone camera app contend list of features and editing tools is never-ending, and the user experience is also heightened with your creativity and art residing inside of you.

Let’s talk about the things to learn and explore here; a more extensive range of textures, grains and light leaks, easy-to-use layering feature, analogue light leaks and blend effects, quick and easy to handle adjustment tools and presets. The UI is impressive and if you are wondering how to learn to work with it, here is a preset of Formulas to get you going in no time.


The standard iPhone camera app is really nice but has limited functionality making users install other apps with advanced settings to serve their needs. You can find a lot of great iPhone photo camera apps that will let you use your camera both in automatic and manual modes. These Best Camera Apps For Iphone that can make your job much easier, a far as I can see. They have been sorted on the basis of Customer review and ratings. As I always say, if something you know and I don’t, please let me know and drop your knowledge in the comments section so I can share it with other readers. I would make your reading time worthwhile, as I always do.

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