Top 11 Best Video Player for Windows 10 in 2021 [Updated]

Hiya again, hope you have a great time with your computer and multimedia files. A proportion of world users have switched to the Smartphone Era while some others still prefer to watch their favorite music videos and Movies on the big screens using video players. Big is big after all; why should enjoy that excellent High-Density video on some phone. All you need is the right media player to play the video on the go and smoothly. Here are some of the bests in Best Video Player for Windows list.

Best Video Player for Windows

In this top 11 list, I’ll take on some noteworthy and longtime pals that ever since I was a scholar, have been on my computer. You know, back when there were only keypad mobiles. These Media players I am about to discuss, are still gaining a lot of eye and ears providing users what they look in an ideal media player. Be your Windows OS 7, 8, 8.1, 10 or Vista, these video players for windows also best video players for mac were and are still the need of the hour. Let’s roll.


mediamonky video player

Mediamonkey turns out to be the Master of all the ones listed here. This multimedia player organizes thousands of Video and Audio files with the help of its built-in database. Cited as the smartest player for Windows, Mac, and Linux, it lets you normalize the volume of files automatically, so you don’t have to adjust it the next time.

Mediamonkey is available in two versions the Basic and Gold (unlocking more features). It automatically looks up and intuitively tag album art, lyrics and other metadata residing in your computer. You can also customize player’s skins, plugins, and visualizations, and if you know how to deal with scripts, you can add some user-written scripts to enhance the player’s functionality.

5K Player

Best Video Player for Windows

Hmm, not the old one, but it has outgrown other players in the sense of features and accessibility. Why is the newbie video player for windows on the top of the list? Here are some concrete reasons why. 5K Player is free all over the world and delivers HD support with a built-in Video and Music downloader with access to over 300 websites. It has more up its sleeves giving you free 4K 5K 8K Ultra HD or 1080P HD videos and music online for downloads. YouTube is a cakewalk; it fetches videos from Facebook, Yahoo, DailyMotion, Vimeo, Vevo, Metacafe, Myspace, Vine, UStream, MTV, Instagram, Bliptv, LiveLeak, CBS SlideShare, and Soundcloud. The list was quite lengthy, huh. Its online converter is another tool to vouch for; videos can be converted into mp3, AAC format with a swish. So play, download, and convert your favorite HD content anytime, anywhere in the world.


Best Video Player for Windows

The South Korean-built player hasn’t been able to draw much attention from the world in the past. But, now, it is pacing to the top ten list slowly and slightly. Free as it says and proves, PotPLayer outnumbers the features we come across in VLC Media Player. Feature-wise, PotPlayer resembles VLC and can deal with HD videos comfortably in contrast to VLC (think about the Blu-Ray stuff). Its bookmarking and preview features are a perk to users who want to have it all without any cost. The best of all, it doesn’t get you a heck of a load on your drive resources. The other thing to mention is its capability to stream online videos, support for multi codecs, and massive video playback.


The same kind old days are still the same; well, as I said earlier, this Media player is my choice, I don’t know why? However, Video LAN team kept their updates and upgrades to keep VLC in the new tech-ridden world. The unplayable formats are more accessible to run on VLC and even those downloaded videos that accidentally in other formats, can be played through the VLC media player. Meanwhile, the bottom line is, it is an open source, as it has always been and the latest version is still a click away from you. Read More on 6 Awesome VLC Media Player Tips and Tricks

Plex Media Player

Best Video Player for Windows

It is Windows 10 now, so Plex Media Player is built explicitly for the recently launched Windows OS, 10. If you have OS 10 and are looking for the best alternative to WMP, then Plex should be on your mind right now. If you think the system upgrade needs a sophisticated Media player, Plex serves your need. A fully-fledged, bundled with many features and, freely a available to download and install Plex Media Player is available on its official site. Do explore its tools and enjoy the friendly interface.

Real Player

Best Video Player for Windows

Been here from ages, Real Player is developed by the Real Networks Team and works almost like VLC and is as older as the VLC media player. Unlike VLC, it grabs the video URL and downloads it to your disk, converts it, and lets you enjoy the real-time HD quality output. The reasonable features are what keeps it on the Top 10 Media Players for Windows List. Real Player now supports cloud features, and with the definitive efforts of the team, users are always kept on board with regular upgrades. You might need a support of additional plugin to fetch some complex video formats. If you purchase its premium version, the entire toolset is available in your bag.


Best Video Player for Windows

Looking for a more straightforward solution to start your Video-Run? SMPlayer is worth your search. SMPlayer is simpler to others, has a comprehensible interface, packed with the basic playback tools and features with built-in codecs, and a direct YouTube access support never to let you stop. Overstepping the limitations of VLC and Real Player, you have many skins to choose, and SMPLayer doesn’t mount any extra load on your resources; technically and economically.

Cyberlink Power DVD

“Power is as Power Does,” Yeah, it is still on the market and so makes it on the seventh position here. Remember, which the last DVD you played on your computer? I always do, Mine was Ace Ventura. Not just a DVD player, it is a strong contestant in the race blending almost all type of music and video files with 4K, HD, 3D and Blue-Ray with the perfect surround sound. It is free to download, and more features can be unlocked if you go for its paid version. It’s now available for Windows, Android, and, iPhones. Don’t worry because you can still play your DVDs smoothly that you couldn’t copy to your computer earlier.

DivX Player

Best Video Player for Windows

To play long videos, enjoy free live streaming, and explore much more, go for DivX Player. It is an open source to get started with, and you can enjoy the abundance of movies, music, and HD videos online and offline. Suited best for Windows, DivX Player is also here from a long way back that still has positive reviews from the users worldwide. The standard toolset contains the rewind and moves back and forth while playing a video, the same old playlist, but enhanced audio and video codecs keep it relentless. The standard formats it supports are AVI, MKV & MP4 and of course, DIVX.

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Media Player Classic-Home Cinema (MPC-HC)

Best Video Player for Windows

Speaking of Classic, MPC-HC is still unforgotten. Media Player Classic-Home Cinema was a great tool to play videos on XP, Vista, 7, and 8 and now, for Windows 10. The interface remains the same old classy and simple. The resource usage is also restricted to a minimum. The short-cut keys are the same, and skins get a varied number. What new you get with it, is you know when you get its latest version. There is always a new update in the software; If you can find out. It also supports various video formats and doesn’t consume minutes while loading an HD video it does it within seconds, as usual.


Best Video Player for Windows

The biggie is always last to appear here. The AllPLayer Group Ltd has developed AllPlayer correctly. From basic functionality like playing and streaming audio and videos online, AllPlLayer gets you access to Torrent streaming and hands you multi-lingual subtitles for your ease. Like the other ones here, you are welcome to get it for free.

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In Conclusion

The list of 11 Best Video Player For Windows 7, 8, 10, XP has some newcomers and some outliers. All of the Media players mentioned above are worth a good try. Keeping it short, do try some of them and let know what you think about one. I am here, leave me something (smile, words, suggestions, corrections, remarks, or a high-five). Comments Box is down below.

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